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WHITNEY WHISTLER, Volume Six, Book Two, Summer 1986 JAMES WHITNEY OF CHEMUNG COUNTY, NEW YORK James Whitney was regarded as a good and useful citizen, as a farmer, as a civil servant, as a courageous soldier. He was born in Big Flats, Chemung County, New York, 19 January, 1823, a son of Benjamin and Mary (Stark) Whitney. During his youth he availed himself of the opportunity of learning from his father every pattern of agricultural life that could be taught. It seemed this way of life was suited to his ability and inclination. His father presented him with one hundred acres of land, and upon this acreage he spent most of his adult life. On 14 February, 1844 he married Jerusha Grover of Catlin, New York, with whom he lived for nearly fifty years. He enlisted as a private in the Civil War and was wounded twice. And twice during this time he became ill with typhoid fever. While in the service he became interested in civil engineering, and upon his discharge from the army he followed his profession. James Whitney married Sadie McDonald on 25 June, 1896. She was a native of Caledon, County Peel, Canada, and was the daughter of John and Euphiah (Heaks) McDonald. She was of Scottish descent, although her father was born in County Armagh, Ireland. After his marriage Mr McDonald emigrated to Canada. The second Mrs. Whitney was a schoolteacher by profession. From his first marriage James Whitney had the following children: Mary Whitney, who married Robert Gardner and lived in Horseheads, N.Y. Oscar Whitney, a millwright by occupation, married May E. Knapp, and lived and died in Big Flats. Robina Whitney married William Brown and died in Pa., leaving two children, one of whom lived with his grandmother Whitney. Susan Whitney was a schoolteacher. JOHN T. WHITNEY He was born 1 Auqust, 1815 in Madison, N.Y. He was the son of Edward and Mary (Furness) Whitney. Edward Whitney was born in Northampton, Mass., 1 August, 1788, and Mary in Worcester, Mass., 15 August, 1793. They were married 22 Nov., 1814, Madison, N.Y. Edward was the son of Nathan and Hannah Whitney. Nathan was born in Ct., in 2 June, 1762, and was a shoemaker; his mother was born in Ct., 7 Nov., 1765. She died 7 Feb., and he died 7 June of 1860. They had eight children. Edward went to New York state when young, and taught school; he went into the mercantile business when a little older. He died 10 Oct., 1848, and his wife died 27 April, 1865. They had two children, John T. and Maria, who was born in 1817. At age seventeen John T. removed to Eaton, N.Y. where he worked in the general store. Eventually he owned his own business. He was postmaster nine years, and town clerk seven years. He married Mary Groves 16 March, 1869, in Lebanon, N.Y. She had been married previously to Samuel Sherman of New England. Her parents were from Brimfield, Mass. John T. and Mary retired to Eaton, N.Y. HIRAM WHITNEY OF ULSTER COUNTY, NEW YORK Hiram Whitney, was the third son and the fifth child of Eli and Catherine (Longyear) Whitney, and he was born in the town of Shandaken, New York in 1828. His father was a native of Connecticut, and migrated to New York State when a young man, and settled in Shandaken, Ulster County. His mother passed away in 1880, in Shandaken. Most of his life Hiram Whitney spent as a farmer and lumberman. In 1870 he began the manufacture of cane and wood seat chairs at Shandaken Centre. At first he employed only a few men, but business increased quickly and by 1880 he had one thousand workers in his factories. The firm manufactured some six thousand chairs per week. As his fame grew the demand came in