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p. 61, #580: Lois5 WHITNEY married 4 Nov 1787, Brooklyn, CT, Erastus BAKER. They had three additional children recorded in Brooklyn, CT.

p. 61, #597: Sophia5 WHITNEY married, 28 Nov 1799, Brooklyn, CT, Capt. Elisha LORD.

p. 61, #598: Patty5 WHITNEY married, 1803, Plainfield, CT, Darius H. CARY.

p. 61, #599: Elizabeth5 WHITNEY married 30 May 1790, Brooklyn, CT, John PARISH.

p. 61, #195: Solomon4 WHITNEY married Sarah ROBERTS, 27 Nov 1755, Canaan, CT, according to Canaan vital records.

p. 61, #600: Sarah5 WHITNEY married 16 May 1776, Pomfret, CT, Rufus PIERCE. They had four children recorded in Pomfret. He died 10 Aug 1784, and she married secondly, 30 Dec 1790, Brooklyn, CT, Benjamin HERRICK. They had one child recorded in Brooklyn, CT.

p. 61, #601: Samuel5 WHITNEY may have married, 1786, Canaan, CT, Grace FAIRWEATHER.

p. 61, #197: Samuel4 WHITNEY was born 5 May 1707, York, ME. He married (intentions published 23 Aug 1731), Kittery, ME, Lydia SPOONER. They moved to Maugerville, NB, where both were living in 1789, he aged 82 years. There were three or four more children by 24 Jul 1751, but their identities have not been proven. Some candidates are:

  • Ebenezer WHITNEY, born about 1745, married, 17 Jan 1769, Sheffield, NB, Huldah MOOERS, and had twelve children.
  • Jeremiah WHITNEY, of NB in the 1760's.
  • John WHITNEY, of St. John, NB, from 1769; at Amesbury Peninsula, 1783; married with nine children.

p. 61, #604: Samuel5 WHITNEY married Mary ASTON/AUSTIN.

p. 61, #605: Jonathan5 WHITNEY married Mary HENDEN, not Mary ASTON.

p. 61, #607: Susannah5 WHITNEY married (intentions published 27 Sep 1757), Falmouth, ME, Nathaniel5 WHITNEY of Gorham, son of Nathaniel4 and Hannah (DAY) WHITNEY, #207 on page 62.

p. 61, #198: Benjamin4 WHITNEY is misnumbered, and should be #203. He and Jane/Jean BROWN of Georgetown published their intentions of marriage on 16 Mar 1751, Brunswick, ME, and 25 Mar 1751, Georgetown, ME. Either the marriage never occurred, or the bride died soon without issue, because the record of his marriage to Mercy HINCKLEY is found on 25 Jul 1752, Brunswick, ME.

p. 61, #604a: Abraham5 WHITNEY was born 19 Aug 1753, Brunswick, ME, according to Georgetown vital records.

p. 61, #605a: Isaac5 WHITNEY was born 22 May 1757, Sebascodigon, ME, according to Georgetown vital records. He married Sarah TRUANT.

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