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The Whitney Family of Connecticut

by S. Whitney Phoenix
(New York: 1878)

Transcribed by Robert L. Ward.

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Whitney Family.
Autumn of 1863, with his brother Isaac, in Co. H, 14th Reg., Heavy Artillery, N. Y. Volunteers; was among the first to assault the works before Petersburgh, when the mine was sprung by Gen. Burnside, 30 July 1864; was captured by the enemy, uninjured, and imprisoned at Danville, N. C., where he died from starvation, 11 Dec. 1864, just before a general exchange of prisoners. His friends have not been able to find the place of his burial.

Chil. of Jacob Hasbrook and Catharine (Wixon) Whitney. 1518

4960 I. Elias Henry Whitney, b. in Walker Street, New York, 2 Oct. 1825; died 25 May 1829, and was buried in St. John's burying-ground, New York.
4961 II. Phoebe Ann Whitney, b. in Leonard Street, New York, 1 Aug. 1827; married in New York, by Elder Perkins, Baptist, 28 Jan. 1843, to Theodore Magnus. She died 20 Ap. 1852, and was buried in Greenwood Cemetery. He was living at New York in 1868, with office at 204 Fulton Street. 12652
4962 III. Francis Rowland Whitney, b. at 70 King Street, New York, 9 Dec. 1830; a printer; married at 48 Charlton Street, New York, by Rev. Z. P. Wilds, Baptist, 8 Ap. 1863, to Sophronia Arnold Terrel, born at Wallkill, N. Y., 27 Nov. 1825, dau. of Nathaniel and Sarah Terrel, who, at the time of their daughter's marriage, lived at 328 Hudson Street, New York. He lived at 42 Watts Street, New York, in 1868. The following notice of him is from the Monmouth Enquirer, published at Freehold, N. J., 31 Jan. 1867. "Francis R. Whitney is a true and faithful soldier of the late war for the Union; he enlisted at the outbreak of the Rebellion, in the 49th Illinois Regiment, and served under Grant, in the west; he was severely wounded at the terrible battle of Shiloh, or Pittsburgh Landing, and at Fort Donelson. His wounds are of such a nature that they cannot be entirely cured. This gallant soldier is a steady and industrious man, and a printer by profession." 12653

Chil. of Peter Berry and Lenchy Helen Magdalen (Wells) Whitney. 1519

4963 I. Elias Isaac Whitney, b. at Onondaga Hill, N. Y., 4 Feb. 1828; a carriage-maker; married at Eden, Wis., 8 Nov. 1856, Elizabeth Odekirk, dau. of John and Phebe Ann (Robinson) Odekirk, of Hoosick, N. Y., where she was born 29 Ap. 1838. They dwelt at Eden till 26 Sept. 1868; and then moved to Big Rapids, Mich., which was their home in June 1875. Before his marriage, he lived at Plymouth, Wis., for two years from Jan. 12655
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