from foreign markets for his products. Hiram Whitney owned six thousand acres of land in the towns of Shandaken, Ulster County, and Lexington, Greene County, where he kept two saw-mills in constant operation; while he had the use of the entire production of five other mills. On 15 Oct., 1848, Hiram Whitney married Anna Maria Fredenbergh of Shandaken, the daughter of Isaac Fredenbergh of that town. Their children were: Jerry S. Whitney, bookkeeper for his father. Josephine D. Whitney, married N. L. DeGroff. Marion Whitney. Eliakim S. Whitney. Addie Whitney, married Frank W. Lament, station-agent on the local railway. Shandaken Centre listed the Whitney Chair Factory as its most important business in the latter part of the 1800 s. GEORGE W. WHITNEY "Lansing Mirror," Allamakee Coounty, Iowa, April 23, 1908 GEORGE W. WHITNEY EXPIRES IN MINNEAPOLIS A dispatch to postmaster Metcalf at 7.00 o clock Sunday evening conveyed the first news of the death of our former well known citizen, Geo. W. Whitney, at the home of his daughter Mrs. J.J. Gerber, in Minneapolis, the day before. Mr. and Mrs. Gerber were absent at West Baden, In., but arrangements were made to have the body sent on to LaCrosse where it was met by Mr. and Mrs. Gerber, and Mrs. J. E. Merritt of Manistee, Mi. The body was then brought here on the afternoon train and taken directly to Oak Hill where appropriate serv- ices were held, Rev. Havermale officiating. Deceased was born in Onondago Co., New York, in 1816. He came to Galena, Il., in an early day and was there intimately acquainted with Ulysses S. Grant. In 1861 he came to Lansing and for many years followed his trade as a carpenter. He was an expert mechanic and among the more important work in which he engaged may be mentioned the construction of Fort Dearborn, Chicago; the building of the first bridge over St. Anthony Falls at Minneapolis; he built the first locks over the Soo; built the Pillsbury Mill at Sioux Falls, S.D., and he placed the machinery in the great Pillsbury Mills in Minneapolis. Here in Lansing he built many of the houses in the early days. Soon after coming here he had charge of the sash and door factory for Shaw and Wood. Mr. Whitney was married twice. Following t~death of his second wife in 1897, he went to California, where his son David D. Whitney is a business man in San Diego; another son Grant U. Whitney is located in Los Angeles. Then he came back and spent six years with a daughter, Mrs. J.E. Merritt, at Manistee, Mi. Since this time he has made his home with another daughter, Mrs. J.J. Gerber of Minneapolis. In early days Mr. Whitney joined the Baptist church, and was always a good man, following the teachings of the gospel. He gave strict attention to his own affairs, granting his neighbors the same privileges enjoyed by himself. He was always a home man, devoted to his family. A short while before his death, he expressed a wish to be baptised again, and this wish was granted. THE WHITNEYS OF FRAMINGHAM, MASS BIRTHS Jeams, son of Jeams and Martha, 4 June, 1718. John, son of Jeams.and Martha, 10 April, 1716. Abby Walker, dau. of Dr. Simon and Mary, 23 July, 1829. Alson Waldo, son of Dr. Simon and Mary, 12 Jan., 1828. Amos, son of Benjamin and Margret, 27 Sept., 1746. Bassom, son of Ephraim and Mary, 9 Nov., 1768. Clarence, son of Dr. Simon and Mary, 1 Jan., 1838. Elizabeth Walker, dau. of Dr. Simon and Mary, 8 April, 1825. Elizabeth Wheelock, dau. of Jesse and Rebeccah, 19 Oct., 1822. George Henry, son of Jesse and Rebeccah, 24 Feb., 1821. Grace Esty, wife of , 16 March, 1764. Harriett Lincoln, dau. of Dr. Simon and Mary, 3 Oct., 1833. MARRIAGES Aaron of Boston, and Susan