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William Whitney (Isham, [perhaps] Lovet T.), son of Isham and Jane (Price) Whitney, was born Aug 1846, KY, and died 28 Aug 1912, Muhlenberg Co., KY.

He married, before 1872, Barbara A. Foster, daughter of Tom and Barbara (Smith) Foster. She was born 2 Apr 1844, Logan Co., KY, and died 5 Dec 1917, Muhlenberg Co., KY.

Children of William and Barbara A. (Foster) Whitney:

i. Rosa Whitney, b. May 1872, Muhlenberg Co., KY, d. 14 Dec 1940, Muhlenberg Co., KY.
ii. Elighe Whitney, b. ca. 1873, Muhlenberg Co., KY, d. a1893.
iii. Lillie Jane Whitney, b. 16 Jan 1874, Muhlenberg County, KY; d. 4 Feb 1952, Muhlenberg Co., KY; m. Robert Vick, 7 Aug 1900, Muhlenberg Co., KY.
iv. Isam Whitney, b. 9 Mar 1878, Muhlenberg Co., KY; d. 2 Sep 1916, Muhlenberg Co., KY.
v. James G. Whitney, b. May 1880, Muhlenberg Co., KY; d. 17 Oct 1957, Muhlenberg Co., KY.
vi. Jesse L. Whitney, b. 4 Jun 1888, Muhlenberg Co., KY; d. Jan 1971, Muhlenberg Co., KY.


  • 1860, Paradise, Muhlenberg Co., KY. - William Whitney age 25 (b. 1835)

455 457 Whitney, Will 38 M W Doing Nothing Ky. Illiterate, Male citizen over 21 -----, Barbary 26 F W Keeping House Ky. Illiterate -----, Rosa A. 1/12 F W Ky. Born in Apr -----, Jaco Lucy 66 F W Doing Nothing N.C. Illiterate -----, Nancy J. 15 F W Keeping House Ky. -----, William 12 M W At Home Ky. NOTE: I think the last three persons were surnamed Jaco, not Whitney.--RLW

William WHITNEY 44 Self M M W KY Farm Laborer KY KY Barbara WHITNEY 33 Wife F M W KY Keeping House ... NC Rosa A. WHITNEY 10 Dau F S W KY At Home KY KY Lilly J. WHITNEY 7 Dau F S W KY KY KY William WHITNEY 5 Son M S W KY KY KY Isom WHITNEY 2 Son M S W KY KY KY


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