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Boleyn Whitney, (Thomas), son of Col. Thomas and Mary (Boleyn) Whitney, was born about 1686 (TCD Alumni), and died 18 Apr 1758, Naas, County Kildare, Ireland. He was listed as "B. Whitney, Esq., of Newpass, co. Westmeath."

He married, 22 Jul 1719, St. Brides, Dublin, Ireland, Mary Van Bobbart.

It is probable that this individual was the Boleyn Whitney mentioned in the will of Thomas Whitney (s1660-1728).

Boleyn Whitney was a member of the Irish Parliament in 1737 representing Phillipstown, County Kings, Ireland.

Children of Boleyn Whitney (order uncertain, possibly incomplete):

i. Henry Whitney (??)(not found, but included by Liik-Johnston in Hist. of Irish Parliament).
ii. George Boleyn Whitney, b. 1734/35; m. Elizabeth Bayley.
iii. Mary/Anne Whitney; m. 28 Jun 1742, Thomas Lyster (1899 Burke LG (p.277) Lyster of Rocksavage has her as MARY Whitney, but the register of St. Bride's in Dublin has her as ANN Whitney. She could have been Mary Anne.) Children:
a. Elizabeth Lyster, b. -----; m. Robert Robinson, M.D.


In the will of Thomas Whitney, dated 1741, Ann Whitney is supposedly listed as the wife of Ambrose Upton. In a summary of Ambrose Upton's family, Ann is listed as "Anna, dau. of B. Whitney, Esq., of Newpass, co. Westmeath, as by will, dated 1752". If this information is correct, then all of these children would then be the children of B. (presumably Boleyn) Whitney. Other sources call Anna (Whitney) Upton a sister of Boleyn Whitney.

Note TJ: Burke's "Anna, dau. of B. Whitney" is incorrect. Anna and Boleyn were two of the seven known children of Col Thomas Whitney by his wife Maria Boleyn. Three boys: Thomas (1741 will); Shuckburgh (d. 1746 kia Falkirk "...For, with the creditable exception of a single troop, under Lieutenant-Colonel Shuckburgh Whitney, who was speedily shot dead, and his followers put hors de combat,...."!); and Boleyn,(1686-1758). Four girls: Jane (m.Chas Fox); Mary (m. Thos West); Catherine (m. John Hatch); and Anna (m. Ambrose Upton).

From a posting on the Adair bulletin board at Rootsweb: Daily Gazetteer (London Edition) (London, England), Tuesday, October 25, 1737; Issue 728 Trim, (Westmeath, Ireland ?) Oct. 12. Boleyn Whitney, Efq; is elected Member of Parliament for this Borough, in the Room of Robert Adair, Efq; deceafed.

London Evening Post (London, England), Tuesday, April 18 1738; Issue 1627 London Daily Post and General Advertiser (London, England), April 20, 1738; Issue 1084 Daily Gazetteer (London Edition) (London, England), Friday, April 21, 1738; Issue 873 Read's Weekly Journal or British Gazetteer (London, England), Sat, April 22, 1738; Issue 711.Under sub heading IRELAND:
Boleyn Whitney, Efq; is made one of the Commiffioners of Appeals, in the Room of Thomas Tennifon,(Tenison) Efq; who has refign'd.
General Evening Post (London, England), Thursday, May 22, 1740; Issue 1040 London Evening Post (London, England), Thursday, May 22, 1740; Issue 1955 Universal Spectator and Weekly Journal (London, England), Saturday, May 31, 1740, Issue 608 Weekly Miscellany (1732) (London, England), Saturday, May 31, 1740; Issue CCCLXXXVIII.
It is ftrongly reported, that Henry Singleton, Efq; his Majefty's Prime Serjeant, will fucceed the Right Hon. The Lord Chief-Justice Reynolds in the Common Pleas, (who is preparing to fet out for England;) that Boleyn Whitney, Efq; will fucceed the Prime Serjeant; and that Tho. Tennifon, Efq; will fucceed Mr. Whitney, as one of the Judges of Appeals.
Was Reynolds a relative of Robert Adair and how was Boleyn Whitney, mentioned in the will of Robert Adair's wife, a nephew of Robert Adair? Boleyn Whitney b. ca. 1686 and died 18 April 1758 aged 71 yrs. It appears that as well as being a relative of Robert Adair he was also a friend of William Johnson in America who was the "Irish Benefactor" of James Adair, the author.

Note [RLW]: Robert Adair or his wife Jane Foster could perhaps have been a half-sibling of either Thomas Whitney or his wife Maria Boleyn. That would explain the relationships stated.

Sir William Johnson Manuscripts. p.73 (refer also references to James Adair, the author, in this book)

31 Jan 1756. Letter from Dublin, Ireland.

Boleyn Whitney to (Gen. Johnson), congratulations on victory, news from home and recommendation of Capt. Mansel to favor. (Maunsell ?) 23 : 205.

From an Adair family bulletin board at Rootsweb:

In a will of Dr. Nicholas FORSTER, Bishop of Raphoe, 4 Sep 1742 there is mention of his sister Jane (who had m. Robert ADAIR d.1737 of co. Longford and co. Wicklow), and of Rev. Robert SPENCE, rector of Donaghmore Parish, Diocese of Derry, and of Boleyn WHITNEY. The Forster, Spence & Whitney families were related to the Robert Adair (d.1737) family.

A letter written by him from Dublin, 31 Jan 1756, can be seen here.


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