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Date: 04 May 96 08:07:55 EDT From: Jeanne Muse <102256.2027@CompuServe.COM> To: Philip John Ainsworth <>, Ross Andrews <>, ArvWhit <ARVWHIT@GNN.COM>, Jon Aston <>, Ted Bates <TEDBYTES@AOL.COM>, Donald Whitney Becker <clarbeck@AOL.COM>, "Rita (Whitney) Bernier" <ritab20429@AOL.COM>, Louise Bradshaw <loubrad@AOL.COM>, "Evelyn (Thorsen) Brown" <EBROWN231@AOL.COM>, "R. Brown" <>, CGPesch <CGPESCH@AOL.COM>, "Margaret (Whitney) Carey" <>, Ginny Deagan <GDEAGAN@AOL.COM>, "D. J. Goulette" <djgoulette@AOL.COM>, Allan Green <ALLAGREEN@AOL.COM>, "Karen B. Grubaugh" <kgruba@AOL.COM>, "Walter H. Hall" <>, Joan Hicks <jhicks8311@AOL.COM>, JROOTS <jroots@AOL.COM>, Clark Harold Jillson <CHILKOOT98@AOL.COM>, Mary Ellen Jones <gjones3747@AOL.COM>, KTROUVAT <KTROUVAT@AOL.COM>, Marion L <MARIONL@AOL.COM>, Mary Ann Lindsay <MALINCAL@METRO.NET>, Mary Jean Manroe <mmanroe@AOL.COM>, Carole McIntosh <MAC13120@AOL.COM>, Jerrie Moore <jmoore3672@AOL.COM>, "Brena (Nixon) Parsons" <>, Donna Patt <donnapatt@AOL.COM>, Herb Phelps <>, PoGoes <POGOES@AOL.COM>, "J. Michael Poston" <>, RSFAHRN <rsfahrn@AOL.COM>, STOVEL <>, Julie Scheuerman <JASCHEU@AOL.COM>, Mary Ellen Sharp <FROTILLA@AOL.COM>, "Francis D. Southwick" <fsouthw680@AOL.COM>, "J. A. Stafford" <>, Beth Stakes <>, Eleanor Stratton <estratts@AOL.COM>, Carolyn Vosburg <LYNVOS@AOL.COM>, Kim Walters <KWALTERS@PASCAL.MATH.MSSTATE.EDU>, Michael Ray Whitney <WHITNEYMR@AOL.COM>, "A.James Whitney" <AJAMESWHIT@AOL.COM>, "H. Ray Whitney" <RAYWHIT79@AOL.COM>, "J.C. Whitney" <WHITNEYJC@AOL.COM>, Lisa Whitney <>, "Alan C. Wright" <> Subject: Whitney Women Some interesting info came to me today from one of our CompuServe members about SARAH HAGAR and RUTH REYNOLDS: TO: Jeanne Muse, 102256,2027 FROM: Bert Smith, 102513,3332 DATE: 5/3/96, 9:17 PM Re: Whitney Jeanne, I haven't gotten around to putting all the Whitney folks in my address book. If you think the following is worthwhile feel free to forward it to the group: When I was finally able to connect my Lois Whitney to the John and Elinor family, I gained five new surnames to explore. (That's the nature of this endeavor, isn't it?) Neither nor gave information on Sarah Hagar or Ruth Reynolds. Savage's Dictionary sheds some light on both these ladies. Sarah Hagar was the daughter of William and Mary Bemis Hagar of Watertown. William and Mary married 20 Mar 1645. Sarah, born 3 Sep 1651, and married Nathaniel Whitney on 12 Mar 1674. Savage, Vol 2. Ruth Reynolds was the daughter of Robert Reynolds of Watertown and his wife Mary. Savage refers to an article in the Genealogical Register IX, 137 which contains an abtract of Robert's will in which he refers to daughter Ruth Whitney, wife of John. [This, of course, is John, Jr.] Savage concluded that all Robert's children were born in England. [James Savage, Dictionary of First Settlers of N. E. Vol 3, page 526.] By the way, Jeanne, I have a son who works at Thoms Rehab. Hosp. in Asheville. I dare say you drive within half mile of there everyday going to work. I live in Greensboro. Bert P.S. Everyone please note that there is a limit on CompuServe of 50 "recipients" per e-mail message. Therefore, I have split my messages into 2 groups - those on CompuServe and those on other services. If you need info on our other members, let me know. :-) Jeanne (Whitney) Muse 5/4/96

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