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J W.png This WRG Member is a Descendant of the immigrant John Whitney.

My Whitney Line

  • ThomasA Whitney, m. Mary Bray
  • John1 Whitney, m. Elinor (-----)
  • John2 Whitney, m. Ruth Reynolds
  • John3 Whitney, m. Elizabeth Harris
  • Timothy4 Whitney, m. Margaret Bacon
  • Joseph5 Whitney, m. Anna Palmer?
  • Palmer6 Whitney, m. Judah Barber
  • Joseph7 Whitney, m. Sophronia Taylor
  • Alonzo8 Whitney, m. Lucina French
  • Ernest9 Whitney, m. Katherine Maud 'Kate' Cole
  • Kenneth10 Whitney, m. Helen Switzer
  • Jonathan11 Whitney, m. Nancy Buckwalter

Edit My Whitney Line

Hi WRG. Since this is our first experience with this new technology, I'm not quite sure how much information to put in here, but I'll give it a try. I am participating in the WRG DNA study and that has definitively tied me in with others related to John (1) so I know my grandmother's information was correct. What I have not been able to determine is who Joseph Whitney's wife was (John, John, John, Timothy, Joseph). My grandmother showed two daughters born to her apparently in a previous marriage. She is listed as a widow with two daughters. Her last name was given as Palmer, but I do not know if that was her maiden or married name and have not been able to determine anything about her. Two daughters are listed in my grandmother's records as "Mrs. Gurney" and "Mrs. Content Fuller." So, anyone with any information or suggestions is welcome to chip in. There is apparently some confusion in Pierce regarding the listing of children which I will edit in this new format when I find the time. When their son Palmer was born, they were living in Warwick, MA. Later they moved to Gilsum, NH, and later apparently to Lima, NY, where he "was killed by a falling tree." Have not been able to verify this.

A little about me. Born in northwestern Illinois. Purchased four weekly newspapers with my father in 1967. He had worked for the papers for 34 years prior to our purchasing them. Combined them into one in 1970 (The Carroll County Review, Thomson, IL). Served as president of the Illinois Press Association in 1985. Currently serving as a board member of the Illinois Press Foundation, both based in Springfield, IL. Was named Illinois Journalist of the Year in 2005. Am very active in my community.

Note for Tim and Robert: If the above is too much, too personal, or material you think should not be included, please advise and I will delete it (or, you may).

Below is an expansion of my lineage:

John-1 WHITNEY, m.(1) Elinor -----
Original immigrant from England to Watertown, MA, in June of 1635
..John-2 WHITNEY, m. Ruth REYNOLDS
Resided in Watertown, MA; wife was dau. Of Robert Reynolds of Watertown, Weathersfield and Boston, MA
....John-3 WHITNEY, m. Elizabeth HARRIS
Resided in Roxbury, MA; wife was dau. of Robert Harris
......Timothy-4 WHITNEY, m. Margaret BACON
Resided in Roxbury, Newton and Warwick, MA
.......Joseph-5 WHITNEY (Corp.), m. 2nd Anna PALMER (?)
Known as “Corp.”, b. in Watertown, married 1st to Mary Hastings, 2nd to Anna Palmer (?); believe she was a widow or divorcee with two children from a previous marriage;  resided in Newton, MA, Gilsum, NH, Orange (Warwick), MA, and Lima, NY
.........Palmer-6 WHITNEY m. Judah BARBER
Born in Warwick, MA; married Judah Barber, dau. Joseph Barber; was one of first 6 settlers of Java Village, NY, part of the Holland Purchase; moved to Riley, IL where he died and is buried (I have quite a bit more information on him and his descendents if you want it)
...........Joseph-7 WHITNEY m. Sophronia TAYLOR
Resided in Gilsum, NH; moved to Java Village, NY; to St. Charles (Compton or Wasco), IL, in 1635 with his brother John; claim was jumped; moved to Michigan; move to Thomson, IL, where he died and is buried (This is also where I live). Have lots more info on this family also.
.............Alonzo-8 WHITNEY m. Lucina FRENCH
Born in Thomson, IL; married Lucina French, dau. of Asa Mason French of Cambridge, Vt; purchased farm from her father on Ustick Township, Whiteside County, IL, where he remained until his death.
...............Ernest-9 WHITNEY m. Katherine Maud "Kate" COLE
Born in Ustick Twp., Whiteside County, IL; married Kate Cole, dau. of John Cole and Sussannah Taylor, dau. of Alonzo Taylor; lived on farm in Ustick Twp., Whiteside Co., IL, until mid-1920s when they moved to Thomson, IL; remained there until 1954 when they moved to Chadwick, IL (about 13 miles from Thomson) to live with their son Kenneth because of advancing age and poor health; Ernest died in 1955; Kate Died in 1961.
.................Kenneth-10 WHITNEY m. Helen SWITZER
Born in Ustick Twp., Whiteside Co., IL, December 15, 1905; married Helen Switzer of Thomson and Mt. Carroll, IL in June 1938; lived in Thomson and Chadwick, IL; died June 3, 1988
...................Jonathan-11 WHITNEY m. Nancy BUCKWALTER
This is me; lived in Chadwick, IL, Cedar Falls, IA (while going to college) and Thomson, IL, since 1967. Have owned The Carroll County Review, a community weekly newspaper, since 1967.
.....................David-12 WHITNEY m. Denise PALMER
Born in Cedar Falls, IA; lives in Thomson, IL; owns 50% of an asphalt paving company.