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International Association of Web Masters and Designers 2003-2004 Golden Web Award: Award4.jpg
"Congratulations! Whitney Research Group has been reviewed and chosen to bear the 2003-2004 Golden Web Award." I.A.W.M.D. Award: Award3.gif
"I would be very happy to offer an award to your site. It is a very attractive site, crisp and clean, informative and easy to use and offers a valuable service to those doing family research. Good job!" --Helen M. Staiger

Berkhoff-Berkhoff Silver Birch Leaf Award: Award2.gif
"While surfing on the net, I found your Whitney website. Several times I came back to visit it. This because I am truly impressed by it. Being the editor of a one surname site myself ("Berkhof-Berkhoff. 1575-1900" at I appreciate the manner in which you stimulate genealogical research to the mentioned surname and how you present sources and results (which is in both cases a lot!) in a simple and clear website, which is real joy to visit.
"In addition to this I am impressed by several aspects of your site, like: the extensive Archives section, where I found clear transcribations of sources, and the extensive Member Lineages. I think your site is indeed a good tool for Whitney research." --Marnix Berkhoff

White-Jones Genealogy Award: Award1.gif
"I don't know what to say. Your Whitney Family Genealogy site is everything I was looking for when I created the Gold Award. (You don't need any spinning logos. :) ) I never thought I would find a site like it so quickly. I though it would take months for me to find a treasure like your Whitney Family Site. Your site is a 'must see' for any Whitney researcher. It makes me wish I was a Whitney (although I am a Davis 7 generations back). It's very easy to navigate and has a wealth of information. That's what makes it so beautiful." --Chris Swensen-Hartie


A review by Martin Hollick, a prominent genealogical researcher.

"I admire your data base very much and only wish more people were mounting such efforts with real records, instead of adding to the vast sea of undocumented names out there." --Jan Hall

"Looks like I hit the jackpot! :-) Very nice site. . . . I had found that book [Phoenix, S. Whitney, The Whitney Family of Connecticut (1878)] on HeritageQuest, but was not aware that it was being transcribed. Terrific! The links by the numbers make it very easy to access. What a great job!" --Janet B.

"I appreciate your hard work in keeping the Whitney information accurate and timely!" --(Mary) Whitney Price

"I just spent several hours browsing the research website - wonderful work!" --Kess

"You have done a wonderful job of compiling data." --Sandy (Whitney) Fahrnbruch

"Your extensive research on the Whitney family is fabulous." --Jennifer Cory

"I love your site." --Steve Barrie

"A personal Thank You to Robert for his constant and unerring expertise related to the chronicling of our Whitney ancestry. I believe all in this extraordinary group would agree that without Robert Ward's knowledge and skills as a genealogist of the highest degree that this assemblage would fare far worse in its search for roots." --Larry Tracy, Jr.

"Thank you so much, that was awesome. Someone did a lot of work and so well organized." --Corene (Whitney) (Carter) Cassels

"Thank you for your research and for sharing your knowledge." --Loren Whitney

"I was thrilled to find your site." --Wendy (Whitney) Muldovan

"You sure are doing a great job for the Whitneys." --Mary Ann Lindsay

"I wanted to thank you for putting the book by Stephen Whitney Phoenix on the Internet. I was able to trace my family history with it." --Marvin Stebbins

"I am greatly indebted to you and the other researchers involved in the WRG. The Sanders family (a Whitney line) is having a reunion next summer and I am feverishly compiling the genealogy for it. The WRG has been a great boon to this work." --(Mary) Whitney Price

"The Whitney Research Group website has been most helpful, although I haven't managed to hook into the family yet." --Stacy Whitney

"Thank you for all this wonderful information on my Whitney ancestors." --Jane VanSant

"Thank you so much for all your hard work. How did you find this wonderful sight!!!! I have been searching for ever. My mother is now 88. You helped me make her day. . . . Thanks again for your help!!!!!!!!!" --Ann Mathewson

"I have enjoyed perusing the Whitney Research Group site and only wish there was a UK equivalent. . . . What a truly wonderful job you have done with my bits and pieces!!! I'm really overwhelmed." --Bill Whitney

"Your efforts and contribution to the Whitney group are extraordinary. Many, many thanks." --Gene Whitney

"I appreciate so much the work that has been done on the Whitney genealogy." --Judith W. Haddon

"The site looks great by the way! Thank you for all your hard work!" --Donna Jean (Plamondon) Erickson

