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George Burton9 Whitney (George Sanders8, Zimri7, John6, Zachariah5, John4, Joseph3, John2, John1), son of George Sanders8 and Mary Eveline (Barnard) Whitney, was born 9 Mar 1846, Troy, NY, and died 5 Apr 1927, St. George, UT.

He married, 9 Oct 1873, Salt Lake City, UT, Lavina Christeen Syphus, daughter of Luke and Christina (Long) Syphus. She was born 31 Aug 1854, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, and died 10 Dec 1934, St. George, UT.

He went west in 1866; was m. there and had a family; resided in San Diego, CA, and Panaca City, NV, and later in Montana.[1]

Children of George Burton9 and Lavina (Syphus) Whitney:

i. George Luke10 Whitney, b. 3 Aug 1874, Panaca, NV; d. 21 Sep 1952, St. George, UT; m.(1) 11 Jan 1897, St. George, UT, Julia Ann (Wardell) Syphus; m.(2) 18 Dec 1951, St. George, UT, Chloe (Berry) Rowe.
ii. Chrissie Eveline Whitney, b. 16 June 1876, Panaca, NV; d. 1 Dec 1938, Union, OR; m. 12 Mar 1895, St. George, UT, John Austin Abbott.
iii. Lovina Ellen Whitney, b. 4 Oct 1879, Panaca, NV; d. 28 Dec 1962, St. George, UT; m. 10 Jun 1897, St. George, UT, Ute Viris Perkins.
iv. Luella Mae Whitney, b. 18 Oct 1881, Mesquite, NV; d. 13 Jan 1883, Bunkerville, NV.
v. Stowell Edward Whitney, b. 28 Mar 1884, Bunkerville, NV; d. 27 Jun 1961, Logandale, NV; m. 21 May 1914, Las Vegas, NV, Anna Isabell Frehner.
vi. Mary Maudina Whitney, b. 18 Feb 1886, Panaca, NV; d. 16 Sep 1974, St. George, UT; m. 6 Feb 1906, St. George, UT, Abram Burgess.
vii. Mabel Clara Whitney, b. 18 Dec 1887, Panaca, NV; d. 2 Jan 1960, Bakersfield, CA; m. Isaac Chauncey Macfarlane.
viii. Burton Levi Whitney, b. 25 Jul 1890, Panaca, NV; d. 14 Sep 1963, San Bernardino, CA; m. Nellie Vilate Hughes.
ix. Ralph Emanuel Whitney, b. 26 May 1892, Panaca, NV; d. 16 Nov 1966, St. George, UT; m. Doris Elizabeth Nay.
x. Jane Whitney, b. 12 May 1897, St. Thomas, NV; d. 12 May 1897, St. Thomas, NV.


1632 1667 S. Barnard 71 M - Farmer $3000 $1000 Mass. Mary 67 F - Wife Vermont George Whitney 18 M - N.Y. Attended school


  • 1900, St. George, Washington Co., UT, p. 12A/204:

202 216 Whitney, George B. Head W M Mar 1846 54 mar 26 New York New York Vermont Farm laborer, Rents house -----, Lavina Wife W F Aug 1854 45 mar 26 10ch 8liv Australia England England -----, Stowell L. Son W M Mar 1884 16 sgl Nevada New York Australia Farm laborer -----, Maudina Dau W F Feb 1886 14 sgl Nevada New York Australia At school -----, Mabel Clara Dau W F Dec 1888 12 sgl Nevada New York Australia At school -----, Burton L. Son W M Jul 1890 9 sgl Nevada New York Australia -----, Ralph E. Son W M May 1892 8 sgl Nevada New York Australia

49 42 Whitney, Luke Head W M Aug 1874 25 mar 3 Nevada Vermont Australia Farmer, Owns free farm -----, Julia Wife W F Jun 1868 31 mar 3 6ch 5liv Utah England Scotland Syphus, Alfred L. SSon W M Dec 1887 12 sgl Utah Utah Utah -----, Agnes D. SDau W F Jan 1892 8 sgl Utah Utah Utah -----, Levi W. SSon W M Feb 1894 6 sgl Nevada Utah Utah 49 42 Whitney, Clarice Dau W F Nov 1897 2 sgl Nevada Nevada Utah -----, George F. Son W M Nov 1899 6m sgl Nevada Nevada Utah