H. Farrington, int. 27 March, 1842. Abigail and Ebenezer Chapin of Mendon, 29 March, 1743. Benjamin and Mary Poor of Marlboro, 13 April, 1696, in Marlboro. Benjamin and Margaret Sanderson of Watertown, 21 Feb., 1731 2, in Watertown. Elza of Worcester, and David Fisk, mt., 11 Jan., 1846. Elizabeth W. dau. of Simon and Elizabeth, and Dr. John W. Osgood, 20 Aug., 1845. Hannah and Ezekiel Rice, 23 Jan., 1722 3. Hannah and Jesse Haven, Nov., 1800. Huldah and Zachariah Morse of Marlboro, 16 Nov., 1724. Isaac and Elizabeth Bridges, 27 Sept., 1722. James and Martha Rice., 2 Feb., 1714 5. James and Patience Leland of Sherborn, 18 March, 1741 2, in Sherborn. Jesse and Rebecca Newell of Medfield, mt., 24 Oct., 1818. John and Martha Walker, 10 Nov., 1817. John and Abigail Perry of Sherborn, 8 Feb., 1738 9, in Sherborn. Jonathan and Eunice Marshall of Waltham, 15 June, 1758, in Waltham. Joseph of Sherborn and Sarah Park, 3 Oct., 1792. Lidia and Richard Haven, 4 Feb., 1713 4. Love and Jonathan Battle of Dedham. 2 Jan., 1754. MQrk of Hopkinton and Tabitha Mellen, 4 Jan., 1726-7. Ransford and Eunice Perminter, 7 Aug., 1823. Dr. Simon and Mary Walker of Charlestown, mt., 1 April, 1824. DEATHS Sarah, wife of John, 23 April, 1718. Ephraim, in Cambridge, 16 Sept., 1775, accidentally shot. Henry, son of Dr. Simon, 22 July, 1840, age 8. John, 18 June, 1805. Martha, wife of John, 14 Nov., 1721. RECORD OF THE FAMILY OF SOLOMON WHITNEY Mary Eliza, daughter of Solomon and Phebe Whitney, born in Gorham, Maine 2 Feb., 1800. Joseph Whitney, son of Solomon and Phebe Whitney, born in Gorham, Maine, 29 June, 1813. William Whitney, son of Solomon and Phebe, born in Unity, Maine, 21 May, 1815. James Whitney, son of Solomon and Phebe, born in Unity, Maine, 7 May, 1818. Samuel Bartlett Whitney, son of Solomon and Phebe, born in Unity, Maine, 31 Dec., 1821. Abner Knowles Whitney, son of Solomon and Phebe, born in Unity, Maine, 21 June, 1822. WHITNEYS OF UNITY, MAINE B. B. Whitney died 11 Dec., 1881. William C. Whitney married 9 June, 1844, Miss Esther Chase of Unity. Peter Whitney of Thorndike married Abigail Moody of Readfield, 19 Jan., 1864. Mrs. Betsy Whitney of Unity married Mr. Dudley Moody of Readfield, 19 Jan l864 Mr. Edwin Whitney of Burnham married Martha C. Vickery of Unity, 21 Dec 1866. Joel Whitney of Plymouth married Betsy Ayer of Unity, 23 May 1840. Benjamin B. Whitney of Unity married Mercy Abbot of Freedom in 1840. REV. DANIEL SANDERSON WHITNEY His descent was; Amaziah, Caleb, Caleb, Timothy, John, John, John. He was born in Danvers (now Peabody, Mass), 4 Feb., 1810. His mother was Sarah Trull. He married Hannah Sophia Phillips Cotton the daughter of Rev. Ward Cotton, who was born in Boylston in 1810. Their children were: Daniel Cotton Whitney, born in Hopedale, Mass., 8 May, 1843, and died in Beverly, Mass., 31 July, 1860. Mary Phillips Cotton Whitney, born in Hopedale, Mass., 12 March, 1849, married John Billings, 20 July, 1871. Alice Gertrude Cotton Whitney, born Boylston, Mass., 21 July, 1852, married Homer J. Billings, 20 July, 1871. Children of Alice and Homer Billings: John Cotton Billings, born Jamacia Plains, MA 21 Nov 1871 Carlyle Whitney Billings, born Southboro MA 9 Aug 1874 Hazel Burton Billings, born Brookline MA 27 Aug 1872 Ralph Walter Burton, born Brookline MA 10 Mar 1874 Ward Cotton Burton, born Cambridgeport MA 3 Mar 1876 Daniel Sanderson studied for the ministry with Rev. Paul Dean of Boston, Mass., and was ordained as an evangelist by the Mass. Association of Restorationists. He was one of the founders of Hopedale, Mass, where he labored until 1850. He held ministries in various parts of Mass., including