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Samuel5 Whitney (Benjamin4, Thomas3, Thomas2, John1), son of Benjamin4 and Abigail (Cutler) Whitney,[1] was born 5 Sep 1734, Marlborough, MA,[2] and died 24 May 1808, Castine, ME, aged 74 years.[3]

Marriage intentions were published 22 Sep 1757, Boston, MA, for him and Abigail Cutler. He married, 20 Oct 1757, Brookline, MA, Abigail Cutler,[4] daughter of David and Lydia (-----) Cutler. She was born 1735, and died 2 Jul 1813, Castine, ME.

Pierce says the following:[5]

He resided in Concord from 1767 to 1777. Was delegate from C. to the first provincial Congress so called in 1775, and was a leading member of the town committees of safety, correspondence and inspection. When Concord had raised two hundred men he was appointed muster master, was a participant in the engagement incident to the battles of Concord and Lexington, and at that time had a large amount of the public stores in his dwelling. Mrs. WHITNEY use to relate that on the day of the "Concord fight," she was being conveyed out of the way of danger with several of her children, when a bullet passed through the carriage, grazing the head of one of the boys. He removed to Castine about 1791, the year of its incorporation, where he successfully conducted many important enterprises and accumulated a handsome fortune. He was a man of great integrity of character, and of an enterprising spirit, but is represented to have been of a restless disposition. He was of fine personal appearance, of large size, and dignified in his bearing. His mind was of a thoughtful cast and he cultivated a taste for literature, accumulating for the day quite a valuable library. In politics he was a federalist.

Children of Samuel5 and Abigail (Cutler) Whitney:

i. Samuel6 Whitney, b. 15 Jul 1759, Concord, MA; d. 1783; unmarried.
ii. David Whitney, b. 14 Aug 1761, Concord, MA; m. Betsey Darby.
iii. Benjamin Whitney, b. 11 Apr 1763, Concord, MA; d. 1784; unmarried.
iv. Anna Whitney, b. 30 Jul 1764, Concord, MA; d. 1788, Antigua, W. I.; m. 13 Sep 1787, Boston, MA, James Adams "of Antiqua".[6]
v. George Whitney, b. 22 Sep 1765, Concord, MA; m. Mercy -----.
vi. James Whitney, b. 1 Dec 1766, Concord, MA; d. 1796, Jamaica, W. I; unmarried.
vii. Abigail Whitney, b. 22 Apr 1768, Concord, MA;[7] d. 4 Jun 1808, Castine, ME.
viii. Lydia Whitney, b. 19 Jun 1769, Concord, MA; d. in infancy.
ix. Samuel Austin Whitney, b. 19 Sep 1769, Concord, MA;[8] m. Ruth Perkins.
x. Joseph Whitney, b. 27 Sep 1771, Concord, MA;[9] m.(1) Sally Collins; m.(2) Catherine Smith; m.(3) Mrs. Catharina Whitney.
xi. William Whitney, b. 13 Nov 1772, Concord, MA;[10] d. 1809, Charleston, SC.
xii. John Whitney, b. 19 Dec 1773, Concord, MA;[11] d. 1803, Jamaica, W. I.
xiii. Cyrus Whitney, b. 24 Dec 1774, Concord, MA;[12] m. Mary Brewer.
xiv. Sarah Whitney, b. 2 Feb 1776, Castine, ME, or Concord, MA;[13] d. 16 Nov 1857, Castine, ME; m. 8 May 1808, Castine, ME, David Howe "Esq", son of Joseph and Rebecca (Hart) Howe.
xv. Mary Whitney, b. 14 Sep 1777, Boston, MA; d. young.
xvi. Ebenezer Whitney, b. 17 Mar 1780, Boston, MA; m. Bathsheba Tinkin Heston.
xvii. Henry Whitney, b. 29 Jan 1783, Boston, MA; m. Lucy Perkins.



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