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Josiah Clark6 Whitney (Josiah5, Henry4, Josiah3, John2, Henry1), son of Josiah5 and Hannah (Riggs) Whitney, was born 1 Apr 1789, Derby, CT, and died 25 Sep 1849, Bellevue Hospital, New York, NY.

He married, 24 Mar 1811, Derby, CT, Esther Eunice Mosier, daughter of Joseph and Huldah (Hubbard) Mosier. She was born 25 Feb 1794, Long Hill, Trumbull, CT, and died 27 Oct 1873, Trumbull, CT, in her 80th year. She was buried in Long Hill Cemetery, Trumbull, CT.

Phoenix says the following:

"Josiah Clark Whitney, b. at Derby, Conn., 1 Ap. 1789; a cooper; married, 24 March 1811, at Derby, Esther Eunice Mosier, born at Long Hill, in Trumbull, Conn., 25 Feb. 1794, dau. of Joseph and Huldah (Hubbard) Mosier.1 They dwelt at Derby till 1821; and then moved to Tashua, in Trumbull, Conn. In Sept. 1849, while living with his daughter, Mrs. Hannah Maria (Whitney) Craft, at Bridgeport, Conn., he went to New York to meet her, as she returned from a journey, but failed to find her, and, becoming ill, was sent by his half-brother, George Northrop, to Bellevue Hospital, where he died, 25 Sept. 1849, and was buried before his daughter knew where he was. His burial place is not known. He served with the militia in the war of 1812. His widow dwelt with her daughter, Mrs. Abby Grace (Whitney) Hawley, at Long Hill, in Trumbull, Conn., and there died, 27 Oct. 1873, in her 80th year, and was buried in Long Hill Cemetery."

Children of Josiah Clark6 and Esther Eunice (Mosier) Whitney:

i. William Henry7 Whitney, b. 10 Aug 1812, Derby, CT; m. Cornelia Elizabeth Peck.
ii. Stephen Merritt Whitney, b. 20 Oct 1815, Derby, CT; a mariner; was mate of the vessel on which he made his last voyage to New Orleans, LA. He died there, of yellow fever, about 1853; unmarried.
iii. Hannah Maria Whitney, b. 4 Mar 1817, Derby, CT; "Maria" m.(1) 18 May 1836, Bridgeport, CT, Horace H. Brown "both of Bridgeport";[1] m.(2) Eliphalet Thorp Craft.
iv. Huldah Ann Whitney, b. 13 Jul 1819, Trumbull, CT; m.(1) 29 Jun 1837, Hancock Co., GA, Lewis Ryan; m.(2) William Newton Kilpatrick.
v. Abby Grace Whitney, b. 21 Jul 1823, Trumbull, CT; m. Charles Burr Hawley.
vi. Mary Ann Whitney, b. 20 Mar 1825, Trumbull, CT; m.(1) 10 Dec 1843, Bridgeport, CT, Henry Judson "both of Bridgeport";[2] m.(2) Albert W. Stacey; m.(3) Edward Kinsella.
vii. Villeroy Glover Whitney, b. 12 Aug 1828, Newtown, CT; m. Maria Murphy.
viii. Della Frances Whitney, b. 20 Jan 1831, Newtown, CT; d. 18 Jun 1832, Newtown, CT, aged 1 year,[3] of lung fever; bur. Newtown, CT, between Zoar and Sandy Hook.


868 1121 Esther Whitney 54 F - $800 Conn. Huldah Mosier 84 F - " L. Roy Whitney 22 M - Sail Maker " Francis Graves 22 M - Sash & Blind Maker "

1069 1216 Esther Whitney 66 F - Boarding House $2000 $200 Conn. Charles Wallace 18 M - Sailor " Mary M. Jordan 11 F - " George W. Beardsley 18 M - Blacksmith (app) N.Y. Villeroy Whitney 27 M - Sail Maker $100 Conn.

1343 1966 Morley, William 40 M W Carpet Painter Ireland Parents foreign born, Male citizen over 21 -----, Ann 35 F W Domestic Duties Ireland Parents foreign born -----, Cristopher 15 M W Attends School Pennsylvania Parents foreign born, Attended school -----, William 8 M W Pennsylvania Parents foreign born -----, Francis 6 M W Pennsylvania Parents foreign born -----, John 4/12 M W Conn. Parents foreign born, Born in Jan 1967 Whitney, Esther 72 F W At Home Conn. Kinseller, Mary A. 40 F W Domestic Duties Conn. Dewey, Fanny 24 F W Domestic Duties Conn. -----, William 4 M W Conn. -----, Halsey 50 M W Brakeman R.R. Massachusetts Male citizen over 21


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