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Israel4 Whitney (Ebenezer3, Richard2, John1), son of Ebenezer3 and Anna (-----) Whitney, was born before 1709, Stow, MA,[1] and died before 1 Jul 1746, Oxford, MA.[2]

On 1 Jul 1746, Oxford, MA, administration bond on the estate of Israel Whitney, cordwainer of Oxford, was posted by his widow Hannah Whitney.

Israel married Hannah Blodgett, 8 Mar 1732, Dunstable, MA, daughter of William and Mary (Warren) Blodgett. She was born 6 Dec 1715, Chelmsford, MA, and died before 6 Feb 1750, Dunstable, MA.

Pierce says the following:[3]

Israel WHITNEY was a cordwainer, and was from Groton, Mass. Feb. 19, 1732, he purchased land at Thompson Parish, Conn., and in 1783 moved to Oxford, Mass., where he afterward resided. His estate was valued at £655. Apr. 21, 1761, Oliver CUMMINGS, Sibyla CUMMINGS, and the widow Hannah were the only heirs of Israel WHITNEY, and were all of Dunstable. They deeded a moiety of his estate to Josiah LEONARD. The inventory of his estate is dated July 2, 1746. Israel was brother of Dr. Ebenezer WHITNEY, of Worcester, who in 1737 bought lands in Bedford, Hampden Co., Mass. Israel was soldier in the Cape Breton expedition in 1745. After his death his widow returned to Dunstable.

Children of Israel4 and Hannah (Blodgett) Whitney, all born Oxford, MA:

i. Sibila5 Whitney, b. 4 Feb 1733;[4] m. Oliver Cummings.
ii. Josiah Whitney, b. 18 Apr 1735;[5] d. 13 or 15 Sep 1740, Oxford, MA.[6]
iii. Hannah Whitney, b. 15 Apr 1737;[7] m. Eleazer Cummings Jr.
iv. Tamer Whitney, b. 13 Oct 1739;[8] d. 6 Oct 1740, Oxford, MA.[9]
v. Mary Whitney, b. 22 Jul 1741;[10] d. 4 Feb 1754, Dunstable, MA.[11]
vi. Richard Whitney, b. 22 Apr 1743;[12] m.(1) Sarah Butterfield; m.(2) Hannah Holt.




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