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Nancy E. Schott, Lorraine Cook White, general ed., The Barbour Collection of Connecticut Town Vital Records. [Vol. 46] Thompson (1785-1850)), (Baltimore, MD: Genealogical Publishing Company).


Amanda M., m. Horace BLACKMAN, b. of Boston, Mass., 2 Jun 1846, by Rev. Charles WILLETT, Thompson 2:123 [NOTE]
Caleb N., m. Rhody D. MANLEY, b. of Mendon, Mass., 25 Sep 1842, by Rev. Daniel DOW, Thompson 2:28
[This was Caleb Nelson7 Whiting, b. 10 Aug 1823, Wrentham, MA, son of Caleb6 and Julia (Cummins) Whiting (Thaddeus5, Asa4, John3, John2, Nathaniel1).--RLW]
Catharine*, ae 18, b. Plainfield, res. Providence, R. I., m. George MORSE, manufacturer, ae 21, of Providence, R. I., 13 Apr 1851, by Rev. J. W. WHEELER, Thompson 3:48, 2:250 (* "Melora". Corrected by Mrs. L. T. Wilson, of Putnam)
Charles L., m. Susanna C. WHEELER, 12 Mar 1849, by Rev. Charles WILLETT, Thompson 2:224
Emily, m. Lorenzo MASON, b. of Hopkinton, Mass., 27 Nov 1834, by Rev. Daniel DOW, Thompson 1:91m [NOTE]
Emily, m. Henry RICHARDSON, 19 Dec 1847, by Rev. Charles WILLET, Thompson 2:193; 3:6
[She was b. ca. 1827, MA. They had son Albert C., b. 10 Oct 1848, Milford. Probably she was Emily E.7 Whiting, b. 11 Oct 1827, Hingham, MA, dau. of Isaiah6 and Martha (Eastbrooks) Whiting (Israel5 Whiton, Stephen4, Isaac3, Matthew2, James1), who had a brother Albert.--RLW]
Frances, m. Mary E. FLAGG, 14 Apr 1849, by Fred HOVEY, J.P., Thompson 2:226 [NOTE]
Henry J., m. Caroline D. BALCOMB, 20 Mar 1849, by Rev. Charles WILLETT, Thompson 2:225
[This is Henry J.7 Whiting, b. ca. 1829, Douglas, MA, son of Abner6 and Nancy (Barnes) Whiting (David5, Caleb4, Josiah3, Samuel2, Nathaniel1).--RLW]
Jane, of Pomfret, m. Serrel WADE, of Burrillville, R.I., 13 Mar 1847, by Vernon Stiles, J.P., Thompson 2:163 [NOTE]
Joel, m. Betsey C. GOULD, 1 Nov 1840, by Edward ALDRICH, J.P., Thompson 2:2 [NOTE]
Jonathan W., m. Marcy R. CHASE, b. of Worcester, Mass., 13 Dec 1840, by Rev. Daniel DOW, Thompson 2:3
Joseph, m. Roxanna THAYER, b. of Douglass, Mass., 15 Oct 1845, by Vernon STILES, J.P., Thompson 2:100 [NOTE]
Marcella, m. F. H. FREEMAN, 16 Dec 1849, by Lucius HOLMES, J.P., Thompson 2:2351. [NOTE]
Marcus B., of Camen, Me., m. Susan K. BROWN of Uxbridge, Mass., 1 Mar 1847, by Vernon STILES, J.P., Thompson 2:162 [NOTE]
Mary C., m. George HARTWELL, 24 Feb 1849, by Rev. Charles WILLETT, Thompson 2:224 [NOTE]
Melora, see under Catharine WHITNEY, Thompson 3:48
Meshah (Micah), farmer, ae 46, of Woodstock, m. Elizabeth CHANDLER, ae 34, b. Thompson, 19 May 1850, by [Rev. Andrew DUNNING], Woodstock 3:274-5, "b. of Thompson", Thompson 2:243
Moses G., m. Harriet C. SALISBURY, b. of Pawtucket, Mass., 24 Sep 1846, by Vernon STILES, J.P., Thompson 2:141 [NOTE]
Polly, m. Jonathan UPHAM, 19 May 1789, Thompson 1:36
William, m. Mary Ann PARMENTER, 14 Jun 1832, by Jesse ORMSBY, J. P., Thompson 1:77m
William, m. Mary Ann Parmenter, June 14, 1832, by Jesse Ormsby, J.P.; 1; 77m

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