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Sir Robert Whitney (Eustace, Robert, Robert, James, Robert, Eustace, Robert, Robert, Robert, Eustace, Eustace, Robert, ...), son of Eustace and Margaret (Vaughan) Whitney,[1] born 23 Sep 1592, Whitney, Herefordshire,[2] buried 15 Sep 1653, Whitney, Herefordshire.[3]

He was probably the Robert Whitney whose engagement to Dorothy Thynne was proposed in 1605 and announced in 1607.[4] Obviously that marriage did not take place.

He married, Anne Lucy,[5] daughter of Thomas and Constance (Kingsmill) Lucy of Charlicote, Warwickshire. According to the tomb engraving at St. Giles Cripplegate Church, London, Constance Kingsmill was the daughter and heir of Richard Kingsmill, Surveyor of the Court of Wards. [6] She was baptized 10 Aug 1589, Rudford, Gloucestershire,[7] and died unknown, Whitney, Herefordshire.[8]

On 23 Mar 1607/8, Robert Whitney, generosus, son and heir apparent of Eustace Whitney, of Whitney, co. Hereford, armiger, was admitted to Lincoln's Inn.[9]

Robert Whitney, eldest son of Eustace, succeeded him when only fifteen years of age, and, when not more than eighteen, married Anne,, daughter of Sir Thomas Lucy, Knight, of Charlecote in Warwickshire. This was the same Lucy who prosecuted William Shakspere for poaching and was lampooned by the latter, in revenge, as "Justice Shallow." According to all other authorities he was a worthy gentleman. Charlecote is one of the most beautiful spots in England and an object of interest for all visitors to the Shakspere country.
By comparing the pedigrees shown in the Appendix with the Whitney register, we find that there were born to Robert and Anne no less than twelve children, ...
Whitney received the honor of knighthood from James I. in 1617, and in 1639 was sheriff of Herefordshire. For a number of years he was, as had been several of his ancestors, commissioner to collect a royal subsidy, and a photograph is shown of his signature made in that capacity, February 20, 1640-41. When the Civil War broke out, espousing the cause of the king with all his heart, he sold Icomb and incumbered the rest of his estate to provide funds for it, and, as is said,1 bravely led a portion of the Cavalier forces on that disastrous day for Charles II., Cromwell's "crowning mercy," at Worcester, September 3, 1651.
Not long surviving the defeat, he died and was buried at Whitney September 15, 1653.
As already noted, his eldest daughter had long before been laid beneath the pavement of St. Giles, where sleep John Milton, John Fox, Sir Martin Frobisher and others of world-wide fame.[10]

"In the beginning of the eighteenth century, it [the manor of Pencomb] was sold, with the patronage of the church, by Sir Robert Whitney, knt., to Sir Thomas Coningsby, knt., of Hampton court, in this county, from whom it descended to the present Earl of Essex, who sold it to Richard Arkwright, esq., with the several manors, &c., as already traced in this hundred. [NOTE: Since Sir Thomas Coningsby died in 1625, this must have happened at the beginning of the seventeenth century. --RLW][NOTE: According to the Hampton Court Estate catalogue, which includes the records for the manor of Pencombe, the manor and advowson of Pencombe was conveyed to Sir Thomas Coningesby in 1615 by Sir Robert Whitney (A63/II/284/1-18, 1614-1719) --TBD].[11]

Children of Sir Robert and Anne (Lucy) Whitney, order reconstructed (see notes section for details):

