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My Whitney Line
  • Richard Whitney, m. Jane Roberts
  • Richard Whitney, m. Mary Embery
  • Richard Whitney, m. Elizabeth Humphreyson
  • Richard Whitney, m. Hannah Worral
  • James Whitney, m. Elizabeth Leech
  • George Whitney Fletcher, m. Mary Brooks
  • James Fletche, m. Elizabeth Abraham
  • Lawrence Puyenbroek, m. Edna Alty
  • Neil Puyenbroek

Edit My Whitney Line

Its a long story My father was born a Fletcher and changed his name to his stepfather name Puyenbroek. His father was James Fletcher. James's Father was George who was born a Whitney (father James Whitney b12 July 1818 Stanton Hine Heath Shropshire UK)but also took has step father name Fletcher. We Have the line back to Richard 1718 b Moreton Say Shropshire UK.