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Joshua4 Whitney (Joshua3, Benjamin2, John1) son of Joshua3 and Hannah (Rockett) Whitney,[1] was born after 27 Nov 1712, Medfield, MA,[2], and died before 7 Jul 1751,[3] even before 8 Jan 1750/1, the birth of his posthumous child.

Joshua married before 1738, Phebe -----, as her first husband. She was born say 1717. She married secondly, 16 Jul 1751, Medway, MA, Caleb Partridge.[4] She married thirdly, 7 Jul 1755, Medway, MA, Joseph Ankers. She married fourthly, Henry Hucker.

Marriage intentions were published 19 Feb 1737, Biddeford, ME, for one Joshua Whitney "of Biddiford" and Pheba Day "of Wells".[5] Intentions were also recorded on 11 Feb 1737, in Wells, York County, ME, between the same couple, Joshua Whitney and Phebe Day. This may be the same couple as Joshua4 and Phebe (-----) Whitney above, based on similarity of names, date of marriage, and elimination of other Joshua Whitney individuals. Furthermore, Phebe's sister Hannah Day married Joshua4's first cousin Nathaniel4 Whitney of Biddeford, York County, ME. (Phebe was daughter of Joseph and Patience (Hilton) Day, born 9 Sep 1721, Goucester, MA, baptized 7 May 1726, Wells, ME.) The fact that they named their second son Joseph supports this, since that was Phebe Day's father's name. Furthermore, Hannah5 Whitney below married an otherwise unidentified Nathaniel Whitney, who seems very likely to belong to the Maine branch of the family, and in fact may be Nathaniel5 Whitney, the son of that first cousin mentioned above. If those identifications can be made, then Hannah5 married her first cousin on the Day side, and her second cousin on the Whitney side. This excellent theory needs some support from documentation, possibly in Maine records and/or through the Day family.

Pierce says the following:[6]

Benjamin WHITNEY, of Uxbridge, Sept. 30, 1765, received of Lydia TAFT, admr. of his portion of his father's estate, of which Josiah TAFT was admr., so much in full. Joshua, Nathaniel, Hannah, Isaac, and Phebe KIRBY also signed receipts at the same time. [Wor. Prob. Rec.]

This is slightly wrong. Nathaniel Whitney was husband of daughter Hannah, and Isaac was Isaac Kirby, husband of daughter Phebe.

For more on him, see a report by Winifred Lovering Holman.

Children of Joshua4 and Phebe (-----) Whitney:

i. Joshua5 Whitney, b. 27 Feb 1738/9, Uxbridge, MA;[7] m.(1) Jemima Clark; m.(2) Keziah Hobbs.
ii. Joseph Whitney, b. 21 Mar 1739/40, Uxbridge, MA;[8] d. before 30 Sep 1765, Uxbridge, MA.
iii. Benjamin Whitney, b. 14 Mar 1743, Uxbridge, MA;[9] m. 4 Apr 1775, Westborough, MA, Esther Heggins.
iv. Phebe Whitney, b. 25 Jul 1745, Uxbridge, MA;[10] m. Isaac Kibbe.
v. Hannah Whitney, b. 4 Feb 1746, Uxbridge, MA;[11] m. before 1765, Nathaniel Whitney.
vi. John Whitney, b. 7 May 1749, Medway, MA;[12] bapt. 7 Jul 1751, Medway, MA;[13] m. Molley Cary.
vii. Jabez Whitney, b. 8 Jan 1750 (posthumously), Medway, MA;[14] m.(1) Experience Fairbanks; m.(2) Hannah Davis.


In Robert Leigh Ward, "The Footloose Joshua3 Whitney (1687-1771) and Some of His Descendants," The American Genealogist, vol. 74 (1999), two additional children, Isaac and Nathaniel are listed. They are not listed as children of Joshua4 Whitney here because the evidence for their existence has been invalidated. Isaac is a mistake for Isaac Kibbe, a son-in-law, married to Joshua's daughter Phebe5, and Nathaniel Whitney was another son-in-law, married to Joshua's daughter Hannah5. The identity of this Nathaniel is unknown. They were supposedly listed in Joshua's probate, but an examination of the original revealed the above relationships.


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