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The Whitney Family of Connecticut

by S. Whitney Phoenix
(New York: 1878)

Transcribed by Robert L. Ward.

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Whitney Family.
March 1820, aged 79 years and 2 days), and were buried there, in the old graveyard, where their tombstones yet stand. His estate was distributed 14 Ap. 1821.

He is described as a "cart and wagon maker," a very worthy man, owning a place about two miles north of the church at Greenfield Hill. Another account calls him a cabinet-maker, and another a cooper. It is said that he served in the Revolutionary War.

281 II. Silas Whitney, b. at Fairfield, Conn., "July ye 16th 1742;" bap. at Fairfield, 21 July 1742; married "december ye 4, 1766," Esther Sherwood, who was "born march ye 2, 1745." They settled in North Stratford, Conn., where he died in little more than a year after his marriage, as Daniel Sherwood, of Fairfield, Conn., was appointed administrator of his estate, 23 Feb 1768; and the inventory, dated 18 Feb. 1768, amounting to £151 19s., was presented in Court, 24 Feb. 1768. She married (2d) Timothy Sanford,1 b. at Reading, Conn., 8 Feb. 1733-4, son of Joseph Sanford; and settled at Umpewaug, in Reading, where he died in 1784, aged 50 years, according to his gravestone in Umpewaug graveyard. During her second widowhood, she applied to the Court for the distribution of her third of the estate of her first husband, Silas Whitney, which was done, 3 Ap. 1786, more than eighteen years after his death. She married (3d) Josiah Stebbins, who died; and she, after a third widowhood of many years, died in Umpewaug, 10 March 1826, and was buried by the family of her second husband. Her gravestone bears his name, calling her age 80 years, though it was really 81 years, lacking 3 days, if her birth-record was made in the old style. 1120
282 III. Peter Whitney, b. at Fairfield, Conn., 6 Jan. 1743-4; bap. at Fairfield, 8 Jan. 1743-4; was, in early life, a seaman, then captain of his own vessel, and later in life, a trader in Southport, Conn. He is said to have been pilot of a sloop of war, built by the State of Connecticut, in the Revolutionary War. He married, 27 Ap. 1788 [his daughter's family-record says, 1 May], Grace Bulkley, born about 1769, dau. of William and ----- (Burr) Bulkley, of Green's Farms, Conn. He made a will 28 Oct. 1790, and again 31 Oct. 1790; and died at Southport, 7 Nov. 1790, of "black jaundice," according to the record of Rev. Philo Shelton, Episcopal, who buried him, 9 Nov. 1790, in the old graveyard in Fairfield, where his gravestone still stands. His widow was married (2d), at Fairfield, 2 Sept 1792, by Rev. Philo Shelton, to Ephraim Robbins. She died in Fairfield, 7 Oct 1820, of fever, and was buried by the side of her first husband, Capt. Whitney, whose 1121
  1 She bore to her second husbund two children;
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