Whitney Family DNA Project, Results for Kit 60990

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Kit Number


Test Subject Name

This person has not authorized the release of their name.


-private-, -private-, -private-, Charles Andrew (Safford) Whitney


Although my family is descended from Charles Andrew Whitney (1845-1882), who was born in New York and died in Pennsylvania, he was not genetically a Whitney. In the 1850 Watertown, Jefferson County, New York Census he is listed as Andrew Safford living in the household of Egbert Whitney who, in 1851 married Andrew's mother, Ann Safford. In the 1855 NY Census the Safford children are listed as Whitney. No adoption records have been found. In the 1880 Sunbury, Northumberland County, PA Census he is listed as Charles Whitney and his name appears as Charles Andrew Whitney on his wife Sarah's application for a Civil War pension.
Egbert Whitney's father was Job Whitney who married Sylva Delano and they are listed in the Miscellaneous Whitney Genealogical Database.


This person's DNA shows that he is a member of Haplogroup I1a. Haplogroup I appears to be native to Europe. Its initial spread is believed to be connected to migrations of people during the last glacial maximum. It can be found in most European populations, most commonly in Scandinavia, Sardinia and Slavic populations of the Western Balkans.
Europe haplogroups 1.jpg
Europe haplogroups 2.jpg

Markers 1-12

DYS 393 DYS 390 DYS 19 DYS 391 DYS 385a DYS 385b DYS 426 DYS 388 DYS 439 DYS 389-1 DYS 392 DYS 389-2
13 23 14 10 14 15 11 15 11 12 11 28

Markers 13-25

DYS 458 DYS 459a DYS 459b DYS 455 DYS 454 DYS 447 DYS 437 DYS 448 DYS 449 DYS 446a DYS 446b DYS 446c DYS 446d
16 8 9 8 11 23 16 20 28 12 14 15 16


  • The DNA results for this individual show that he is not related to the immigrant John Whitney or the immigrant Henry Whitney. In fact, he is unrelated to any other Whitney that has joined the DNA Study Project.