Whitneys of Cheshire, England

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Family Groupings

Miscellaneous Early Whitneys of Cheshire

  • Sir Eustace de Witney, of Cheshire, in the time of Edward II (1307 – 1327)

  • Thomas Whitney, b. say 1370?, m. Katherine, dau. of ... Scarne, by Millicent, 4th dau. of John Bromley, of Bromley. Son William Whitney of Coole. (Visitation)

  • Thomas Whitney, fl. 1505-1517, of "Cowcaus". m. Anne Brooke
Anne Brooke, daughter of Thomas Brooke of Leighton and Jane Meurerell of Throwley in Staffordshire married Thomas Whitney of Cowcaus. Note: "Cowlane" has been identified as Coole Lane. It is suspected that "Cowcaus" is another word for the same.

Whitneys of Royals Green, Cheshire

Whitneys of Coole Hall, Cheshire

Whitneys of Barthomley, Cheshire