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The Whitney Family of Connecticut

by S. Whitney Phoenix
(New York: 1878)

Transcribed by Robert L. Ward.

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Seventh Generation.
5249 II. Newton Whitney Stone, b. at Hinesburgh, Vt., 27 Nov. 1813; a farmer and dairy-man; married at Hinesburgh, 20 Sept. 1837, by Rev. John Ide, Baptist, to Celinda Ann Stearns, dau. of Bateman and Anna (Benedict) Stearns,1 of Hinesburgh. She was born at New Haven, Vt, 6 May 1821; and died at Hinesburgh, 5 Sept. 1866. He married (2d), 7 Feb. 1872, at Essex, Vt., Caroline Farrand, dau. of Cyrus and Roxa (Tyler) Farrand, of Colchester, Vt., and widow of Samuel Thrasher. She was born at Colchester, 6 Ap. 1828; and was living there in July 1874, a widow--Mr. Stone having died at Essex, 27 Dec. 1872. He dwelt at Hinesburgh, Charlotte, and Essex, Vt; and was admitted to the Congregational Church of Hinesburgh, 16 Feb. 1840. He served, as an officer, in the Union army, during the war of 1861. 13095
5250 III. Mary Cornelia Stone, b. at Hinesburgh, Vt, 16 Dec. 1815; married there, 10 May 1836, Arnold Kingsbury, a clergyman of the Baptist Church, son of Asa and Lovina (Jordan) Kingsbury, of Jamaica, Vt. He was born at Corinth, N. Y., 6 Dec. 1812. They were living at Fredonia, N. Y., in May 1874. 13099
5251 IV. Harmon Ebenezer Stone, b. at Hinesburgh, Vt, ii May 1829; died unmarried, 7 March 1870, at the house of his sister, Mrs. Kingsbury, in Fredonia, N. Y.; and was buried by the side of his mother, in Forest Hill Cemetery. He enlisted at Fredonia, and served in the war of 1861, till disabled by a long illness, when he was discharged. He dwelt at Philadelphia, Penn., till two weeks before his death, when, ill with consumption, he returned to Fredonia.

Chil. of Stephen Merit and Charlotte (Lewis) Whitney. 1585

5252 I. James Lewis Whitney, b. at Derby, Conn., 27 July 1823; bap. there, in the Episcopal Church, 9 Nov. 1823; died at Brooklyn, N. Y., 18 Jan. 1825, and was buried there.
5253 II. Sarah Lewis Whitney, b. in Front Street, Brooklyn, N. Y., 7 Ap. 1825; bap. in the Episcopal Church at Derby, Conn., 6 Jan. 1829; married in Grace Church (Episcopal), Mansfield, Ohio, 2 Nov. 1858, by its rector, Rev. Joseph Meunscher, D. D., to Ebenezer Gay Woodward, a physician, son of Asa and Ruth (Joy) Woodward, of Cornwall, Vt, where he was 13103
  1 See the Benedict Genealogy, p. 299.
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