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Dock Whitney (Nathaniel Green, Joseph Whitney, [probably] Wade H., Joseph), was born 11 Sep 1890, New Lead Hill, Boone County, AR, and died 15 Jan 1970.

He married, before 1917, Mary Ann Curtis. She was born 8 Jan 1891, AR, and died 15 Sep 1929, probably AR.

Children of Dock and Mary A. (Curtis) Whitney:

i. A. G. Whitney, b. 6 Mar 1917, Lead Hill, Boone Co., AR; d. 19 Sep 1987 Riverside, CA, m. Anna Grace Carr, 30 Nov 1938, Boone Co., AR.
ii. Joe Melvin Whitney, b. 19 Jun 1918, Lead Hill, Boone Co., AR; d. 5 Oct 2000, m. Verba F Jackson, 30 Sep 1941, b. 24 Jul 1922, d. 26 Aug 1999.
iii. Alta M. Whitney, b. 22 Dec 1919, Lead Hill, Boone Co., AR; d. 3 Dec 2008, Sacramento Co., CA, m. Ivan Boswell.
iv. Ruth Whitney, b. 1922, AR.
v. James Wade Whitney, b. 17 Jul 1925, Boone Co., AR; d. 13 Nov 1995, m. Kathryn D. b. 23 Jul 1922, d. 14 Aug 1998.
vi. George Wayne Whitney, b. 16 May 1927, Harrison, Boone Co., AR; d. 15 Apr 2015, CA.
vii. Marie B. Whitney, b. 1933, AR.
viii. Nina Fay Whitney, b. 1938, AR.


167 169 Whitney, Nathaniel G. Head W M 45 mar Missouri Unknown Kentucky Farmer -----, Mary F. Wife W F 42 mar Arkansas Tennessee Tennessee -----, Martha E. Dau W F 14 sgl Arkansas Missouri Arkansas -----, Dora V. Dau W F 11 sgl Arkansas Missouri Arkansas -----, Dock Son W M 9 sgl Arkansas Missouri Arkansas

126 126 G. W. Whitney Head M W 56 M 25 MO MO TN Farmer Mary Wife F W 58 M 28 AR TN TN Dora Dau F W 21 S AR MO AR Dock Son M W 19 S AR MO AR

125 Doc C Whitney Head M W 29 M AR MO AR Farmer Mary A Wife F W 28 M AR AR AR Agee Son M W 2 S AR AR AR John M Son M W 1 S AR AR AR Alta M Dau F W 3m S AR AR AR

93 93 Dock C. Whitney Head M W 39 M AR MO AR Farm Francis Mother F W 78 W AR TN GA Agee Son M W 13 S AR AR AR Melvie *Son M W 11 S AR AR AR Alta M Dau F W 10 S AR AR AR Ruth Dau F W 8 S AR AR AR Wade Son M W 5 S AR AR AR George Son M W 3 S AR AR AR

119 Dock G Whitney Head M W 43 M Arkansas Same House Farmer Ruth Wife F W 29 M Arkansas Same House Farmer Mary Ruth Dau F W 18 S Arkansas Same House Housekeeper Joe Melvin Son M W 21 S Arkansas Same House Truck Driver CCC Camp James W Son M W 14 S Arkansas Same House Georgia W Son M W 12 S Arkansas Same House Marie B Dau F W 7 S Arkansas Same House Nina Fay Dau F W 2 S Arkansas


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