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Bragdon, Lester MacKenzie, and Frost, John E., Vital Records of York, Maine, prior to 1892 (Rockport, ME: Picton Press, 1992).

The Town of York, Maine, successively known as Agamenticus, Bristol, Gorgeana and York, settled about 1630, and incorporated as a town in 1652, is situated in the southern part of York County. A portion of the town was set off to South Berwick in 1834.

The contributor of this material was Town Clerk from 1929 to 1935, and during his term of office copied all existing vital records of the town to 1 Jan. 1892, the date when compulsory recording became effective in Maine.

Book 1 or A

The original, which is the earliest existing record of births in York, is a book bound in full leather, measuring approximately 14-3/8 inches high by 9 inches wide by 2-3/16 inches thick. The spine is marked "...Records Vol 1 1646-1724." From the front the paging runs 4 to 422, both inclusive, and contains land-grants, etc., commencing with land laid out to John Dill's heirs, 15 March 1721/2, and ending with land laid out to Isaac Provinder, 29 Jan. 1721/2. From the other side of the book, on pages numbered 423 to 515, both inclusive, but excepting pages 452 to 485, inclusive, are found records of town meetings, ending with the meeting of 9 Oct. 1721. Pages 452 to 485, both inclusive, but excepting page 469, contain early records of births, which were not made contemporaneously, as they occurred, but during enumerations by the Town Clerks. These are reproduced as nearly verbatim as possible in the following copy. The sign "#", when used in the original, apparently indicated that the individual whose name was thus marked was dead before the enumeration was made. The use of the square brackets "[--]" indicates a mutilation of the original, and the matter within the brackets has been supplied by the copyist as is his best judgment as to the missing words or letters. The late George F. Plaisted, when making a copy of the vital records prior to 1892 for the town, called this "Book A". Page 469 contains a record of marriages performed by Capt. [Abraham] Preble, and is thus the only existing record of marriages in York prior to 1724.


N. Whitney // The Ridgesture of Nathll Whitnies Children Borne in York his wifes Maden Name Sarah foord the dafter of John foord of Kittery

  1. Nathan Whitney Borne Janr: 10: 1706/7
  2. Nathaniel Whittny Borne Decm ye: 12: 1709
  3. Able Whittny borne July ye: 23: 1712
  4. Sarah Whitney born Nov: 8. 1714

[At this point George F. Plaisted, in copying this record, inserted two names from Pierce's "Whitney Family", q. v.]

  1. Isaac Whitney born March 9th. 1720/21
  2. Amos Whitney born March. 5th. 1723/4
  3. # Lydia Whitney born July. 22d 1726
  4. Joanna Whitney born March 13. 1729/30

Note. Nathaniel Whitney the father of these was born in York to [blank] Whitney by his Wife April. 14 1680.

Jno. Whitney the Beaths of John Whitneys Children Born in York of his Wife Lettes the dafter of John Foord of Kittery her Mothers name Johanah

Mary Whitny borne March ye: 12: 1704/5

Samll: Whittny borne May ye. 5: 1707
Elezebeth Whitny borne May ye 7th 1709
Hannah Whitney borne Aprill ye 17: 1710
Mercy Whitney borne [blank]
Mehetible Whitny borne [blank]
John Whitney borne May 14: 1719


Abel Whitney his Children born in York of his Wife Mary the Daughter of Nicho. Cane vizt. --

  1. #Joanna Whitney born October ye. 10th. 1736 //
  2. Moses Whitney born at Wiscassett Febry. 17th; 1737/8
  3. Joseph Whitney born at Wiscassett March 1st; 1739/40 //
  4. #Daniel Whitney born in York Septr. 17th. 1741 //
  5. Joel Whitney born May 21. 1743. //
  6. Mary [blank] born Octr: 5th. 1744.
  7. Lydia Whitney born July 31. 1746. //
  8. Zebulon Whitney born Novr. 27. 1747.
  9. Joanna Whitney born Sepr. 27th. 1749. //
  10. Naphthali Whitney born Febr. 10th 1750/51
  11. Micha Whitney born Decer 11. 1752. //
  12. Daniel Whitney born Sepr. 26. 1754.
  13. Paul Whitney born June 30th 1756.

