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William6 Whitney (Hezekiah5, Hezekiah4, Joseph3, John2, Henry1), son of Hezekiah5 and Sarah (Taylor) Whitney,[1] was born 4 Jan 1774, Norwalk, CT,[2] and died 3 or 5 Mar 1856, Wolcott, VT, aged 82 years.[3]

He married, 25 Dec 1792, Wolcott, VT, Sally Batterson,[4] daughter of William Mather and Grisel (Blackman) Batterson, of Norwalk.[5] She was born 6 Oct 1776, Norwalk, CT,[6] and died 15 Jan 1868, Wolcott, VT, aged 91 years.[7]

Phoenix says the following:

. . . a farmer, shoemaker and cooper; bought of his father, for £3 12s., 1 Oct 1795, about twenty-four acres of land in Wolcott, Vt., "being so much of the second division lot, on the original right of Rufus Herrick, as lay on the south side of the River Lamoille." He bought, after his mother's death, so much of his father's land and mills as had been set apart for her use, making the purchase from his brother, Zadok Whitney, the executor, 29 March 1804 for three hundred and sixty dollars; and sold the same property, 17 Sept 1805, to Barney Peck, for three hundred dollars. He was frequently a town officer in Wolcott. He was married, 25 Dec. 1792, at Wolcott, by Thomas Taylor, justice of the peace, to Sally Batterson, dau. of William Mather and Grisel (Blackman) Batterson, of Norwalk, where she was born, 6 Oct. 1776. This was the first marriage in the town of Wolcott. They settled in Wolcott, and there died; he, 3 or 5 March 1856, aged 82 years; she, 15 Jan. 1868, aged 91 years, a consistent Christian of the Methodist communion. She dwelt with her parents till she was nine years old, and then went to live with Thomas Taylor, with whom she moved to Wolcott, in 1789. She is said to have had one brother, William Batterson.

Children of William6 and Sally (Batterson) Whitney:

i. Lewis7 Whitney, b. 23 Mar 1794, Wolcott, VT;[8] d. 16 Jan 1822, Wolcott, VT, unmarried.
ii. Polly Whitney, b. 6 Dec 1798, Hyde Park, VT;[9] m. 14 Aug 1815, Wolcott, VT, Parley Hutchings/Hutchins.[10]
iii. Royal Corbin Whitney, b. 10 Jun 1801, Wolcott, VT;[11] d. 14 Mar 1831, Wolcott, VT, unmarried.
iv. Levi Taylor Whitney, b. 30 Apr 1804, Wolcott, VT;[12] m. Elizabeth Lyman Clark.
v. Laura Martin Whitney, b. 8 Oct 1807, Wolcott, VT;[13] m. Philander Alexander.
vi. Jesse Bedient Whitney, b. 11 Oct 1810, Wolcott, VT;[14] m. Hannah Estabrook.
vii. Sally Batterson Whitney, b. 9 Apr 1818, Wolcott, VT;[15] d. 24 Feb 1875, Morristown, VT, unmarried. She "lived with her sister, Mrs. Laura Martin (Whitney) Alexander, at Morristown, Vt., and died there, 24 Feb. 1875, and was buried in the village cemetery at Wolcott."


13 13 William Whitney 76 M - Cooper Ct. Sally " 73 F - "

1754 1674 Philander Alexander 56 M - Farmer $458 $150 Vermont Laura M. " 52 F - do Truman R. " 30 M - Farmer do Elvira " 24 F - do Clarence A. " 1/12 M - do Sally Whitney 83 F - do


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