Middlesex Village, West Boylston and Berlin. While residing in Boylston the town elected him to the State Convention of 1868 for revising the constitution. He is known for his words at that convention: "The only things that made me the white crow in that convention were my advocacy of the proposition to leave the term male out of the constitution, as Francis Jackson and his friends desired it to be; and the proposition to put aside the military organization, and intrust the execution of the laws to the legal voters, who really enact them." JAMES IRISH WHITNEY Lived in Milford, Mass. as an adult. Presumed to be a descendant of John and Elinor of Watertown, Mass. He was the son of William and Mary Ann (Mayberry) Whitney. He was born in Otisfield, Maine in 1839. His occupation was as a machinist. He married Susan Eudora Thwing, the daughter of Almond and Sarah A. (Darling) Thwing, who was born in Hopedale, Mass., 26 July, 1847. They married in Hopedale 28 Feb., 1867. Their children were: Mabel Gertrude Whitney, born Hopedale, 12 Jan., 1868. Almond Thwing Whitney, born Hopedale 3 Aug 1869 Anna Thwing Whitney, born Milford, Mass., 30 Aug., 1871. James Irish Whitney was a singer of some note, employed as such many times. CHARLES EDWARD WHITNEY His descent was from John of Watertown, and as such his lineage was; Elias, Jonathan, Elias, Elias, Jonathan, Benjamin, Jonathan and John. He was born in Milford, Mass., 24 Oct., 1836; he married Mary Elizabeth Onion, daughter of Horace and Julia (Deming) Onion, who was born in Vt., 30 April, 1840. The marriage was in Chester, Vt., 13 Sept., 1859. The parents of Mary Elizabeth Onion changed their name after the marriage of their daughter, to Deming, and so in research it will be found that the change, being legally done, is now recorded as Deming. The children of Charles Edward and Mary Elizabeth Whitney were: Horace Elias Whitney, born 19 Oct., 1861. Alice Eliza Whitney, born Milford, Mass., 19 Feb., 1864. Julia Ellen Whitney, born Chester, Vt., 22 Aug 1867. Mary Elizabeth Whitney, born Chester, Vt., 2 Feb., 1870. Amy Louisa Whitney, born Milford, Mass., 24 April, 1872. Cora May Whitney, born Milford, Mass., 21 Feb., 1876. Charles Edward Whitney, Jr., born Milford, Mass., 12 Oct., 1879. Charles Edward Whitney was a bootcutter by trade, and resided on the family home in Milford, Mass., near the junction of what is Beaver and Mt. Pleasant Sts., in Milford, Mass. ELIAS WHITNEY Elias Whitney was born in Holliston, Mass., 14 Nov., 1716. He descended from; Jonathan, Benjamin, Jonathan, John of Watertown. He married Elizabeth Mellen 6 Feb., 1745 6, officiating at the ceremony was Rev. J. Prentice. For some time he resided in Holliston, near the eastern boundary, quite near the city limits. His son Elias was baptized there 1 July, 1750. In 1764 he was in Framingham when his family homestead was deeded to him. On 26 June, 1774, he married his second wife Elizabeth Boyden, with Rev. A. Frost officiating. His children were all by his first wife and they were born in Holliston, Mass. Abigail Wiitrey, born 19 March, 1747. Elias Whitney, born 15 June, 1750, settled on the family homestead on "Bear Hill." Amrillen Whitney, born 1 June, 1753. Jonathan Whitney, born 25 Jan., 1760, killed in the Rveolution. Elias Whitney died 29 July, 1810, aged 93 years, 9 months. The date of his second wife s death has not been found. ELIAS WHITNEY, JR Elias Whitney, Jr., son of the above Elias, was baptized by Rev. A. Frost 1 July, 1750. He married Lucy Barnes of Hingham, who was born the same year as himself, on 10 April, 1772, with the famous Rev. Ebenezer Gay officiating. Their children were: Abigail