i. Constance Whitney,[12] b. ca. 1610, Whitney, Hereforshire,[13] buried 25 May 1628, St. Giles without Cripplegate, London,[14] unmarried.[15]
ii. Lucy Whitney,[16] b. ca. 1612, Whitney, Hereforshire;[17] d. 5 Apr 1673.[18]
iii. Anne Whitney,[19] b. 10 Feb 1613/4, and bp. 13 Feb 1613/4, Whitney, Hereforshire,[20] d. aft. 1635,[21] m. 17 Jan 1634/5, Whitney, Thomas Rodd of Moreton Jeffreys and Foxley, Herefordshire.[22]
iv. Robert Whitney,[23] b. 10 Apr 1615 and bp. 20 Apr 1615, Whitney, Hereforshire,[24] d. aft. 1647 and bef. 1658.[25] He had no children.[26] On 27 Nov 1633, Robert Whitney, son and heir apparent of Sir Robert Whitney of Whitney, co. Hereford, knight, was admitted to Lincoln's Inn.[27]
v. Eleanor Whitney,[28] b. say 1617, Whitney, Hereforshire,[29] d. aft. 1692,[30] m. Dr. Nathaniel Wright of Shrewsbury, both were deceased by 1692.[31]
vi. Constantine Whitney,[32] b. ca. 1619,[33] d. aft. 1638 and prob. bef. 1647,[34] matriculated Oxford University 4 May 1638 aged 15, where he was listed as 2nd son of Robert of Whitney, co. Hereford, equ. Brasenose Coll.[35]
vii. Richard Whitney,[36] bapt. 6 Feb 1621, Whitney, Hereforshire,[37] d. 1656,[38] matriculated Oxford University 4 May 1638, aged 13 when he was listed as "3 s. Robert, of Whitney, co. Hereford, equ Brasenose Coll.; student of Inner Temple 1647; buried in Temple church 6 Nov. 1656. See Foster’s Inns of Court Reg."[39]
Whitney, Richard, of the Inner Temple, gentleman, was buried in the Temple Chruch above the bencher's seates by the stone monemnt of a bishopp, lying along, on Thursday night, being the sixth of November, [1656].[40]
viii. (Sir) Thomas Whitney,[41] bapt. 6 Jan 1622, Whitney, Hereforshire,[42] d. 1670,[43] m. Elizabeth Cope.[44]
ix. Francis Whitney,[45] b. say 1624, Whitney, Hereforshire,[46] d. aft. 1658 but bef. 1672. He married Victoria (Clarke) who sued her former brother-in-law Thomas Whitney, Esq., later Sir Thomas, and who by 1672 was the wife of Edward Bereford of Wellington, Herefordshire, Esq. [47]
x. Susan Whitney,[48] b. say 1626, Whitney, Hereforshire,[49] d. aft. 1634,[50] m. Henry Williams, Esq., of Cabalva, near Whitney.[51]
xi. Bridget Whitney,[52] bp. 11 Oct 1629, Whitney, Hereforshire,[53] bur. 8 Feb 1629/30, Whitney, Herefordshire.[54]
xii. William Whitney,[55] bp. 2 Oct 1631, Whitney, Hereforshire,[56] d. aft. 1634 and bef. 1647, no children.[57]
xiii. Elizabeth Whitney,[58] b. say 1633, Whitney, Hereforshire;[59] d. aft. 1634, young.[60]


