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Mailing List Archives > 1996-06-17 02, Re: Your Whitney line, by Jeanne Muse

Date: 17 Jun 96 19:17:08 EDT From: Jeanne Muse <102256.2027@CompuServe.COM> Subject: Re: Your Whitney line Welcome to the group! I'll post your search info to the group very soon, so watch your mailbox. Because our membership has grown so large, the address lines on each message are long. If you ever want to send a message to the whole group, you'll need to add everyone to your address book (which is a long process!). You'll hear from me as I post news for everyone on new members, descendants found, any questions I have, etc. You will also hear from Jon Aston ( who is compiling the master database on the descendants of JOHN WHITNEY & ELINOR (ancestors of Eli Whitney, cotton gin inventor); and ALLAN GREEN ( who is researching the European ancestors of John and Elinor; as well as JOAN HICKS ( who has the main database on the Whitneys of Connecticut. Plus, of course, anyone who might have a connection to your line. I have a Gedcom file of our main database of the John and Elinor descendants. If you'd like, I'll send it to you. You'll need to know how to unencode it, as I'll be sending it to a different server. Let me know. ALSO, you mentioned that you have a few "unconnected" Whitneys. Send those to me in text format (include even guesses for dates & places & any info you have), as I am in the process of putting all of those in a separate database. I'll have it available for the membership soon. :-) Jeanne (Whitney) Muse

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