Whitney, born 6 March, 1773, married Bernard Boyden 1798. Mellen Whitney, born 9 Dec 1774, married Jane Richardson. Rebecca Whitney, born Jaffrey, NH, 14 Dec 1776, married Ames Howard (Hayward) of Milford, Mass. Lydia Whitney, born Jaffrey, NH, 12 April 1779, married Abijah Clark, 1798. Jonathan Whitney, born Jaffrey, N.H., 9 May, 1781, married Lavina Combs, and settled on the family homestead. Laban Whitney, born Jaffrey, N.H., 24 Oct., 1783, married Olive Green. Lucy Whitney, born Sterling, Mass., 6 Jan., 1786, married John Wood, lived Vt. Betsy Whitney, born Sterling, Mass., 15 Sept., 1788, died 31 May, 1811. Hannah Whitney, born Sterling, Mass., 15 Sept., 1788, died 11 Sept., 1805 Anna Whitney, born Sterling, Mass., 13 Jan., 1792, married 1. Charles Barnes, 2. Alex Cheney. Elias Whitney, born Milford, Mass., 4 Feb., 1765, died 4 Jan., 1797. Elias Whitney and his wife moved around considerably, but finally settled on the family homestead. He was strictly conscientious, and when the pension laws were passed, favoring the Revolutionary soldiers with one (and his papers were all made out), and he had a valid claim, he refused the pension. The claim said that the applicant was a needy one, and he did not feel that this applied to him, and so he refused it. When he heard that others much wealthier than himself had applied and received their pensions, he still stuck to his scruples! His wife died 15 Oct., 1818; and he passed away 22 May, 1828, aged 79. Both are buried in Milford. MAJOR HACHALIAH WHITNEY The line of descent for Hachaliah is; Jesse, Jonathan, Jonathan, Benjamin, Jonathan, John of Watertown. He was born 5 April, 1762, and married Abigail Nelson 29 June, 1786. Abigail was the daughter of Gershom and Mercy (Puffer) Nelson, born 30 July, 1765. Their children were: Ethan Whitney, born 22 April, 1788, married Betsey Miller Green. Jesse Whitney, born 12 Oct., 1790, married Rebecca Fisk. Nelson Whitney, born 24 March, 1790, died 19 July, 1790. Abigail Whitney, born 6 Jan., 1803, unmarried. ELEAZER WHITNEY OF MENDON, MASS. Believed to be the son of Eleazer and Mary (Wight) Whitney of Mendon, Mass., Eleazer married Ruth Legg, daughter of William and Hannah (Nelson) Legg, born 30 Feb., l739. Rev. A. Frost performed the marriage 8 Dec., 1761. Their children were: Mary Whitney, bap., 27 Mardi, 1763, married Ezekiel Jones, 9 May, 1782. Hannah Whitney, bap., 15 April, 1764, married Stephen Kilburn, 31 March 1782. Eleazer Whitney, bap., 23 March, 1766, died 25 Nov., 1775. Abner Whitney, bap 12 June, 1768, married Huldah Pond of Franklin, 1791. Ruth Whitney, bap., ca., 1770, married Edward Webber, 4 Feb., 1790. Olive Whitney, bap., 6 June, 1773, died 26 July, 1775. Olive Whitney, bap., 2 June, 1776, untraced. Eleazer and Ruth (Legg) Whitney were members of the Congregational Church, and dwelt on the family homestead in Milford, Mass., either partly or wholly all their lives. It fell to their son Abner, then it became the home of Dr. Gustavus D. Peck. Eleazer died 3 Dec., 1775, in his 41st year. Mrs. Ruth Whitney became the wife of Lt. Jesse Whitney, 1779, and died 21 Oct., 1785. ODDS AND ENDS OF INFORMATION In 1900 Charles Milton Whitney married Myrtle Nellie Brooks, born 4 July, 1874. Their son, Brooks Silas Whitney was born 3 Feb., 1908, and their other son, Edmund Worth Whitney was born 24 Nov., 1911. Lydia Whitney, born 23 June, 1795, Otsego, N.Y., married in Mexico, N.Y., 12 Sept., 1822, George Washington Finney, born Brothertown, Paris Twp., Oneida County, N.Y., 23 June, 1795. H. Whitney married Mary Ann Fox at Morrison, 14 Dec., 1859. Jesse R. Whitney, Franklin Grove, Illinois, and Ida May Dysart, daughter