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Caleb6 Whitney (Caleb5, Timothy4, John3, John2, John1), son of Caleb5 and Hannah (Cheney) Whitney,[1] was born 17 Jun 1740,[2] and died 24 Mar 1777, Newton, MA, of smallpox.[3]

He "of Newton" married, 20 Mar 1766, Brookline, MA, Elizabeth Hyde "of Brookline",[4] daughter of Jonathan and Thankful (Osland) Hyde. She was born 27 Mar 1745, Canterbury, CT, and died -- Mar 1785, Newton, MA.[5]

During the Revolutionary war he was a member of the Newton company, Capt. Wiswell, and marched to the Lexington alarm. His will was dated 1764. He was a cordwainer by trade. He resided Newton, Massachusetts.

On 8 Apr 1777, Newton, MA, Elizabeth Whitney, widow, was granted administration on the estate of Caleb Whitney, late of Newton, cordwainer, and posted bond with Moses Whitney of Newton, yeoman, and Jonathan Hide of Brookline, yeoman, as sureties.

On 31 Mar 1778, Newton, MA, his inventory, taken by Elnathan Winchester of Brookline, James Richards, and Noah Wiswall, both of Newton, was exhibited by the widow.

On 7 Dec 1785, Newton, MA, a second administration was granted to John King, physician and surgeon, of Newton, who posted bond with Timothy Jackson and Aaron Richardson, gentlemen, both of Newton, as sureties.

On 9 Feb 1786, Newton, MA, his inventory was taken by Timothy Jackson, Samuel Richardson, gentlemen, and Jeremiah Richardson, yeoman, all of Newton.

On 5 May 1786, Newton, MA, his inventory was exhibited in court.

On 30 Apr 1792, Newton, MA, a second inventory was taken by Stephen Dana, Saml. Richardson, and Daniel Richards.

On 2 May 1792, Newton, MA, a letter was recorded from Oliver Whitney of Boston, requesting the estate be given to brother Amaziah Whitney for further distribution, listing children as Oliver (eldest son), Amaziah (second son), Sarah, and Abigail.

Children of Caleb6 and Elizabeth (Hyde) Whitney:

i. Oliver7 Whitney, b. 9 May 1766, Newton, MA;[6] d. 30 Jul 1808, Brookline, MA, aged 47 years, drowned;[7] unmarried. On 2 Apr 1783, Aaron Richardson, gentleman, of Newton, was appointed guardian of Oliver and Amaziah Whitney, minors over 14, sons of Caleb Whitney, and posted bond, with John King, physician, of Newton, and Jonathan Hide of Brookline, yeoman, as sureties. Not found in 1790 or 1800 Censuses.
ii. Amaziah Whitney, b. 18 Nov 1767, Newton, MA;[8] m. Sarah Trull.
iii. Ruth Whitney, b. 31 May 1773, Newton, MA;[9] apparently d. young, but no record of death found, unless, as is likely, she was the ----- Whitney, daughter of Betty, who d. 25 Aug 1775, Newton, MA.[10]
iv. Sarah Whitney, b. 4 Jun 1774, Newton, MA;[11] d. after 2 May 1792.
v. Abigail Whitney, b. 10 Sep 1775, Newton, MA;[12] d. after 2 May 1792.

There was allegedly an sixth child, Thaddeus Whitney, who was supposedly mentioned in settlement of his father's estate, but I haven't seen any evidence of that. If he existed, he must have died before 2 May 1792, when he was not included in a list of the surviving heirs.


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