41 41 Abbott, Chrissie Head W F Jun 1876 23 mar 5 3ch 2liv Nevada Vermont Australia Landlord, Owns free house -----, Austin N. Son W M Aug 1896 3 sgl Nevada Utah Nevada -----, George B. Son W M Apr 1898 2 sgl Nevada Utah Nevada Whitney, Mable C. Sist W F Dec 1887 12 sgl Nevada Vermont Australia King, Aden S. Brdr W M Jun 1876 23 sgl Texas South Carolina Missouri Stage driver

  • 1910, St. George, Washington Co., UT, p. 4A/125:

58 58 Whitney, George B. Head M W 64 mar1 37 New York New Hampshire Vermont Farmer own farm, Owns free house -----, Lovina Wife F W 55 mar1 37 10ch 8lv Australia England England -----, Stowell Son M W 26 sgl Nevada New York Australia Laborer teamsster -----, Burton Son M W 19 sgl Nevada New York Australia Miner -----, Ralph Son M W 17 sgl Nevada New York Australia None

  • 1920, St. George, Washington Co., UT, p. 9B:

148 165 Whitney, George B. Head M W 63 mar New York New Hampshire Vermont Gardner home garden -----, Lovina Wife F W 65 mar Australia England England None, Immig 1856, naturalized 1863 -----, Ralph Son M W 27 sgl Nevada New York Australia Ranger stock ranch


  • Census records.

1.^  George Burton Whitney was indeed born 9 March 1846 in Troy as Pierce reports, and before age 13 lived with maternal grandparents Stowell and Mary Barnard in Peru, Bennington Vermont (US Census 1860). "The History of George Burton Whitney" then records: "At the age of 17, his Grandfather Barnard died and the old home was broken up. He then, perhaps unconsciously, began to wend his way to the western shores of his native land. We hear of him next in San Diego, California, in 1868. It is thought that on his way there he taught school one winter in Kentucky and worked one year at Riverside, California. There he helped dig the first canal for the town, which at that time had only one house. The first summer after the canal was finished, he was given the privilege of choosing any ten-acres of land along the canal if he would stay and be the water master and ride the canal. He refused this offer because it seemed as though he had not yet reached his destined stopping place. From there he started for Nevada, crossing the Mohave Desert on the way, when he and the company he was with, nearly perished for lack of water. He prospected in the Ivanpah Mining District around what is now known as Clark Mountain. Late in the summer of 1870 he camped at Las Vegas springs or on a ranch near where the city of Las Vegas now stands. From there he traveled north up the Las Vegas Valley by way of Corn Creek to the Pahranagat Valley and on to the town of Hiko (Hiko was a thriving mining camp at this time). After working there for a few days, he started for Pioche, Nevada. Arriving in Pioche on 1 October 1870, he discovered that he came the day after what is known in Pioche history as the “big fire.” This fire destroyed a large part of the town. At that time, Pioche was one of the largest mining camps in Nevada. In Pioche there were hundreds of men going to work every day. Deciding that there wasn’t any work for him, he came back to Bullionville, which is 12-miles south of Pioche and one-mile across the valley from Panaca. Bullionville was where most of the ore from Pioche was hauled and milled. There were ten or fifteen quartz mills in operation at that time, but again there seemed to be no job for him. From there he went on to Panaca." By 1880, he was living in Panaca, Nevada teaching school, married to Lovina Syphus Whitney, with three children, George B. age 5, Chrissie E. age 3, and Lovina age 1, all born in Nevada. Also living with the family is his grandfather-in-law, Matthew Syphus Sr., age 81, born in England, a widower. (US Census 1880, Panaca, Lincoln, Nevada.) In 1900 Census (St. George, Washington, Utah) he is a farm laborer, still with Lovina, father of 10 children, 8 living. Those with him were Stowell, age 16; Maudine, age 14; Mabel Clara, age 12; Burton L. age 9; Ralph E., age 8. 1910 Census, still in St. George Utah, now 64 years old, Still farming, still married to Lovina, 55 years old, and the following children in the home: Stowell, age 26; Burton, age 19; Ralph, age 17. 1920 Census, St. George Utah, still with Lovina and son Ralph, now 27 years old. Family records never show George Burton going to Montana to live as Pierce reports.

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