Jeremiah Simpson his Children born in York of his Wife Sarah the Daughter of Mr. Nathll Whitney viz

  1. Lydia Simpson born February 17. 1736/7 //
  2. Jeremiah Simpson born February 12. 1738/9

Isaac Whitney his Children born in York of his Wife Sarah the Daughter of Doctr. [blank] Crosby. vizt.

  1. Lucy Whitney born July 31st. 1745.
  2. Phinehas Whitney born June 5th 1747. //
  3. Isaac Whitney born Decr. 28. 1748.
  4. Hannah Whitney born Novr. 28. 1750. //

Doctr. John Whitney his Children born of his Wife Margaret the Daughter of Josiah Coffin Esqr. of Sherbourn on the Island of Nantucket

  1. Sarah Whitney was born at Sherbourn aforesd Aprl 22d. 1747.
  2. Margaret Whitney born in York July 22d. 1749.
  3. John Coffin Whitney born in York Novr 6- 1751.

The above John Whitney's Children born in York of's wife Hephzibah the Daughter of Hezekiah Adams decd. vizt.

  1. Hephzibah Whitney born June 30th 1755 //
  2. Miriam Adams Whitney born May 6th. 1757.

Amos Whitney his Children born in York of his Wife Sarah the Daughter of Mr. Thomas Payne, decd. vizt.

  1. Ebenezer Whitney born Decemr. 30. 1749. //
  2. Amos Whitney born Aprl 22d 1752.
  3. Mary-Gookin Whitney born Octr. 25. 1754. /

[Jose]ph Dunham his Children born in York of his wife Hephzibah the Daughter of Doctr John Whitney & Hephza his Wife vizt.

  1. Joseph Dunham born Janry. 31. 1777.
  2. Jeremiah Dunham born June 29th 1778
  3. Hephzibah Dunham born July 24. 1780. //
  4. John Dunham born Octr. 21. 1782

Thomas Talpe his Children born in York of his Wife Miriam the Daughter of Doctr John Whitney & Hephza. his Wife vizt.

  1. John Talpee [sic] born Augt. 12th. 1775 [over "6"]. //
  2. Richard Talpe born Sepr. 7th. 1778
Page No Intention Record Marriage Record
50 103 Nathan Whitney of Biddeford & Lydia Young of York intend Marriage, Entered Augt 29. 1730 Novembr 12. 1730
128 54 Abel Whitney & Mary Cane both of York intend Marriage, Entred Octobr. 4. 1735 Novr. 13-1735 by ye Revd. Mr Saml Moody
128 72 Jer: Simpson and Sarah Whitney both of Yourk Intend marriage, Entred. June 26th: 1736 Married by the Revd. Mr Saml Moody July 13th. 1736
227 204 Isaac Whitney and Sarah Crosby both of York intend Marriage Entred February 25. 1743  
292 54 Amos Whitney & Sarah Payne both of York intend Marriage Entred July 16. 1748. Married Sepr 5 - 1748 by the Revd Mr Saml Chandler
Page Intention Marriage
216 Thomas Talpe and Miriam Whitney both of York intend Marriage Enter'd Decr. 24. 1774 [. . . erasure . . .]
217 Joseph Dunham of Wells and Hephzibah Whitney of York intend Marriage Enterd. Novr. 29. 1775 [. . . erasure . . .]

Thomas Tapley & Meriam Whitney, m. 19 Jan 1775. [p. 359]

-----, s. John & Lettae Whitney, d. 2 May 1720, ae --. [p. 390]

Lydia, d. Nathaniel & Sarah Whitney, d. 14 J-- 1720. [p.390]

Lydia, d. Nathaniel & Sarah Whitney, d. 23 Mar 1727/8, ae --. [p. 391]

----- Whitney, the aged widow, d. 15 Jan 1795. [p. 405]

George W. Whitney, 1897-1966,
Ida C. [Whitney], 1898-1971, Village Cemetery, York [p. 565]

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