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George Whitney, gent., probably the son of George Whitney of Catherhill (Calver Hill), Norton Canon, gent., was born say 1675, perhaps in or near Norton Canon, Herefordshire, England. He was perhaps brother of John Whitney of Norton Canon.

He married Elizabeth (-----), sometime before 1696.

Two men named George Whitney were listed in a document dated 1697. The first was "George Whitney of Catherhill, Norton Canon, gent" and the second was "George Whitney, jun. gent ... freeholder of Norton Canon". While the George Whitney born say 1675 did have a son named George as well, he wasn't born until much later. Because of this, it is likely that the George Whitney born say 1675 was actually the second man listed in the document, and was probably the son of the first.[1]

A "Richard Whitteney" of "Hursley" (Hurstley, 1 mile west of Calver Hill) was sued in 1503.[2] A "John Whiteney" Was taxed in Norton Canon / Calver Hill as early as 1523, and is probably an ancestor. In 1544, a Johannes Whytney sen. and a Johannes Whytney jun. were both taxed in Norton Canon

Note that James Whitney (s1520?-1564) had ties to Norton Canon.

Children of George and Elizabeth (-----) Whitney:

i. Elizabeth Whitney, bp. 3 Jul 1696, Norton Canon, Herefordshire, England.
ii. Margery Whitney, bp. 1 Mar 1698, Norton Canon, Herefordshire, England.
iii. James Whitney, b. 4 Apr 1699, bp. 11 Apr 1699, Norton Canon, Herefordshire, England; m. Ann -----.
iv. Margery Whitney, bp. 3 Jun 1701, Norton Canon, Herefordshire, England.
v. George Whitney, b. 15 Jun 1703, bp. 19 Jun 1703, Norton Canon, Herefordshire, England.
vi. Jane Whitney, bp. 5 Nov 1704, Norton Canon, Herefordshire, England.


For more descendants, see Burgess, Gray, White, and Related Families Database. The name of the place is Calver Hill. I have photos of it. Eleanor W.


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