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Elizabeth3 Whitney (Joshua2, John1), daughter of Joshua2 and Abigail (Tarbell) Whitney,[1] was born about 1689, Groton, MA,[2] and died after 1729, Groton, MA.[3]

She married 17 Apr 1707, Groton, MA, Ebenezer Farnsworth,[4] son of Matthias and Sarah (Nutting) Farnsworth.[5] He was born about 1684, Groton, MA,[6] and died after 1729, before 1751, Groton, MA.[7]

She apparently married secondly, before 15 Oct 1751, ----- Harmon, parentage, birth, and death unknown.[8]

On 17 Apr 1713, she was named as a daughter in the will of her father.[9]

On 15 Oct 1751, she was named as sister Elizabeth Harmon in the will of her brother Joshua.[10]

Children of Ebenezer and Elizabeth3 (Whitney) Farnsworth:

i. Elizabeth Farnsworth, b. 27 Jan 1707, Groton, MA;[11] m. Ebenezer Jefts.
ii. Matthias Farnsworth, b. 20 Sep 1709, Groton, MA;[12] m.(1) Abigail Shed; m.(2) Sarah (Davis) Farnsworth; m.(3) Azubah Farnsworth.
iii. Ebenezer Farnsworth, b. 16 Dec 1711, Groton, MA;[13] d. 11 Oct 1723, Groton, MA;[14] unmarried.
iv. William Farnsworth, b. 4 Aug 1714, Groton, MA;[15] m. Ruth Hobart.
v. Abigail Farnsworth, b. 2 Sep 1718, Groton, MA;[16] m. David Blood.
vi. Keziah Farnsworth, b. 17 Apr 1723, Groton, MA;[17] m. Jonathan Shattuck.
vii. Sarah Farnsworth, b. 5 Aug 1725, Groton, MA;[18] m.(1) Joshua Bowers; m.(2) Isaac Haild.
viii. Lydia Farnsworth, b. 20 Dec 1729, Groton, MA;[19] m. Jonathan Tarbell.


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3.^  She died after the birth of her youngest child.

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