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Henry4 Whitney (Josiah3, John2, Henry1), son of Josiah3 and Eunice (Hanford) Whitney,[1] was born 19 Feb 1735/6, Norwalk, CT,[2] and died 1 May 1811, Derby, CT, aged 75 years..[3]

He married, about 1761, Eunice Clark,[4] daughter of William and Hannah (Peck) Clark.[5] She was born 15 Apr 1746, Derby, CT,[6] and died 21 Aug 1794, Derby, CT, aged 48 years.[7]

Phoenix says the following:[8]

... a master-mariner and farmer; chose Phineas Hanford as guardian, 1 Aug. 1750; .... They settled in Derby, and there owned the covenant in the Congregational Church, 11 Ap. 1762. .... They were buried in the old Episcopal Cemtery in Derby. An obituary notice of him quaintly says: "He was the founder of King Hiram's Lodge in Derby; he squared his life by the rules of Masonry, and, directed by the invariable compass of rectitude, he entered the harbor of rest; his Masonic brethren honoured his interment with the sprig of evergreen, emblem of that eternal life, the donation of the Grand Architect, who will hail with a voice of brotherly love every free and well-accepted Mason into the Grand Lodge above. He was many years an active and useful inhabitant of this town; he died much lamented and respected by his relations and acquaintance; he was a member of, and a communicant in, the Episcopal Church, and was buried according to the rites and ceremonies of that Church, in sure and certain hope of the resurrection to eternal life."

Children of Henry4 and Eunice (Clark) Whitney:

i. William Clark5 Whitney, b. about 1762, Derby, CT;[9] bapt. 11 Apr 1762, Derby, CT;[10] m. Mary Thompson.
ii. Josiah Whitney, b. about 1764, Derby, CT;[11] m. Hannah Riggs.
iii. Isaac Whitney, b. Mar 1767, Derby, CT;[12] bapt. 6 Aug 1769, Derby, CT;[13] d. 19 Oct 1769, Derby, CT, aged 2 years 7 months;[14] bur. old Episcopal Cemetery.[15]
iv. Sheldon Whitney, bapt. 6 Aug 1769, Derby, CT;[16], perhaps d. young.[17]
v. Henry Whitney, b. 30 Jul 1772, Derby, CT;[18] bapt. 2 Aug 1772, Derby, CT;[19] m. Mary Suydam.
vi. Susan Whitney, b. 11 Oct 1774, Derby, CT;[20] d. 22 Dec 1851, Derby, CT, aged 77 years;[21] unmarried; bur. old Episcopal Cemetery.[22]
vii. Stephen Whitney, b. 4 Sep 1776, Derby, CT;[23] bapt. 15 Dec 1776, Derby, CT;[24] m. Harriet Suydam.
viii. Archibald Whitney, b. Mar 1780, Derby, CT;[25] bapt. 14 May 1780, Derby, CT;[26] m. Nancy Brower.



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