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My Whitney Line
  • Calvin Whitney, m. Eliza Everton
  • Calvin A. Whitney, m. Nancy Jane Clark
  • Merritt Austin Whitney, m. Cora Ella Hewett
  • William Emery Whitney (1884-1968) - Christie Calderwood
  • Austin Calderwood Whitney (1908-1989) - Helen Genevieve McTiernan
  • Marion Elisabeth Whitney (T.S. Carden MD;Wiliam Leska:James E.Martin)
    • Terrence Stephen Carden, III - Mary Ann Covone; Danielle Chamberlain McGraw
      • Anne Marie Carden
    • Andrea Carden(1965-2007) - Jeffrey Kithianis
      • Coralie Elisabeth Kithianis
      • Stavros William Kithianis
      • Trinity Elisabeth Kithianis

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Calvin Whitney-Eliza Everton

Calvin Whitney b. 7 April 1816; m. 24 May 1847 Nancy Jane Clark