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The Whitney Family of Connecticut

by S. Whitney Phoenix
(New York: 1878)

Transcribed by Robert L. Ward.

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Whitney Family.
Bridgeport, 24 Feb. 1851, and was buried in Mountain Grove Cemetery. He was married (2d), 8 March 1852, at Brooksvale, Cheshire, Conn., by Rev. Daniel Rodman, Congregational, to Elisabeth Laura Brooks, dau. of David and Linda (Hull) Brooks, of Brooksvale, where she was born. They moved to Brooklyn, N. Y., in 1859, and were living there in Sept 1877. He was then of the firm of Penfold, Chatfield & Co., 128 Front Street, New York.
5197 II. Giles Whitney Chatfield, b. at Huntington, Conn., 6 May 1821; died at Oyster Bay, L. I., 23 Aug. 1822, and was buried in the Baptist Cemetery with his father.
5198 III. Elizabeth Bliss Chatfield, b. at Oyster Bay, L. I., 24 Nov. 1822; died 23 Aug. 1823, and was buried with her father and brother in the Baptist Cemetery at Oyster Bay.
5199 IV. Sarah Elizabeth Chatfield, b. at Oyster Bay, L. I., 15 Nov. 1825; married at Oxford, Conn., 19 Ap. 1843, Charles Baldwin Nichols, born at Norwalk, Conn., 26 Oct 1821, son of Roswell Stiles and Ann (Wing) Nichols. They settled at Bridgeport, Conn., where he was of the firm of Nichols & Pomeroy, editors and publishers of the Bridgeport Farmer. A few years before his death, he engaged in a mercantile business. He died at Bridgeport, 2 Sept 1850, and was buried in Division Street Cemetery; but was afterward removed to Mountain Grove. She married (2d), 2 June 1853, at Oxford, Henry Lawrence Clark, born at Oxford, 26 Jan. 1821, son of David Marcus and Clarissa (Hatch) Clark. He is a dealer in hats, of the firm of Clark & Nichols, 230 Main Street, Bridgeport, with residence at 1 Clinton Avenue. 12986

Chil. of Sheldon Clark and Eliza (Blanchard) Whitney. 1577

5200 I. George Henry Whitney, b. in 1820; came north with his mother about 1822; and, after her death, was brought up by his aunt, Mrs. Eunice (Whitney) Clark. He was a devout and exemplary communicant of the Protestant Episcopal Church at Oxford, Conn.; where he died 10 Ap. 1855, aged 35 (his gravestone says, "ae. 34"), and was buried in the Episcopal cemetery.
5201 II. ----- Whitney, a son, b. in New York City, date not known, but probably about 1822; and died when only a few days old, shortly after the mother's death.
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