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Date: 22 Jun 96 08:45:26 EDT From: Jeanne Muse <102256.2027@CompuServe.COM> Subject: More Descendants & Misc. info Hello everyone! Quite a bit to pass on to you all today. First, update your address books with the following. Please add JOYCE (what's your last name Joyce?) to your address books. Her e-mail address is She is looking for a Tennessee Whitney. Here's her message to me: >>Heard you might know something of the Whitney fam I'm researching? Have a Dewey L. Whitney who married our Sarah B. Bowman born 1854 Tn. Lived probably 1870 or 1880 Mason Co, Ill, sometime after, probably moved to Gage Co, Neb? If familiar, please email. I am primarily a Bowman family researcher, just like to know about Dewey L. Whitney and share data with descendants. Thanks. Joyce<< ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please add ROBERT L. WARD ( <img src="/robertward.gif"> ) to our membership. Robert has 2 liens of descent from John and Elinor. One goes John-1, John-2, Nathaniel-3, Hannah-4 (mar. Nathaniel BILLING). The other goes John-1, Benjamin-2, Joshua-3, Gershom-4, Sarah-5 (mar. Jonathan FLAGG). He has "quite a few genealogical records" about the John & Elinor family before 1800 in New England & he has offered to do "look-ups". He's also interested in verifying & expanding his data. And he says >>I also have collected quite a few unattached WHITNEY persons (not direct ancestors) on whom I would be interested in further information.<< I have sent Robert our database, and I have told him about my "unconnected" database. He is reviewing it & plans to send us any info that we lack & also let us know about his research needs. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Please add WILBALEE NORA (WHITNEY) CLARK to your membership lists. E-Mail address is: She is stumped on some OHIO Whitneys. Can anyone assist her? Here are copies of her 2 messages to me. Note that she uses a MAC -- but does not have a genealogy program, so cannot use Gedcoms. Any suggestions to her about what program to buy for her MAC? >>OK Starting with me Wilbalee Nora Whitney(Clark) I was born 1942 Bakersfield, Father Charles Tillinghast Whitney born 6-30-1909 Rocky River Ohio married Wilba Lee Holland Sept 26, 1929 his father Hiram Tillinghast Whitney born 2-19-1879 Norwalk Ohio married Lillian Mae Stevenson 1900, His father Charles L. Whitney only have died 1927 married Sara Mabbott Tillinghast, his father Charles Whitney married Sarah Thomas.. thats all folks, I am going to the Morman Library this week and look at census as I got back my request for some of the things I wrote to Ohio for so maybe some of my dates were wrong.. anyway I hope I find some really cousins , I think Karen might be because she was born in Norwalk also. but maybe not to who Snail Mail is Wilbalee Clark 5951 Olivera Canyon Road, SantaMaria, California 93454 does this line fit with anyone else? I sure hope so<< >>What fun to find all these cousins, I do hope we can figure out how to hook me up with all of them.. Im ready to answer all the questions I can, I really dont know much but Ill try.. I have a Macintosh Performa 405 that our daughter gave us when she upgraded after her graduation from University of Southern California.. we have had this 9 months and thats is all we know about it.. we are going to see about more memory, and I did not know about programs for geneolgy. I have all my information on pedigree sheets.. Im still in the stone ages I guess, I told you Im new at this, I old 54 but Im new at this stuff..My mother in law 84 years young are going to the Mormon Library this week ours is open strange hours, and going at night is out for I life on a ranch rurally and usually dont drive that far alone at night.. I live in Santa Maria California.. my snail mail address is.. Wilbalee (Whitney) Clark, 5951 Oilivera Canyon Road, Santa Maria, California 93454 phone 805 937-1523 bye hope to hear from you sooooooon, Wilbalee<< ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Alan Wright posted this message. Please remove his name & address temporarily from our list. >>Please take my name off the Whitney mailing list as I will be out of the country until late August. I'll re-subscribe then. I like your idea of unconnected Whitneys as my Canadian line never seems to draw any attention when I have placed queries in diff. places over the past five years! Regards, Alan [ ]<< ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Do NOT add this person to our list, but read the following "query" from Jim Kuethe ( which was passed on to me from Karen Gruba. Contact Jim if you have any leads for him in his research. >>I am trying to trace the parentage of a Whitney Whitson (b. circa 1828) who lived & died on Long Island. I believe that he lived in the Hempstead/Huntinton area. My main interest is in the Whitson family. I believe that Whitney Whitson was likely from a Whitney/Whitson marriage. I would appreciate it very much if you, or your sources/contacts have any record of a marriage between any Whitneys and a Whitson. Thank you for considering this query. Jim Kuethe<< ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Barbara Black ( is having trouble converting Gedcoms into her MAC computer too. I use an IBM clone, so can't help with MacIntosh questions. Do we have any MAC experts in the group who can help us with conversions from IBM format to Mac? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Now for my More Descendants to John & Elinor's line: Found info in a gedcom file with the source "History of the Wheeler Family in America", 1914, Albert Gallatin Wheeler, Jr. p.29 DABORAH WHITNEY daug. of BENJAMIN WHITNEY and SARAH BARRETT, b. abt 1710 Marlborough, Massachusetts; married 17 Mar 1730 JOSEPH WHEELER, son of John Wheeler and Elizabeth Wells. (This was Joseph Wheeler's 2nd marriage. He married 1st Elizabeth Holloway on 16 Jan 1718) Children of JOSEPH WHEELER and DABORAH WHITNEY: 1. Sarah Wheeler b 8 Aug 1731 2. Silas Wheeler b 23 Oct 1732 3. John Wheeler b 22 Feb 1734 4. Solomon Wheeler b 25 Feb 1736; d 26 Nov 1773 "was in Capt. J. Weeks' Company in the French and Indian War, 1757." 5. David Wheeler b 4 May 1738; d 29 Dec 1739 6. Joseph Wheeler b 14 Jun 1740 "was in Capt. J. Weeks' Company in the French and Indian War, 1757." 7. Elizabeth Wheeler b 4 apr 1742 8. David Wheeler b 8 Dec 1744 9. Mariam Wheeler b 4 Dec 1746 10. Dinah Wheeler b 1 Jan 1749; d 2 Apr 1749 11. Dinah Wheeler b 1 Dec 1750 12. Fortunatus Wheeler b 29 Apr 1754 "served in the Revolutionary War." We did not previously have DABORAH WHITNEY in our main database. Her line goes: Daborah-->Benjamin & Sarah Barrett-->Thomas & Elizabeth Lawrence-->Thomas & Mary Kedal(Kettle)-->John & Elinor. Happy hunting everyone! :-) Jeanne (Whitney) Muse 6/19/96

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