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Reuben M.8 Whitney (Reuben7, Reuben6, Abel5, Nathan4, Nathaniel3, Benjamin2, John1), son of Reuben7 and Mary C. (White) Whitney, was born about 1837, said 1836, ME, and died after 1870, said 1874.

Marriage intentions were published 30 Nov 1863, Bowdoinham, ME, for him "Mr." "of Pittston" and Lucy A. Butler.[1] Marriage intentions were published 30 Nov 1863, Pittston, ME, for him and Lucy A. Butler "of Bowdoinham".[2] She was born about 1844, ME, and died May 1880, aged 36 years, of "calk consumption".

Children of Reuben M.8 and Lucy A. (Butler) Whitney:

i. Hattie May9 Whitney, b. 10 Oct 1865, Bowdoinham, ME; d. 31 Dec 1918, Reading, MA; bur. Laurel Hill Cemetery, Reading, MA;[3] unmarried. She joined the Shakers before 1900.
ii. Ellen I. Whitney, b. ca. 1869, ME; not found after 1870.


2103 2177 Woodman C. Currier 52 M - Livry Stable $2000 $1500 Mass. Eunice M. " 51 F - " Emily F. F. " 8 F - " Attended school Allen Smith 36 M - Hostler Ireland Reuben W. Whitney 23 M - " Me.

329 329 Whitney, Reuben M. 33 M W Cooper $500 $150 Me. Male citizen over 21 -----, Lucy A. 26 F W Keeping House Me. -----, Hattie M. 4 F W Me. -----, Ellen I. 1 F W Me.

Lucy Whitney Richmond, Sagadahoc Co. 36 F W W Maine May ????? Calk consumption Maine Maine 36

Otis WHITNEY 56 Self M M W ME Carpenter ME ME Emma J. WHITNEY 54 Wife F M W ME Keeping House ME ME Clara L. WHITNEY 27 Dau F S W ME Dressmaker ME ME Ada CATE 27 Oth F S W ME Dry Goods ME ME Harriet WHITNEY 14 Niec F S W ME ME ME

This was his orphaned daughter Hattie May, living with her father's first cousin.

269 280 Whiteley, John Head W M Apr 1819 81 wid 60 England England England Broom maker, Rents free farm, Immig. 1846, Na. Green, Ellen M. Head W F Sep 1842 57 agl New York New York New York Tailoress Egelson, Margaret Head W F Jun 1842 57 agl Ireland Ireland Ireland Immig. 1847 Hatch, Olin Prtn W F Sep 1807 92 agl Massachusetts Massachusetts Massachusetts Grone, Elizabeth G. Prtn W F Sep 1827 72 agl Massachusetts Maine Maine Wood, Mary M. Prtn W F Aug 1818 81 agl Massachusetts Massachusetts Massachusetts Hill, Mary R. Prtn W F Apr 1818 82 agl Massachusetts Rhode Island Rhode Island Green, Lousia E. Prtn W F Dec 1823 76 wid 59 3ch 2liv New York New York New York Tailoress Walker, Annie L. Prtn W F Aug 1847 52 agl Massachusetts Massachusetts Massachusetts Dressmaker McLean, Myra E. Prtn W F Apr 1842 58 wid 35 4ch 3liv Massachusetts New York New York Nurse Hawes, Anna M. Prtn W F Dec 1842 57 agl Maine Massachusetts Massachusetts Nurse Whitney, Hattie M. Prtn W F Nov 1865 34 agl Maine Maine Maine Tremper, Lottie Prtn W F Jan 1860 40 agl New York New York New York Faye, Florence A. Prtn W F Mar 1870 30 agl Massachusetts Maine Maine Barter, Maud Prtn W F Apr 1882 18 agl Rhode Island Rhode Island Rhode Island Hobbs, Edith Prtn W F Feb 1883 17 agl Massachusetts Massachusetts Massachusetts Ashley, Mary Prtn W F Feb 1884 16 agl Massachusetts Massachusetts Massachusetts Sullivan, Sarah Prtn W F Feb 1879 21 agl Massachusetts Massachusetts Massachusetts McKnight, Stephen Prtn W M May 1830 70 mar 50 New York New York New York Broom maker Farish, William S. Prtn W M Dec 1836 63 agl Scotland Scotland Scotland Laborer (farm), Immig. 1881 Nilant, Nathaniel Prtn W M Mar 1849 51 wid 25 Canada Fr. Canada Fr. Canada Fr. Laborer (farm), Immig. 1881, Al. Swindells, Robert D. Prtn W M May 1862 38 agl Rhode Island Rhode Island Rhode Island Engineer Stanton, Frank Prtn W M Aug 1878 21 agl Massachusetts Massachusetts Massachusetts Laborer (farm) Hoobs, Frank Prtn W M Mar 1889 11 agl Massachusetts Massachusetts Massachusetts At school Goss, Bliss J. Prtn W M Dec 1834 65 mar 32 Maine Maine Maine Farm manager Stenns, John Prtn W M Jul 1874 25 agl Massachusetts Massachusetts Massachusetts Farm laborer Farrell, George Prtn W M May 1858 42 --- Canada Eng. Canada Eng. Canada Eng. Farm laborer, Immig. 1884, Al. Hill, James H. Prtn W M Oct 1823 76 mar 55 Massachusetts Massachusetts Massachusetts Farm laborer -----, Rachel J. Prtn W F Nov 1840 59 mar 40 2ch 2liv Maine Maine Maine MacHynlleth Lyon Prtn W F Sep 1842 57 wid 33 0ch 0liv New York Vermont New York Author Osborne, Joseph W. Prtn W M Mar 1871 29 mar 7 New Brunswick Ireland New Brunswick Farm laborer, Immig. 1888, Al. -----, May A. Prtn W F May 1876 24 mar 7 3ch 3liv Ireland Ireland Ireland Immig. 1888 -----, Nellie M. Prtn W F Feb 1896 4 sgl New Hampshire New Brunswick Ireland -----, Fred W. Prtn W M Apr 1898 2 sgl New Brunswick New Brunswick Ireland -----, Lorrane Prtn W F Oct 1898 1 sgl Massachusetts New Brunswick Ireland -----, James Prtn W M Dec 1873 26 sgl New Brunswick Ireland New Brunswick Farm laborer, Immig. 1892, Al. Vaushan, Freeman Prtn W M Oct 1874 25 sgl Nova Scotia Nova Scotia Nova Scotia Immig. 1900, Al.


  • Census records.

1.^  "Mr. Reuben M. Whitney of Pittston and Miss Lucy Butler of Bowdoinham intend marriage 30 November 1863," according to Bowdoinham, Maine, Vital Records.

2.^  "Reuben M. [Whitney] and Lucy A. Butler, int. Nov. 30, 1863," according to Webster, Henry Sewall, Vital Records of Pittston, Maine to the year 1892 (Gardiner, Maine: The Reporter-Journal Press, 1911).

3.^  Find A Grave Memorial #139663540, Hattie May Whitney.

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