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Gray, Ruth, ed., Marriage Returns of Penobscot County, Maine Prior to 1892, Maine Genealogical Society Special Publication (Rockport, Me.: Picton Press, 1994).

Henry Merrill and Mary Whitney, both of Newport, 3 January 1830 by Samuel Whitney.

Alvin S. Whitney and Sarah Langley, both of Bangor, 30 September 1834.

Pratt Whitney NOTE and Hannah Collomore, both of Bangor, 5 October 1839.

John Gould of Hampden and Miss Elvira Whitney NOTE of Bangor, 26 November 1839 in Hampden.

Dewitt C. Harris and Miss Lucy A. Whitney NOTE, both of Dexter, 3 April 1842.

Charles Burt and Miss Mary J. Whitney NOTE, both of Belfast, 5 November 1843 in Hampden.

Charles Whitney, 2nd and Miss Sophia L. Miller, both of Hampden, 6 August 1843.

John N. Knapp of Bradley and Miss Eliza Whitney of Newburgh, 25 January 1844 in Newburgh.

Nathan Whitney of Hampden and Mrs. Mercy Taylor of Orrington, 25 April 1844.

Rufus Bartlett and Dorcas H. Whitney, both of Newburgh, 24 November 1846.

Stephen Wentworth, 2nd of Knox and Miss Alvina C. Whitney NOTE of Old Town, 14 February 1847.

Augustus S. French and Miss Caroline M. Whitney NOTE, both of Dexter, 17 March 1848.

Simon E. Mudgett of Hampden and Julia A. Whitney NOTE of Newburgh, 7 May 1850 in Newburgh.

Calvin H. Whitney of Newburgh and Rebecca C. Stewart of St. Albans, 6 June 1850

Albert Whitney of Newburgh and Mary E. Libby of Frankfort, 3 April 1851.

Capt. Charles Whitney, 2nd of Hampden and Barbary J. Sewell of Newburgh, 19 August 1852.

Nathan Whitney of Hampden and Abigail Nelson of Frankfort, 27 January 1853.

Charles B. Spencer and Louisa Whitney NOTE, both of Bangor, 19 May 1853 in Bangor.

Amos Whitney and Elizabeth Folsom, both of Newburgh, 5 June 1853.

John A. W. Reed of Old Town and Jane Whitney NOTE of Etna, 2 July 1853 in Old Town,

Edward W. Smith and Abby L. Whitney NOTE, both of Bangor, 7 June 1855

Furber Clindimire and Lawranca M. Whitney NOTE, both of Old Town, 13 September 1855 in Orono.

Nancy Whitney and Asa Whiting, 1 January 1856 in Newburgh.

Levi J. Whitney and Asenath L. Folsom, 28 May 1856 in Newburgh.

Samuel Crawford and Mrs. Mary Whitney NOTE, both of Hudson, 9 July 1856 in Hudson.

Joseph F. Whitney of Burnham and Miss Frances H. Call of Bradford, 28 September 1858 in Kenduskeag.

Isaac R. Whitney and Matilda A. Frazier, both of Bangor, 16 August 1859 in Bangor.

Thomas Roberts of Mattamiscontis and Miss Martha A. Whitney of Lee, 3 October 1860, Lincoln return.

Joseph Johnson and Lucy Whitney, both of Corinth, 14 October 1860 in Corinth.

James Cathcart and Miss Caroline C. Whitney, both of Lincoln, 21 November 1860.

Lewis R. Gilman and Miss Cyrene Whitney, both of Hampden, 2 April 1861 in Hampden.

Adolphus M. Whitney and Harriet A. Monk, both of Bangor, 30 October 1861.

John C. Whitney NOTE and Matilda J. Ireland, both of Chester, 14 April 1862 in Mattawamkeag (Chester return).

John J. Pilsbury of Evansville, Indiana and Rose Whitney NOTE of Pittsfield, 11 September 1862 in Newport.

George Whitney NOTE and Etta Nye, both of Pittsfield, 15 February 1863 in Newport.

Francis C. Smith of Kenduskeag and Miss Emma E. Whitney NOTE of Hudson, 21 February 1863 in Kenduskeag.

Charles H. Whitney NOTE and Lucetta D. York, both of Bangor, 6 September 1863 in Old Town.

Joseph T. Arnold and Helen T. Whitney, both of Bradford, 12 September 1863 in Bradford.

David V. Fogg and Lovina Whitney NOTE, both of Bangor, 16 December 1863 in Bangor.

Hollis H. Hayes and Genie A. Whitney, both of Bangor, 1 February 1864 in Bangor.

Willard H. Whitney NOTE of Hudson and Clara Lawrence of Corinna, 24 May 1864 in Corinna.

George K. Whitney NOTE and Clara T. Mowers, both of Dexter, 23 December 1865 in Dexter.

John B. Humphrey and Anna J. Whitney NOTE, both of Hampden, 27 January 1866 in Hampden.