  • Whitney Manor Record document #379, dated 15 Nov 1622, is an agreement providing for the marriage of their eldest daughter Constance and their four other daughters Lucy, Anne, Eleanor and Susan Whitney. This record proves the following:
    • Constance was the eldest daughter.
    • Daughters Constance, Lucy, Anne, Eleanor and Susan were all born by 1622.
    • No other daughters were living in 1622.
    • Lucy, Anne, Eleanor and Susan were not married in 1622.
  • The Visitation of Herefordshire of 1634 appears to list the children of this family in order of birth, first listing sons "1. Robert Whitney eldest son & heire apparent aged about 20 yeares 1634; 2. Constantine Whitney; 3. Richard; 4. Thomas; 5. Francis; 6. William Whitney sixt son" and then listing daughters "A. Luce wife to William Smallman of Kinersley Co: Heref. gent.; B. Anne wife to Thomas Rodde of Foxley Co: Hereford; C. Elenor; D. Suzan; E. Elizabeth". This record indicates that:
    • Robert was the eldest (surviving) son in 1634, born about 1614.
    • The 2nd - 5th (surviving) sons were Constantine, Richard, Thomas, and Francis, probably born in that order.
    • William was the 6th (surviving) son in 1634
    • The surviving daughters in 1634, probably in order of birth were Lucy, Anne, Eleanor, Susan, and Elizabeth.
  • The 1638 matriculation records of two of the sons describe them as Constantine, age 15, 2nd son; and Richard, age 13, 3rd son. This proves the following:
    • Constantine was the 2nd eldest (surviving) son in 1638, and he was born about 1623.
    • Richard was the 3rd eldest (surviving) son in 1638, and he was born about 1625.
  • Whitney Manor Record document #260, dated 10 Dec 1647, describes the sons as "Robert Whitney, esq., his eldest son and heir, Richard Whitney, gent., Thomas Whitney, gent., and Francis Whitney, gent., his younger sons." This shows that:
    • Sons Robert, Richard, Thomas, and Francis were alive in 1647.
    • Robert was the eldest son.
    • The order of birth of the other sons was perhaps Richard, Thomas, Francis.
    • Sons Constantine and William were not listed, and were probably dead by 1647.
  • Chancery Suit C 6/133/56, dated 1655, lists defendants "Sir Richard Whitney, Dame Anna Whitney, Lucy Whitney". If the Dame Anna here refers to the mother of this family, then the Sir Richard Whitney probably refers to the son of this family. This shows that:
    • Son Richard may have been living in 1655.
  • Chancery Suit C 6/132/95, dated 1656, lists defendants "dame Anne Whitney, Francis Lucy, Sir Richard Lucy, Sir Robert Whitney." This indicates that:
    • son Robert may have been living in 1656.
  • Chancery Suit C 6/133/58, dated 1656, lists defendants "Dame Anne Whitney, Richard Whitney, Lucy Whitney, Sir Richard Whitney", and others. This indicates that:
    • son Richard may have been living in 1656.
  • Chancery Suit C 10/49/87, dated 1658, includes defendants "Thomas Whitney, Francis Whitney" in a case regarding Icomb Manor, so this almost certainly refers to sons Thomas and Francis in this family.
    • Thomas and Frances were living in 1658.
    • Thomas and Francis were probably the last living sons in 1658.
  • The Parish Registers of Whitney lists the following entries for children in this family: Anne Whitney, b. 10 Feb 1614; Robert Whitney, b. 10 Apr 1615; Richard Whitney, bp. 6 Feb 1621; Thomas Whitney, bp. 6 Jan 1622; Bridget Whitney, bp. 11 Oct 1629; Bridget Whitney, bur. 8 Feb 1630; William Whitney, bp. 2 Oct 1631.
  • Son Richard Whitney was buried in Temple church 6 Nov. 1656.
  • Although the matriculation records state that Constantine was 15 and Richard was 13, I suspect that these ages are incorrect, perhaps from a misreading. An age of 13 for Richard would mean he was born about 1625, yet we have a baptism date for Richard in 1621. While it is possible that there were two sons named Richard and that the elder died young, there is no burial mentioned in the Whitney parish registers are there are for Bridget, and adding yet another child into this family squeezes the dates such that it seems highly improbable. I think it much more likely that the ages listed in the matriculation records were inaccurate or misread.
  • From The Topographer and Genealogist, John Gough Nichols, Ed., Vol. III(1858) London: John Bowyer Nichols and Sons at page 407: The Right Worshipfull Mr Richard Kingsmill, of High Clere, in the countie of Southampton, esquire, surveior of the Court of Wardes & Leverees, maried to his first wyffe Alice the doughter of Richard Faulconer of Hurstbourne, and co-heire to her brother Richard Faulconer: By which Alice he had issue Constance, his only doughter and heire, maried to Sr Thomas Lucy of Charlecot in the countie of Warwick knight, who by her hath issue Thomas Lucy, Rihcard, George, Willm, Robert, Francis, Elizabeth, Anne, and Brigid. The said Richard Kingsmill, tooke to his second wyffe Elizabeth, daughter of David Woodroff, Alderman of London, by whom he had no issue. He ended this transitory lyffe at High Clere, the 17 of September, ano. 1600, and was in the parish church there worshipfully, according to his estate, comitted to the earth, and his ffunerals solemnised, the 7 of October next following. The principall mourner, Sr Thomas Lucy.


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