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Charles Henry7 Whitney (Milton6, Asa5, Joshua4, William3, Joshua2, John1) son of Milton6 and Lydia (Cleveland) Whitney, was born 6 Apr 1824, Pittsfield, MA, and died 11 Jul 1874, Del Norte, CO.

He married 9 Dec 1843, LaGrange, OH, Elvira Sheldon. Her brother was General Lionel A. Sheldon, who was with General Grant all through the civil war; was representative in congress, and governor of New Mexico six years.

Charles Henry Whitney was born in Massachusetts, but removed to Ohio at an early age with his parents. By the death of his father he inherited 200 acres of land In the Buckeye state. In Apr 1854, he disposed of his Ohio property, and with his family started for Iowa. He traveled with his own team, stopping nights at hotels. He entered a half section of land in Marion County, IA; the next year he traded the land for a business house and stock of general merchandise, including dry goods, groceries, boots and shoes, and queensware. He soon increased the business so that he carried a stock of $15,000. He conducted the business for about two years alone, when he took in a partner, and they conducted it for six years. During this time they traded land and town lots in Topeka, KS, and western Iowa and Nebraska. During the civil war they lost heavily, Mr. Whitney's loss aggregating nearly $35,000. In 1863 he moved to Mount Pleasant, IA, and sent his children to school, the three eldest going to high school for two and one-half years; then in 1867 he left Iowa with his family and located in Montgomery County, KS. There he pre-empted one quarter section of land, was very comfortably fixed with stock of all kinds around him, but that was a very unhealthy county, and in 1874 he sold again and started overland for the mountains in Colorado; brought with him 100 head of fine bred cows, two fine mule teams, ponies, tent, a colored cook, and everything to make a fine trip, but he was sick most of the journey. He landed 4 Jul 1874, in Del Norte, CO, and lived there just one week and died. He died 11 Jul 1874; resided Pittsfield, OH, and Del Norte, CO.

Children of Charles Henry7 and Elvira (Sheldon) Whitney:

i. Frank Stoughten8 Whitney, b. 7 Jan 1845; m. Margaret Orilla Karns.
ii. Allen Sheldon Whitney, b. 17 Mar 1846; d. Oct 1854, Knoxville, IA.
iii. Mary Eliza Whitney, b. 5 Jun 1848; m. 15 Apr 1869, George M. Clay; resided Byers, CO. He was a lawyer and she a school teacher when married. He d. 31 Dec 1877.
Ch.: Henry C., b. 3 Feb 1870; resided Denver, CO; Allie P., b. 11 Jun 1871; d. 10 Aug 1872; Alta Jay, b. 4 May 1877. The mother m.(2) 12 May 1891, Jeremiah J. Mann. He is a stock grower; owns 1,400 acres of land 50 miles from Denver.
iv. Edna Frances Whitney, b. 16 Feb 1850; d. 1884, near Fort Smith, AR, leaving 5 ch.; m. 16 Jun 1870, W. O. Hartshorn. He resided Thayer, KS.
v. Lionel Alston Whitney, b. 10 Aug 1851, OH; d. 1 Feb 1892; non compos mentis, Pueblo, CO.
vi. James Milton Whitney, b. 14 Aug 1855; m.(1) Elizabeth Bon; m.(2) Anna Stewart.
vii. Herbert C. Whitney, b. 11 Mar 1859, IA.


364 368 Henry Whitney 26 M - Farmer Mass. Elvira 27 F - N. York Frank 5 M - Ohio Attended school Allen 4 M - " Attended school Mary 2 F - " Edna 6/12 F - "

103 97 H. C. Whitney 36 M - Merchant $2800 $4000 Mass. E. E. " 36 F - N.Y. F. S. " 16 M - Ohio Attended school M. E. " 13 F - " Attended school E. F. " 10 F - " Attended school L. A. " 8 M - " Attended school James " 5 M - Iowa H. " 1 M - "

66 66 H. C. Whitney 46 M W Farmer $900 Mass. Male citizen over 21 E. E. 46 F W Keeping house New York Lionel 19 M W At home Ohio James 13 M W Iowa Herbert 11 M W Iowa

L. A. WHITNEY 28 Self M S W OH Genl. Mdse. MA NY

H. C. WHITNEY 21 Self M S W IA Genl. Mdse. MA NY

Continued from W. H. COLEMAN Frank ELDRED 19 Oth M S W CO Cattle Herder WI WI Geo. CHASE 20 Oth M S W CAN Cattle Herder CAN CAN David C. TREVITT 29 Oth M S W NY Cattle Herder CAN CAN James TUTTLE 16 Oth M S W CO Cattle Herder NY NY James HACKNEY 23 Oth M S W PA Cattle Herder VA VA Wm. WIGHTMAN 24 Oth M S W VT Cattle Herder VT VT James WHITNEY 23 Oth M S W IA Cattle Herder NY NY Fremont HAZEN 24 Oth M S W VT Cattle Herder VT VT Wm. LANNON 23 Oth M S W IL Cattle Herder IRE IRE John SWEENEY 23 Oth M S W NY Cattle Herder NY NY John KNAPP 26 Oth M S W TX Cattle Herder TX TX Jno. D IRVING 24 Oth M S W MS Cattle Herder AL MS Jno. LOWRY 22 Oth M W CO Cattle Herder NY NJ Chas. J. SHELTON 22 Oth M S W NY Cattle Herder NY --- Wm. KEAN 19 Oth M S W CO Cattle Herder IRE IRE Louis E. MONTGOMERY 32 Oth M S W NY Cattle Herder NY NY Edwin N. WILLIAMS 35 Oth M M W IL Teamster NY NY David N. ENGLAND 38 Oth M M W NY Cattle Herder KY KY James MORAN 34 Oth M S W PA Cattle Herder IRE IRE Geo. HARDIN 23 Oth M S W MS Cattle Herder MS MS (Continued)


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