of Cal. A.P. Dysart, Nachusa, Lee County, Illinois, were married 17 May, 1875. Julius J. Whitney and Anna Geidner of Whiteside Co., Il., 1 Aug., 1872. Robert Whitney, who died in California leaving a child Harriet, born in North East, Pa., 23 May, 1901. He married Lorena Ketcham, the daughter of Earl M. Ketcham. Lillian Whitney of Triangle, N.Y., married in June of 1893, George Francis Johnson of Norwich, N.Y. Charles Hutchinson Warner, born 23 Sept., 1854, married in San Francisco, 23 April, 1887, Isabel Whitney, born 6 Nov., 1850, New Orleans, La. She died in San Francisco 1 Jan., 1913, daughter of George Otis Whitney and Abigail Taylor (Fitch) Whitney. They had a daughter Helen born 12 Feb., 1888, died 14 April, 1888. Moses and Betsy (Webster) Doty, born 1758, died Madison Co., N.Y., had six children. One child, Marcia Louisa, married Virgil Whitney. John M. Pierce, born 10 Sept., 1837, married Mary E. Whitney, 25 Dec., 1860, lived Kenton, Ohio. Alonzo Whitney, born ca. 1829 at Gibson, Pa., married Ruby S. Tuttle, born 3 May, 1833, Broome Co., N.Y., daughter of Harmon Tuttle. They were married in Susqehanna Co., Pa., 9 Feb., 1856. Clarinda Tuttle born 1 Feb., 1806, daughter of Ezra and Clarinda (Johnson) Tuttle, married 21 July, 1828, in Cuyahoga Co., Ohio, Flavel Whitney of Strongsville, Ohio. Hollis Whitney married Maria Tuttle, born 1809, Rowe, Mass., daughter of Ezra and Clarinda. James Whitney of New Canaan, Ct., married Sarah A. Tuttle, 15 Nov., 1848. John and Pruella (Whitney) Durham of Wallkill, N.Y., had Esther N. Durham. SAMPSON WHITNEY OF MAINE Sampson Whitney, born about 1804 in Maine, is said to be the son of Nathan Whitney of Maine. This Nathan Whitney is said to have removed to a farm near Limestone, Virginia. Sampson said to be the brother of; Eunice, Comfort, Thankful, Rhoda, Nathan, John, Weyman, Dennis and Pollas. Sampson Whitney married Jane Long, the daughter of William and Hannah Davis Long, at West Alexander, Pa., in 1828. They were the parents of; Belinda, Julie Ann, William, and John Jackson. Belinda Whitney, born 30 Sept., 1832 at Bellaire, Ohio, married William Curely, born 31 Dec., 1821, at West Alexander, Pa. JAMES E. WHITNEY Kendall County News, Piano, Illinois, Wed. Dec. 8, 1909 James Whitney was born in Greenwich, Washington Co., N.Y., April 5th, 1819, and died at his daughter s, Mrs. John Daily s home in Chicago, Illinois, December 2nd, 1909. June 6th, 1847 he was united in marriage at Albany, N.Y., to Miss E. Huntley, who preceeded him in death, February of this year. To this union was born seven children, six sons and one daughter; James E., of Los Angeles, Ca; Let of Indianapolis, In; Mark, Fred, George, Frank and Mrs. John Daily of Chicago. In 1867 Mr. and Mrs. Whitney moved to Piano where Mr. Whitney became a part of the great Harvester Co; working at bench work, as the carpenter for the William Deering Harvester Co; and Piano Companies for thirty five years. He was a kindly, faithful and good citizen and one of the most patriotic men that ever lived. He was one of the old land marks of earlier Piano days and about the last one to go. Services were held in Chicago Saturday. The remains were brought here on the noon train and services held in the M.E. Church, conducted by Rev. Mimes and the remains laid away beside his wife in Piano Cemetary. "He was a Grand Old Patriot of the Common People" QUERIES Seeking the parents and death of Aaron Whitney, born 16 Sept., 1774 in Lewiston, Me., Also seeking maiden names of his three wives: 1. Betsey, born 10 Sept., 1775 in Lewiston, Me, and died in Guilford, 17 Aug., 1819; 2. Widow Mary( ) Doble, born 1 June, 1781 in