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George Herbert Whitney (Henry, Charles), son of Henry and Mary Storey (Parry) Whitney, was born 22 Oct 1859, West Quaco, NB, was baptized 4 Dec 1859, St. Martins, NB, and died 5 Jan 1936, Berkeley, CA.

He married firstly, 12 Sep 1896, Ferndale, CA, Mary Teresa Flowers. She was born Jan 1871, CA, and died 30 Dec 1901, Redlands, CA. She was buried in St. Mary's Cemetery, Ferndale, CA.

He married secondly, 29 Mar 1907, Seattle, WA, Annette May Mitchell, daughter of James and Mary (Splane) Mitchell.[1] She was born 12 Apr 1863, St. John, NB, and died 25 Mar 1917, Oakland, CA.

He married thirdly, 15 Apr 1918, Seattle, WA, Grace Laura Thompson. She was born 16 Nov 1870, PA, and died 7 Jun 1928, Berkeley, CA.

Seaman. Inspector of hulls for Alaska from 1898 to 1928. Lived at Juneau, Alaska; Berkeley, California.

George H. Whitney, of Juneau, AK, received a pension for military service, No. 23626.[2] This could have been for the Spanish-American War.

Children of George Herbert and Mary Teresa (Flowers) Whitney:

i. Herbert Charles Whitney, b. 1 Oct 1897, Eel River Island, CA; d. Mar 1972, Ferndale, CA; m. 19 Sep 1943, Evelyn Beatrice Slingsby, b. 29 Aug 1904, Ferndale, CA, d. 19 Jul 2000, Ferndale, CA.
ii. Claude Whitney, b. 25 Aug 1900, Ferndale, CA; d. 1 Feb 1903, Ferndale, CA; bur. St. Mary's Cemetery, Ferndale, CA.

Children of George Herbert and Annette May (Mitchell) Whitney, if any, unknown.

Children of George Herbert and Grace Laura (Thompson) Whitney, if any, unknown.


712 761 Ebner, William M. ... ... Whitney, G. H. May 1898 --- --- W M 40 Oct 1859 sgl Canada Canada England Sailor, Inspector of Hulls, Immig. 1875, Na., ...

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82 83 Flowers, William J. Head W M Jul 1843 56 mar33 Pennsylvania England Ireland Dairy man, Owns mortgaged farm -----, Sara A. Wife W F May 1844 56 mar33 11ch 10lv Maryland Maryland Ireland -----, Sadie A. Dau W F Jun 1873 23 sgl California Pennsylvania Maryland Teacher -----, Jenny R. Dau W F Jul 1878 21 sgl California Pennsylvania Maryland -----, Bertha I. Dau W F Oct 1880 19 sgl California Pennsylvania Maryland At school -----, Charles H. Son W M Aug 1886 16 sgl California Pennsylvania Maryland At school Whitney, Mary T. Dau W F Jan 1871 29 mar3 1ch 1lv California Pennsylvania Maryland -----, Herbert GSon W M Oct 1897 2 sgl California Canada (Eng) California Bouchard, Henry Brdr W M Jul 1880 19 sgl Denmark Denmark Denmark Milker

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162 Osborne, Martha Head W F Aug 1874 35 wid 10 Wisconsin New York Vermont Boarding house Rents house Ray, Lehay V. Ldgr W M May 1877 32 mar 2 Massachusetts Massachusetts Massachusetts [ ] Ray, Edna H. Ldgr W F Nov 1885 24 mar 2 Washington Maryland Virginia None Ray, Hazel Ldgr W F Oct 1909 2/12 sgl Alaska Massachusetts Washington None Whitney, Geo. H. Ldgr W M Oct 1859 50 mar 2 Canada Canada England [ ] Imm. 1874, Nat. Whitney, Annetta M. Ldgr W F Apr 1868 41 mar 2 Canada Canada Canada [ ] Imm. 1906 Hill, Lloyd G. Ldgr W M Nov 1879 30 sgl Dist. of Columbia Maine Canada At home Malone, Harry Ldgr W M Sep 1865 46 mar [] Canada Ireland Canada [ ] Imm. 1886, Na. Nakaik, C. Srvt J M Jan 1876 33 sgl Japan Japan Japan [ ] Imm. 1899, Al.

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--- 152 Power, William Head M W 42 mar Rhode Island England Scotland Marine engineer merchant vessel, Rents -----, Anne E. Wife F W 46 mar California Pennsylvania Maryland None -----, John Rodney Son M W 13 sgl Alaska Rhode Island California None -----, William V. Son M W 11 sgl California Rhode Island Rhode Island None -----, Sarah Bernice Dau F W 8 sgl California Rhode Island Rhode Island None Whitney, Herbert C. Neph M W 22 sgl California Canada California Student Flowers, Bertha I. SiL F W 36 sgl California Pennsylvania Maryland Bookkeeper gas co.

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302 Whitney, Geo. H. Head M W 60 mar Canada Canada England Imm. 1873, Nat. 1880 -----, Grace I. Wife F W 49 mar Pennsylvania Maine New York Whitney, Herbert Son M W 22 sgl California Canada Canada Rapp, Frederick Gest M W 29 sgl Oregon U.S. U.S. Harson, Josephia Head F W 89 wid Norway Norway Norway Immig. 1886, Na. 1888 -----, Nellie B. Dau F W 7-3/12 sgl Alaska England Norway

  • 1930, 1630 Bonita Avenue, Berkeley, Alameda Co., CA, p. 10B:

257 265 Steeves, Charlotte Head F W 79 wid Canada England England Imm. 1887, Alien None, Owns house $7500 -----, Ethyl Dau F W 51 sgl Canada Canada Canada Imm. 1887, Nat. Nurse trained general -----, Cora Dau F W 50 sgl Canada Canada Canada Imm. 1887, Alien None Whitney, George H. Bro M W 70 wid Canada England England Imm. 1887, Nat. Retired Bledsoe, Anthony Rmer M W 27 sgl California Missouri Missouri Laborer marine

  • 1930, San Francisco, San Franciso Co., CA, p. 5A, line 35:

95 Power, Anne E. Head F W 57 sgl California -----, John R. Son M W 23 sgl Alaska -----, William V. Son M W 21 sgl California -----, Sara B. Dau F W 18 sgl California -----, Rita M. DiL F W 27 California -----, Mary Ann Gdau F W 1 sgl California Flowers, Bertie I. Sis F W 32 sgl California Whitney, Herbert C. Neph M W 32 sgl California Parker, Vernon F. Brdr M W 10 sgl California Brown, Ned L. Brdr M W 20 sgl Louisiana


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