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My Whitney Line

Edit My Whitney Line

My name is Kathy Kraig Mumma. I live in Medford, Massachusetts, which is just outside Boston.

As for my lineage, my maternal grandmother's paternal grandmother was Mary Whitney, who was the daughter of Isaac Whitney and Elizabeth (Betsey) Nason. Isaac was the son of Aaron Whitney and Electa Leach. Aaron was the son of Benjamin Whitney and Sarah Bassett. The lineage before that is less certain. Benjamin Whitney may have been the son of Joshua Whitney. Joshua was the son of Cornelius Whitney, who was son of Joshua, who was son of John and Elinor. The present through Aaron can be documented via census records and wills.

I believe my grandmother's (late) brother had done some fairly extensive research into our genealogy (which I assume would include our Whitney line) and am hoping to find out what happened to his research and records. In an attempt to avoid duplicating his efforts, I haven't focused on my Whitney line extensively to date but hope to turn my focus there at some point (ideally with the benefit of his work!).