"Thanks for putting the Whitney site together... its great!" --Mike Gary

"I just spent several hours browsing the research website - wonderful work!" --Kess

"You amaze me with your diligence and dedication!!! Those of us carrying the Whitney name and those of us descended from one who did owe you a debt of gratitude for which we will never be able to repay. Thank you for your continued efforts. They are deeply appreciated." --Jon Whitney

"I just wanted to add my thanks for all the hard work that you have done for the group. Please know that it is sincerely appreciated and I am sure that I speak for all of us." --Dick Smith

"I continue to be trememdously grateful for the efforts you undertake on behalf of all of us." --Allan Green

"Thanks for all the hard work and dedication!" --Laurie Skillern

"Being associated with the Whitney Group has been one of the most rewarding things I have done this year ..." --Ronald Whitney

"I can't thank you enough for your information, particularly all the detail. I appreciate the time, effort and thought a great deal. The members of this group always amaze me in their generous assistance!" --Karen Grubaugh

"I find this discussion group VERY useful for research ..." --Gil Payson

"Thanks for the terrific resource .... I think your web page is great." --Linda DeWald

"... I would like to thank you for all the new additions of VR's etc. to your Whitney page. You have been a great deal of help for many Whitney's. I do a lot of searching every where I can and find myself back to your page most of the time. Many thanks." --Mary Ellen Jones

"I had heard of your website a couple of years ago .... You've done a great service to all of us. Thank you so much." --Henry M. Whitney

"Kudos on the wonderful Whitney resource page!" --Marthe Arends

"You have a fantastic web site..i was able to trace my anc. back and confirmed something I have always thought..thanks keep up the good work!" --Craig Poler

"I just copied off some of the Whitney information and all I can say is WOW-WOW!!! Never in 30 years have I gotten so much in a 24 hour period, unbelievable. Thank you, Thank you." --Karen Childs

"I can not believe how much the Whitney family has on line. What a great job you have all done." --Kathy Beaucher

"The website the Whitney organization has developed is a very wonderful asset to those of us doing genealogy. My compliments!!!" --Luana Johnson

"I ran across your web site today and am amazed at the information you have available, and am more than a little jealous." --Jeff Wheatley

"I'm still impressed by all the stuff you've gathered on the Whitney's. Tons of stuff more than I've found on those [name omitted] folks." --Carla Bodette

"I am constantly amazed at the amount of work you all have accomplished. Thanks." --Janet Kral

"I continue to be amazed, by the way, by this Whitney page - all the wealth of source material published here is great." --Allan Gilbertson

"Your website is awe inspiring." --Ray Whitney

"I frequent the WRG website because it is very interesting and informative." --Sarah Neugebauer

"Great compilation of work!" --Michael Roman

"Thank you! In the several years I have working online this is without a doubt the best group with so many 'real' genealogists, I'm just an ameteur and have learned so much from you all." --Janet Kral

"... you have by far the best family site I have seen on the internet. I thought the [name omitted] family was organized but you blow them away!" --Joanne Whitney

"The Whitney Research Group is great ..." --Pat Elkins

"I have been perusing your web pages and I am quite impressed. You have quite a wealth of info. ... There is so much info out on the net on this branch of the family tree that it is hard to know what is correct and what isn't. From what I've seen yours seems quite reputable. Thanks for all the hard work." --Jerry Spears

"Thanks and blessings for such a great site..." --Eleanore Dilello

"What a wonderful site - so extensive. What a lot of work went into it." --Sheila Rogstad

"You are so helpful - thanks again" --Margaret Ernst

"I ... wanted to thank everyone on the list for the exceptional site.... I still think this is the most helpful site on rootsweb!" --Valerie Smithwick

"Thanks for all the excellent research you do on the Whitneys." --Steven R. Wallace

"I was fortunate to find your Whitneygen website this evening. It seems to be a work of high quality. At least that is my opinion because you agree with everything I have found so far on my Whitney relationships." --Barry Wood

"The Whitney group is awesome, wish I had something half as good on other lines. Thanks for all you do!" --Gary Wallace

"Thanks for all the good work." --Jim Dempsey

"I think you're doing a great job as administrator of the Whitney list ... It's the best I've ever been on ... Hope you don't get discouraged and quit! It would be hard to replace you!" --Valerie Smithwick

"Great website. . . keep up the good work." --Lamar Cossey

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