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Daniel4 Whitney (Henry3, John2, Henry1), son of Henry3 and Elizabeth (Olmstead) Whitney,[1] was born 4 Apr 1720, Ridgefield, CT,[2] and died about 1809, Romulus, N. Y.[3]

He married, 8 Aug 1741, Ridgefield, CT, Thankful Burt,[4] daughter of Benjamin and Sarah (Belden) Burt.[5] She was born 1 Sep 1721, Ridgefield, CT,[6] and died after 24 May 1759.[7]

Phoenix says the following:[8]

... a farmer .... They settled in Ridgefield; their residence there can be traced by the births of their children to the latter part of the year 1752, and by deeds, almost continuously from 1744 to 1760. He joined with his four brothers in dividing their father's estate, 28 March 1744; divided the homestead with his brother John, 4 Ap. 1745, he taking the north half; deeded his land to his four brothers, and took deeds from them, 18 Ap. 1750; had land laid out to him by the proprietors, 23 Feb. 1750-51; bought and sold land, 30 March 1752; sold his house and land to Vivus Dauchy, 14 March 1753; had land laid out, 26 June 1753; sold all of his common and undivided land to Rev. Jonathan Ingersol, 24 Feb. 1757; bought seven acres of land at Blacksmith Ridge, 5 March 1757; joined, 24 May, 1759, with his wife, Thankful Whitney, and her brothers and sisters, Christopher Burt, Daniel Burt, Seaborn Burt, and Sarah Cornwell, of Ridgefield, and Benjamin Burt, of Warwick, Orange Co., N.Y., in dividing the estate "which our Honrd. father Benjamin Burt Decd, Died Seized of." He sold his land at "Blacksmith Ridge Bridge," 11 Jan. 1760, and soon moved to Warwick, Orange County, N.Y. Eager's History of Orange County, pp. 422-425, gives an account of Daniel Burt, and (after showing that he settled in Warwick in 1746, sold out and went back to Conn., and then returned to Warwick in 1760) says: "When Daniel Burt returned to the county in 1760, Daniel Whitney came with him, married his sister, and located." We have seen that the marriage was nearly nineteen years earlier.
Daniel Whitney finally, at what time is not known, moved to Romulus, Seneca Co., N.Y., and there died in 1808, 1809, or 1810 (as variously reported), "aged over 80 years." He was really about 90 years old. His home was in the south-east corner of the town of Romulus, near Whitney's Landing, probably with his grandson, John Whitney.

Children of Daniel4 and Thankful (Burt) Whitney:

i. Mary5 Whitney, b. 16 Sep 1742, Ridgefield, CT;[9], m. John Truesdell.
ii. Ruhamah Whitney, b. 10 Apr 1744, Ridgefield, CT;[10] tradition says that she married, in opposition to her father's wish, with a young man whom he had taught the carpenter's trade, and settled in Wilkes-Barre, Penn., where the Indians fired through an open window and killed her husband, as he lay sick in bed. She fled from the house, as did a man who was boarding there, and, as they soon became separated and he saw her no more, her friends thought she had been killed; but they afterward saw a traveller from Canada, who told them that the Indians took her to Canada, and sold her to a Frenchman, with whom she married and lived happily. As the tradition fixes the date between 1756 and 1760, when she was from 12 to 16 years old, and at least three years before the first settlement was made at Wyoming, the reader is welcome to believe as much of it as does the writer.[11]
iii. Daniel Whitney, b. 12 Jan 1745/6, Ridgefield, CT;[12] m. Martha Burt.
iv. Anne Whitney, b. 23 May 1748, Ridgefield, CT;[13] m.(1) Gamaliel Truesdell; m.(2) Thomas Burrows.
v. Benjamin Whitney, b. 1 Jun 1750, Ridgefield, CT;[14] m. Sarah Ketcham.
vi. Elizabeth Whitney, b. 27 Nov 1752, Ridgefield, CT;[15] married, it is said, ----- Scofield, settled at Warwick, N.Y., and moved to New York City, where he died. She then returned to Warwick, married ----- Smith, and settled at Shawangunk, Ulster Co., N.Y., but is thought to have died in Romulus, Seneca Co., N.Y.[16]
vii. Abijah Whitney, b. 10 or 11 Jul 1754, Warwick, N. Y.;[17] m. Elizabeth Ellsworth.


  • 1790: not found. May have been living with his son Benjamin, who had two adult males in his household.
  • 1800: not found.
  • 1810: not found.


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