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Jane3 Whitney (Benjamin2, John1), daughter of Benjamin2 and Jane (-----) Whitney,[1] was born 29 Sep 1669, Watertown, MA;[2] died after 1710/1.[3]

She married 4 Jan 1693, Sherborn, MA, Jonathan Morse,[4] son of Lieut. Jonathan and Mary (Barbour) Morse.[5] He was born 11 Jul 1667, Sherborn, MA,[6] and died after 1710/1.[7]

Children of Jonathan and Jane3 (Whitney) Morse, all b. at Sherborn, MA, were as follows:

i. Abigail Morse; b. 23 Apr 1695.[8]
ii. Isaac Morse; b. 27 Mar 1698.[9]
iii. Paul Morse, b. 14 Feb 1700/1;[10] m. Sarah Sheffield.
iv. Jane Morse; b. 5 Jan 1703/4.[11]
v. Eunice Morse, b. 10 Aug 1706;[12] m. Joseph Partridge.
vi. Abi Morse, b. 7 Jan 1710/1;[13] m. Edward Kebbey.


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3.^  She died after the birth of her youngest child.

4.^  This marriage does not appear any of in the published vital records of Massachusetts. "Jonathan Morss & Jane Whitney, [married] 4 Jan. 1692/3," according to Frederick W. Bailey, ed., Early Massachusetts Marriages, as Found on Ancient Church Records Prior to 1800 (1897-1914), 3 vols., Sherborn; also 4 Jan 1693/4, according to Henry Bond, Genealogies of the Families and Descendants of the Early Settlers of Watertown, Massachusetts, Including Waltham and Weston; to Which is Appended the Early History of the Town. With Illustrations, Maps, and Notes (2nd ed., Watertown, MA: 1860), p. 645.

5.^  His parentage is proven by his birth record.

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7.^  He died after the birth of his youngest child.

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13.^  "Abi [Morse], d. of Jonathan and Jane, [born] Jan. 7, 1710-1," according to Sherborn Vital Records.

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