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Joseph5 Whitney (Timothy4, John3, John2, John1), son of Timothy4 and Margaret (Bacon) Whitney, was born 1 or 21 Feb 1716/7, Roxbury, MA,[1] and died after 1784, Lima, NY.[2]

Joseph married firstly, 26 Oct 1749, Newton, MA, Mary Hastings,[3] daughter of Samuel and Bethia (Holloway) Hastings.[4] She was born 16 Dec 1725, Watertown, MA,[5] and died before 1776.[6]

He married, between 1761 and 1776, Anna (-----) Palmer or Anna (Palmer) -----.[7] She died after 1784, Lima, NY.[8] She apparently was a widow, but the name of her first husband is unknown.

"Jasper Whitney, writing from Thomson, Ill., states his great-grandfather's name was Joseph Whitney, Samuel Whitney's father's name was Joseph, and Silvanus Hayward, A. M., of Southbridge, Mass., in his history of Gilsum, N.H., says Joseph Whitney was the son of Palmer Whitney, and that Palmer was the half-brother of Samuel. From all the evidence and data I can secure, it is my opinion that Joseph Whitney, of Newton, after his first wife's death married again and finally became one of the first proprietors of Gilsum, N. H., and that his sons finally located there on land he had purchased. In the history of Gilsum is this record: "Joseph Whitney was a corporal in the seventh company in Col. Samuel Ashley's regiment from Gilsum, N. H., in 1776." Later he moved to Warwick (Orange), Mass., and still later to Lima, N. Y., where he passed the remainder of his days. He was killed by the falling of a tree. He d. at Lima, N. Y.; res. Newton, Mass.; Gilsum, N. H.; Orange, Mass, and Lima, N. Y."[9]

Joseph Whitney is found in Roxbury, Newton, and Dorchester, all in the Boston vicinity. Then later he is in Warwick, in northern central MA. By the process of elimination, he appears to be the Joseph Whitney who was living in Princeton, MA in 1771, about halfway between Boston and Warwick.

Children of Joseph5 and Mary (Hastings) Whitney:

i. Abigail Whitney6; b. 18 Dec 1749, Newton, MA.[10]
ii. Martha Whitney, b. 31 May 1752, Newton, MA.[11]
iii. Anne Whitney, b. 10 Feb 1755, Newton, MA.[12]
iv. Samuel Whitney, b. 7 Aug 1758, Newton, MA;[13] m. Mary6 Whitney.
v. Lois Whitney, b. 5 Sep 1761, Dorchester, MA.[14]

Child of Joseph5 Whitney, maternity uncertain:

vi. Edward Whitney,[15] b. say 1763-1774. Possibly identical to Edward Whitney of Falmouth/Portland, ME, who m. 1788, Martha Moody, and, if so, then probably son of his father's first wife Mary (Hastings) Whitney.

According to my grandmother Kate (Cole) Whitney's records, Mary and Content were the daughters of Anna Palmer from her first marriage and not from her marriage to Joseph Whitney. She received her information from Joseph Whitney, son of Palmer Whitney who was the son of this Joseph. She writes about Joseph: "Married 2nd a widow with two daughters (Mrs. Gurney and Mrs. Content Fuller)."

Children of ----- and Anna (-----) Palmer:

vii. Mary Palmer, b. before 1776; m. ----- Gurney.[16]
viii. Content Palmer, b. before 1776; m. ----- Fuller.[17]

Children of Joseph5 and Anna (-----)(Palmer) Whitney:

ix. Palmer Whitney, b. 11 May 1776, Warwick, MA;[18] d. 6 Oct 1777, Warwick, MA, aged 1 year 4 months 25 days.[19]
x. Palmer Whitney, b. 12 Jul 1779, Warwick, MA;[20] m. Judah Barber.
xi. Abigail Whitney, b. 20 Jan 1781, Warwick, MA;[21] m. Samuel Mark; they lived in Wyoming County, NY.[22]
xii. Lemuel Whitney, b. 15 Aug 1784, Warwick, MA;[23] m. Sally Pratt.



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