Gorham, Me., and died 7 Jan., 1826 in Guilford; 3. Jemima _______ Both Aaron and Jemima Whitney were alive in Guilford on 3 Feb., 1848. Mrs. Norman L. Haney, 752 Giemar, Watsonville, Ca., 95076. My Peter Whitney came from England to Canada, and married a French- Canadian woman named Devere. His son was Neil Luther Whitney, born 1843 (1813?). Supposedly they had 11 children. Mrs. Berne Davis, Route #5, Box 80, Colfax, Wa.,99l1l. Looking for the family of Lucina, Lucianna or Lucinda Whitney, who lived in Whitney Flats, which is near Binghamton, New York, and a short distance from Bradford and Wyoming Counties, Pa. Time span was about 1800. Mrs. Fran Neitzke, Box 92, Everly, Iowa, 51338. Anxious to learn more about General William Whitney of Chenango, N.Y., died there 18 Jan., 1810. Please write Editor. John Linus Whitney, Sr., was killed by a holdup robber on the way back from the gold rush to his home in New York. His bag of gold, worth $75,000 was taken. His wife, the former Mary Amanda Whitlock, of Ct., back in New York, gave birth posthumously, to their son John Linus Whitney, born 14, Dec., 1850. Somewhere between 1850 and 1859, Mary Amanda Whitlock Whitney married Daniel Shattuck (from New Hampshire). These two moved to Darke Co., Ohio, with Mary Amanda s father, John Whitlock and wife, and a James Whitlock and wife Sarah. This James was about 15 years younger than Mary Amanda so may have been her brother (unless her father had married twice). John Linus Whitney, Jr., married Margaret Replogle, daughter of Jacob and Abigail Replogle of Ohio (Darke Co). They had a son, John Clifton Whitney, who married Kathrine Middleton, and they also had Eugene Middleton Whitney (my father). My father states that Grandmother Kathrine told him that when she had a name researched, she learned that a Mrs. Shields of Elkhart, In., was related to our family. In a 1940 telephone directory from that area, I found a Mrs. E. A. Shields living there on 407 South Second Street. Does anyone have any knowledge of this family? We also believe that our family is registered with the Colonial Dames, by Mary Elizabeth Whitney in 1935-9. Could we hear from someone about this family? Mrs. Mary (Whitney) Grumbling, P.O. Box 221, Forbestown, Ca., 95941. Looking for the father of Newell Wnitney, born in Conneaut, Ohio, in 1821. He married Eliza Ann Fenton. The family moved to Mitchell, Iowa, and had a son John Wayne Whitney, who married Martha Abigail Stevens. Merle W. Baker, Route 1, Box 219, Lincoln, Illinois, 62656. Researching Josiah Whitney, born ? He died 10 Dec., 1824. He married Esther Weeks. He was a Minuteman, and was from New York State. Mrs. Melvin L. Lesher, R.R. IB X7, Clarion, Iowa, 50525. Need any information on the parents of Haynes and Calvin Whitney who came to Thomaston, Me., early in the 1800 s. Haynes married Jane Robinson, and Calvin married Eliza Everton. Am Looking for any information on the following Whitney entries in the LDS IGI (Mormon Archives): Calvin Whitney, son of Daniel Whitney and Eunice ? born 23 Aug., 1790, Cheshire, Chesterfield Twp., N.H. Daniel T. Whitney, son of James Whitney and Mary ? born 26 Feb., 1772, Cheshire, Winchester Twp., N.H. Daniel Whitney, son of Sylvanus Whitney and Hannah ? born 12 April, 1761, Hillsboro, Dunstable Twp., N.H. Calvin Whitney, son of Orlando Whitney and Aeneth ? born 4 Sept., 1795, Windsor, Ludlow Twp., Vermont. Mrs. Marion Whitney Leska, 712 So. Prairie Av., Barrington, Il., 60010. In 1808, James Chaffin and Betsy Chaff in were married. They were cousins. Their fathers were brothers. In Betsy s line it has been established by Pierce that her mother was Mary Whitney, and