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J W.png This WRG Member is a Descendant of the immigrant John Whitney.

My Whitney Line

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I am an amateur genealogist who became interested in Whitney genealogy over twenty years ago. My interest started with a gift from my father: two books. One was a tattered and crumbling original F. C. Pierce volume once owned by my father's uncle. The other was a copy of the Micah Whitney genealogy by G.B. Sedgeley. Over the years I corrected past errors and filled in many gaps in my lineage, while adding more generations. This effort culminated in the 2003 self-publication of a small book on my branch, which I distributed to all of my family who contributed to the data. It is published on the WRG web site in the Extracts section.

I have great interest in the Whitney family that resided or originated in the State of Maine. I have followed many branches, whether they remained in Maine or spread out across our great country. I am indebted to many town clerks, research librarians, and fellow researches who have helped me. I am also indebted to Allan Green, Robert Ward, and all the others who have done so much for Whitney researchers by maintaining the WRG web site and encouraging proper research. I have been much blessed by the great research facilities that I can access in the Washington, D.C. area: the National Archives, D.A.R. Genealogy Library, and the LDS Family Research Center in Kensington, MD.

Over the years I have developed some expertise in the use of military and railroad pension records to enhance my knowledge of individual Whitneys and their families. I have been privileged to share what I have learned by using the Whitney List at Rootsweb and by having the results posted on the WRG web site. I have been affiliated with the WRG since 1996. I have met a number of members at two reunions meetings, and I enjoyed their company and contributions to our genealogy. There's lots of great Whitneys out there, and I hope to meet more of you someday!