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J W.png This WRG Member is a Descendant of the immigrant John Whitney.

MRV.png This WRG Member was a Volunteer for the Whitney Manor Records Transcription Project.

My Whitney Line

Edit My Whitney Line

I was born Andaleen Louise Mangum, but changed it to Whitney in 1981 when I married Thomas Frank Whitney (aka: Frank).

I started doing genealogy while in college when a term paper on database turned into a lifelong hobby. My own father had 18 brothers and sisters, so that gave me a great springboard for collecting information.

One of Frank's sisters was also interested in genealogy and had collected a considerable amount of information which served as the basis for much of the more current Whitney information I was able to collect. The rest I owe largely to the work of the people who have contributed to the WRG or other Whitney Forums.

Frank is not big into research or recanting family history, but just ask him to stomp around a graveyard looking for names and taking pictures, or drive me from state to state and library to library - then he's your man.