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J W.png This WRG Member is a Descendant of the immigrant John Whitney.

PPV.png This WRG Member was a Volunteer for the Pierce Project.

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See Allan's other two user pages here at User:AllanGreen and User:Allan E. Green.

Unfortunately, Allan Green has passed away.


Here is what he wrote about himself:

My name is Allan E. Green, and I've been a part of the Whitney Research Group since it started somewhere around eleven/twelve years ago. It began first as a collection of people interested in the Whitney family line who wanted to share information and help each other gather and preserve reliable and accurate information about this family. In the beginning we all tried to keep up with a constantly growing and changing list of e-mail addresses to which we addressed all our mail. A very amateur maillist arrangement, but for a while it worked. Ultimately, however, it grew too big, and everyone was not able to keep up with the joinings and the droppings out, and we needed to become a bona-fide maillist. Michael Ray Whitney took the initiative and got us going with Larry Stephens at the University of Indiana as the maillist host. Later, we migrated to Rootsweb when Larry's server got inundated with spam and the U of I put some restrictions on his use of the equipment.

Sometime later we began to develop our WRG website, and between Randy Winch, Tim Doyle, Robert Ward and others, a website was created that has won awards and in which I firmly believe we can all take great pride. I am most intrigued by this new idea for an interactive website, and will be glad to help it work.

Personally, I am a former college Music teacher, retired for the past 6/7 years, and now living on the beautiful Eastern Shore of Maryland. I have been working as a genealogist for about thirty years, the last fifteen on a serious and much more stringent basis. My personal bias is toward documentation and sourcing of the data that I present. My own version of the John and Elinor database bears that out, because its roots were in my concern with the lack of sourcing in the data submitted to the general overall Whitney database. I fully understood and agreed with Jon Aston, the keeper of the overall collection, that only the person who submitted material would be allowed to alter or add to it. So, I took the last version (at that time Witney12) and began working with it separately. I have spent the last eight years or so adding data and adding sources to much of what was there already.

I'm going to maintain my separate database, so that whatever value I have added with my source citations and documentation will be left untouched, and whatever errors I have made will not influence others. I DO expect anyone who has found that I have erred will raise the problem with me so that I can revisit the data with their help and arrive at a correction that will satisfy all.

I think that's all I have to say for now. As this process continues, I may revisit this page and make further additions and corrections.