this is the line; John, Richard, Richard, Richard, Daniel, and Mary. Betsy died in Jan of 1845 in Alexandria Bay, N.Y. In March of that year James married a Deborah Whitney. Family papers suggest that Deborah was Deborah Mansfield, and that she may have been married first to a Mr. Lovell Thus her name at the time of her marriage to Mr. Whitney was Deborah (Mansfield) Lovell. And there may have been a relationship between Betsy and Deborah Whitney s line. When Deborah Mansfield Lovell married James Chaff in, the children already in the family were: Mariah, born 1832; Elias, born 1837; Samuel, born 1841; and Sarah, born 1843. If these were the children already in the family, they would have to be the children of Betsy Chaff in Whitney. In the census records, Mariah, Elias and Samuel list their birthplace as New Hampshire. Sarah lists hers as New York. Deborah Mansfield Lovell Whitney lists her birthplace as Maine. In 1880 Elias Whitney lists his parents as having been born in Maine! (Before this it was N.H.)! In 1900 Elias Whitney lists his mother as having been born in N. H., but his father has no record listed! The daughter of James and Betsy (Whitney) Chaff in, Mariah, married the son of James, James Remington Chaff in. They were married in Lockport, Niagara Co., N.Y. In 1850 they are in Wisconsin. In1860 they are still in Wisconsin. However, Elias, Samuel and Sarah are missing. In the early 1870's Elias is married in Wisconsin, and in those records he states his father's name is Samuel and his mother is Deborah! In 1865 James died in Iowa, and Mariah died there in 1878. In writing her memoirs, one of Mariah's daughters said that after her mother died, her Aunt Sarah (sister of Mariah) remarried and took her grandmother Deborah (Mansfield) Lovell Whitney an~ the youngest sister to live with them, and they went to Kansas. She stated that they went to Cawker City "where Uncle Sam lived." Here they stayed while her father went west to Phillipsburg, where he got a homestead. In the 1880 census "Uncle Sam" is not living in Cawker City, but in Glen Elder, six miles from Cawker. In Cawker City there is a Whitney running a hotel. This Whitney is listed in Pierce's book. We assume there is a connection between this N. C. Whitney and Deborah's family, and may be the reason Deborah went there. Can anyone help us with these lines? Arthur S. Hart, 916 Red Oak Lane, Fort Worth, Texas, 76114. COMMENT Some of you have asked about General William Whitney of Binghamton, New York, and his brother and both of their families. I was in Binghamton and surrounding area when I was East in May. It is close to my ancestral home in Bradford County, Pa. I have made it a project to try and separate the Whitney families of the area, because it became obvious that they were not all from my ancestor, Elisha of Spencer, Mass. and Stockbridge, and Wysox, Pa. This is quite a project as I have now come up with five different families within a radius of forty square miles,-and I may find more of them. As soon as I can put it all together I will publish it. Possibly I will have it ready for the Fall magazine. I was unable to continue the vital records of Maine, for this issue, but will try and get this for you by the Fall. Possibly you have heard that the Los Angeles Public Library burned. The genealogy section was saved, but the building will not be ready for five or six months. It is one of my sources of information and one that I miss very much. Picture on the front cover is my mother, Julia Anne (Franklin) Lilley. Taken at age 14, in Towanda, Pa. Her mother was Edythe (Whitney) Franklin.

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