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Rollin Edward9 Whitney (Edward8, Joseph7, Palmer6, Joseph5, Timothy4, John3, John2, John1), son of Edward8 and Catherine Ann (Plouch) Whitney, was born 2 Jul 1876, Red Oak, Iowa, and died at home, 18 or 20 Dec 1945, Red Oak, Iowa.

He married 11 Feb 1898, Red Oak, Iowa, Maude Ethel Lawrence. She was born 13 Feb 1881, Villisca, Iowa, and died at home, 28 Sep 1950, Red Oak, Iowa.

In the early 1900s, the Rol Whitney family resided on 3rd Avenue in Red Oak. They moved to 205 4th Avenue ca. 1917, and were living there when World War I started. They had square dances there every Saturday night. Rol was a caller.

On Armistice Day at the end of World War I, Rol made a cannon; he was working at the bridge and iron works at the time. “We took that cannon up on the hill and shot it off. Within five minutes, several cars came out from town. They had heard that big boom and wondered what it was.”

Rol’s family moved near Mountain View, Missouri, on 4 October in 1926. Rol went to Joplin to work in the foundries. “We did a little farming and had cows and chickens”. Less than a year later, Rol returned to Red Oak, and bought a place in Sanitarium Addition. That was in 1927.

Rol worked at the Red Oak Bridge and Iron Works, and for the railroads on the bridge gang. After his return from Missouri, he built chimneys, did carpentry work, and odd jobs around town.

Res. Red Oak, Iowa; Mountain View, Missouri (1926-7).

Children of Rollin Edward9 and Maude Ethel (Lawrence) Whitney:

i. William Vernon10 Whitney, b. 20 Feb 1898, Red Oak, Iowa, d. 14 Jul 1968, Des Moines, Iowa.
ii. (son) Whitney, b. 11 Dec 1899, d. 12 Dec 1899, Red Oak, Iowa.
iii. Henry Virgil Whitney, b. 17 May 1901, d. 1 Dec 1912, Red Oak, Iowa. Henry died “of typhoid fever he caught from swimming in the river”.
iv. Eva Gladys Whitney, b. 4 Nov 1903, Red Oak, Iowa, d. 6 Dec 1981, Red Oak, Iowa.
v. Catherine Marie Whitney, b. 20 Feb 1906, Red Oak, Iowa, d. 16 Jan 1996, Red Oak, Iowa.[1]
vi. Vera Leona Whitney, b. 4 Oct 1908, Red Oak, Iowa, d. 4 Oct 1990, Red Oak, Iowa.[2]
vii. Louis Edward Whitney, b. 30 Jan 1911, , d. 31 Jan 1915, Red Oak, Iowa. Louis died from the effects of diphtheria anti-toxin. “They gave him a shot and it didn’t work like the doctor thought it ought to, so he gave him another one. He was just a little boy, and it was just too much. It went right to his heart and killed him”.
viii. Goldie Cecil Whitney, b. 1 Mar 1915, Red Oak, Iowa.
ix. Veda Mae Whitney, b. abt 9 Apr 1918, d. 8 Sep 1920, Red Oak, Iowa. Veda died of “summer complaint” (diarrhea).
x. Floyd Luther Whitney, b. 16 Nov 1921, Red Oak, Iowa.


27 27 Whitney, Roland E. Head W M Jul 1878 21 mar 1 Iowa New York Illinois Day laborer, Owns free house -----, Maud E. Wife W F Feb 1881 19 mar 1 2ch 1liv Iowa France Iowa -----, William B. Son W M Dec 1898 1 sgl Iowa Iowa Iowa


With few exceptions, the information provided herein came from "Interview With Marie Clark, Vera Urich, and Mary Griffeth at, Red Oak, IA", Gary E. Swinson, Torrance, CA, 1986.

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