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Daniel Warren (Elizabeth3 Whitney, John2, John1), son of Daniel and Elizabeth3 (Whitney) Warren, was born 30 Apr 1686, Watertown, MA.[1]

Daniel married, 26 Feb 1711/2, Watertown, MA, Rebecca Garfield, daughter of Joseph and Sarah (Gale) Garfield. She was born 24 Sep 1683, Watertown, MA, and died 2 Oct 1720, Westborough, MA.

He married secondly, 22 Aug 1727, Westborough, MA, Mary Wetherby, daughter of Thomas and Hannah (Woods) Wetherby. She was born 10 Jun 1700, Westborough, MA, and died 18 Jan 1738/9, Westborough, MA.

He and Capt. Daniel Warren are confused by Bond and others, but correctly straightened out by Sanderson.

Children of Daniel and Rebecca (Garfield) Warren:

i. Daniel Warren, b. 19 Nov 1712, Marlborough, MA; m. Hannah Bond.
ii. Timothy Warren, b. 14 Sep 1715, Marlborough, MA; m. Rebecca Tainter; m. Phebe (--?--).
iii. Jonas Warren, b. 16 Nov 1717, Westborough, MA; m. Lydia Harrington.
iv. Silas Warren, b. 28 Jul 1720, Westborough, MA; m. Elizabeth Newton.

Children of Daniel and Mary (Wetherby) Warren:

i. Moses Warren, b. 10 Oct 1728, Westborough, MA; m. Persis Rice.
ii. Nahum Warren, b. 25 Sep 1730, Westborough, MA.
iii. Mary Warren, b. 12 Sep 1732, Westborough, MA; m. Joseph Dudley.
iv. Jonathan Warren, b. 14 Oct 1734, Westborough, MA.
v. Rebecca Warren, b. 27 Dec 1736, Marlborough, MA; d. 17 Sep 1740, Westborough, MA.
vi. Submit Warren, b. 8 Jan 1738, Westborough, MA; d. 7 Feb 1738, Westborough, MA.



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