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Josiah4 Whitney (Josiah3, Jonathan2, John1), son of Josiah3 and Mary (----) Whitney,[1] was born 21 Feb 1698, Wrentham, MA,[2] and died 17 Nov 1748, Wrentham, MA, aged 51 years.[3]

He was aged about 20, 1718, Wrentham, MA.[4]

There is a record of one "Josiah Whitney, formerly of Dedham, now of Weston", who married, 28 Feb 1725/6, Weston, MA, Elizabeth Grant "of Concord",[5] daughter of Caleb and Elizabeth (Jackson) Grant. She was born 1707, Concord, MA, baptized 11 Dec 1709, Weston, MA, and died unknown. He was not, however, a Whitney, but instead he was Josiah3 Whiting, son of Samuel2 and Sarah (Metcalf) Whiting [Nathaniel1], born 30 May 1701, Dedham, MA.[6] He had seven children born in Weston: Samuel, Caleb, Jason, Josiah, Elizabeth, Sarah, and Phineas. The baptism of Sarah, 28 Aug 1737, is erroneously listed under "Whitney" in the Weston vital records.[7] The I.G.I. also erroneously calls Elizabeth and Phineas "Whitney."

There is also a record of one Josiah Whetney who married, 24 Apr 1733, Lancaster, MA, Elisabeth Whetney.[8] It is extremely likely that the published vital records (and perhaps the originals!) are wrong, and that the record should read Isaiah Whetney instead. See the page for Isaiah4 Whitney for more on them.

Josiah4 Whitney is not known to have married or to have had children.


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