David C. Whitney and Evaline L. Mills, both of Lincoln, 23 September 1866 in Lincoln.

George W. Knights and Arletta A. Whitney NOTE, both of Newburgh, 30 September 1866 in Hampden.

Charles A. Whitney NOTE of Dexter and Mellie Smith of Carmel, 25 November 1866 in Carmel (Dexter return)

Charles A. Whitney NOTE and Mellie Smith, both of Dexter, 25 November 1866 in Etna (Carmel return).

George I. Whitney NOTE and Isadore Shepard, both of Springfield, 28 January 1867 in Springfield.

J. W. Johnston and Clara J. Whitney NOTE, both of Newport, 18 August 1867 in Newport.

Elisha D. Whitney and Louisa H. Emerson, both of Hampden, 19 October 1867 in Hermon.

Alphonse L. Chandler and Matilda J. Whitney NOTE, both of Chester, 13 April 1868 in Chester.

William Reeves and Laura Whitney NOTE, both of Hudson, 13 June 1868 in Bangor.

Paul R. Whitney NOTE of Newport and Rebecca B. Labnee of Corinna, 11 January 1869 in Dexter.

George H. Whitney and Emma L. Holmes, both of Hudson, 19 August 1869 in Bangor.

Arthur W. Dowdell and Mrs. Louisa V. Whitney, both of Orono, 2 September 1869 in Orono.

Charles H. Whitney and Clara Sturtivant, both of Bangor, 29 December 1869 in Bangor.

John F. Whitney NOTE and Sarah C. Hill, both of Bangor, 29 May 1870 in Bangor.

Andrew J. Whalen and Flavilla Whitney, both of Hampden, 18 September 1870 in Hampden.

Melvin B. Braun of Vassalborough and Harriet A. Whitney of Dixmont, 9 October 1870 in Dixmont.

George J. Scripture and Helen M. Whitney, both of Hudson, 27 October 1870 in Glenburn.

Frank H. Whitney NOTE and Nettie Lander, both of Newport, 18 February 1872 in Newport.

Arthur Merrill of Williamsburgh and Olive E. Whitney of Newburgh, 14 February 1874.

Henry W. Silsby of Aurora and Eudora M. Whitney of Corinth, 19 March 1874 in Bangor.

Warren T. Whitney NOTE and Elizabeth N. Muzzy, both of Lakeville, 10 February 1875 in Lakeville.

William Ryan and Almira Whitney, both of Hampden, 30 June 1875.

Freeman W. Whitney NOTE of Newport and Josephine A. Miller of Hampden, 4 July 1875.

William Whitney NOTE and Ellen M. Delano, both of Hampden, 25 July 1875

J. F. Whitney of Lee and Miss Hannah C. Spencer of Veazie, 19 September 1875.

Granville Whitney and Elvira J. Perry, both of Lincoln, 7 November 1875 in Lincoln.

Fred A. Cole and Mary C. Whitney NOTE, both of Hampden, 24 December 1875 in Hampden.

John E. Wade and Anna L. Whitney, both of Bradford, 25 February 1877 in Exeter.

Archelus D. A. McCobb of Passadumkeag and Carrie F. E. Whitney NOTE of Greenbush, 17 February 1878 at Passadumkeag.

Aaron C. Whitney and Hattie C. Graves, both of Springfield, 20 November 1878 in Springfield by Rev. Horace Green.

Stetson R. Miller and Carrie A. Whitney, both of Hampden, 16 November 1879.

John G. Emery and Ann F. Whitney NOTE, both of LaGrange, 31 December 1879 in LaGrange.

Frederick W. Scott and Clara A. Whitney NOTE, both of Chester, 12 February 1881 in Chester.

Michael Shannon and Eva Whitney, both of Bangor, 22 June 1881 in Bangor.

Edwin Ewers of Brownville and Mrs. Ann Whitney of Hudson, 9 April 1882 in Hudson.

Joseph H. Whitney and Annie F. Hall, both of Corinth, 14 May 1882 in Corinth.

Harry P. Whitney of Cambridge and Josie M. Babcock of Lincoln, 24 January 1884 in Lincoln.

Calvin E. Young of Cambridge, MA and L. Jennie Whitney NOTE of Newburgh, 22 September 1884 in Hampden.

Arthur H. Farrington and Hattie M. Whitney NOTE, both of Holden, 17 December 1884 in Brewer.

Aaron Moons of Carroll and Jennie Whitney NOTE of Lakeville, 18 October 1885 in Carroll.

Edward Whitney and Ella E. Clark, both of Lincoln, 25 October 1885 in Lincoln.

William A. Jameson and M. Florence Whitney NOTE, both of Bangor, 6 January 1886 in Bangor.

Herbert O. Clough and Lizzie H. Whitney NOTE of Garland, 28 August 1886 in Corinth.

Willis J. Peabody of Dixmont and Isadore A. Whitney NOTE of Newburgh, 20 November 1886 in Newburgh.

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