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The Whitney Family of Connecticut

by S. Whitney Phoenix
(New York: 1878)

Transcribed by Robert L. Ward.

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Whitney Family.
was born in June 1806. They settled in Craftsbury, where she died, 16 Dec. 1861, aged 53, and was buried. He married (2nd), 17 May 1868, Louisa B. Orcott, widow of ----- Crosby, who was born at Marcellus, N.Y., 27 March 1814. They were living in North Craftsbury, Vt., in 1873.
1634 IV. Serena Whitney, b. in Wolcott, Vt., 23 June 1806; unmarried; died, 4 Ap. 1840, at Wolcott, and was buried there.
1635 V. Elizabeth Whitney, b. in Wolcott, Vt., 6 May 1808; died, 29 June 1832, at Wolcott, unmarried, and buried there.
1636 VI. Tema Whitney, b. in Wolcott, Vt., 25 Oct. 1815; married Jesse Foster, of Lowell, Mass.; died 12 June 1866, at Lowell, and was buried there. He died about 1872. 5405

Chil. of Josiah and Sarah (Spaulding) Whitney. 449

1637 VII. Alvah Spaulding Whitney, b. in Wolcott, Vt., 10 Feb. 1822; went to Lowell, Mass., where he married, 20 Oct. 1846, Idris Richardson, of Lowell, formerly of Stowe, Vt. After his marriage, he lived successively in Wolcott, Vt.; Lowell, Mass., again; Craftsbury, Vt.; Hyde Park, Vt; and again in Wolcott. He enlisted, 11 Aug. 1862, in the Union army, and died in Virginia, 21 Jan. 1863, and was buried there. She was living at Lowell, in 1874. 5407
1638 VIII. Sarah Maria Whitney, b. in Wolcott, Vt., 8 July 1824; unmarried; died, 20 March 1843, in Wolcott, and was buried there.
1639 IX. Josiah Newell Whitney, b. in Wolcott, Vt., 15 Oct. 1827; a farmer; went to Lowell, Mass., in Oct. 1845; returned to Wolcott, in Ap. 1847; started, 1 Jan. 1850, for California, and returned, 20 May 1852, to Wolcott, where he has since resided. He was married, 20 My 1857, at Hardwick, Vt., by Ebenezer B. Guyer, Esq., of Hardwick, to his cousin, Harriet Eliza Whitney, who was born in Wolcott, Vt., 16 Jan. 1836, dau. of Jesse and Hephzibah (Smith) Whitney. He enlisted, 12 July 1862, at Wolcott, in Co. E, 3d Reg. Vt. Vol. Inf., and was discarged 30 June 1865. They were living at Wolcott, without children, in 1874, on the homestead of her father, Jesse Whitney. 1650

Chil. of Hezekiah and Polly (St. Clair) Whitney. 450

1640 I. Maria Whitney, b. in Morristown, Vt., 5 Nov. 1804; married at Eagle Harbor, in Gaines, N.Y., 1 Jan 1829, William Delano, a carpenter, 5414
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