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Salem was formed from an area known as Naumkeag in 1629. Part was split off as Marblehead in 1633. Its boundaries with Saugust were changed in 1635. The Enon part was established as the new town of Wenham in 1643, and the Jeffryes Creek section was made into Manchester in 1645. The boundaries with Topsfield were adjusted in 1658. The Bass River part was split off as Beverly in 1668. Territory was ceded to Middleton in 1728. The Salem Village and Middle Precinct areas were split off as Danvers in 1752. Land was given to Beverly in 1753. Its boundary with Danvers was changed in 1856, and that with South Danvers in 1856. Part was given to Swampscott in 1867. A part was obtained from Peabody in 1882.

Neighboring towns: Beverly, Marblehead, Swampscott, Lynn, Peabody, Danvers

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