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Mailing List Archives > 1996-06-07 01, Re: Whitney surname, by Robert L. Ward

Date: Fri, 7 Jun 1996 09:13:11 -0400 To: Subject: Re: Whitney surname Mary Ann, You wrote: > Found your names on the list of researches on the net (except for my > brother Bob, Have already written to Robert > Battle ( and Carolyn Whitney > ( I know a lot of Carolyn's story but would > like to hear more. Would be very much interested in hearing all your > histories. We have a group of about 60 researchers who are not on the > net list and know lots about the Whitneys. I do not believe any of you > are on that list. If you would like to correspond with them, please > let me know. One of these researchers was able to trace our grandmother > Nellie Whitney, back to Henry Whitney b. 1620 in Hertfordshire, > England. He came to Connecticut before John and Elinor came to Mass!! > If you would like more information about our group or we could help > each other with our search please email me. Thanks, Mary Ann(Perigo) > Lindsay in CA. ( I have two lines of descent from John and Elinor (-----) WHITNEY. One goes John-1, John-2, Nathaniel-3, Hannah-4 (mar. Nathaniel BILLING). The other goes John-1, Benjamin-2, Joshua-3, Gershom-4, Sarah-5 (mar. Jonathan FLAGG). I have quite a few genealogical records about the John and Elinor WHITNEY family before 1800 in New England in which I would be willing to do look-ups. I am also interested in verifying and expanding the said data. It was collected while trying to esatblish that second line, which I believe I have successfully done. In that sense, *my* search is over. Regards, Robert L. Ward <img src="/robertward.gif"> 12236 Shadetree Lane, Laurel, MD 20708-2832 (301)776-1659

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