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J W.png This WRG Member is a Descendant of the immigrant John Whitney.

MRV.png This WRG Member was a Volunteer for the Whitney Manor Records Transcription Project.

My Whitney Line

  • John1 Whitney, m.(1) Elinor ----- [see first line above]
  • John2 Whitney, m. Ruth Reynolds
  • Nathaniel3 Whitney, m.(1) Sarah Hagar
  • Hannah4 Whitney, m. Nathaniel Billing
  • Thomas Billing, m. Sarah [?Fay?]
  • Sarah Billing, m. Samuel Hayward
  • Nathaniel Hayward, m. Melleson Marsh
  • Melleson Hayward, m.(1) Daniel Dodge
  • Asahel Hayward Dodge, m. Fidelia C. Rogers
  • Howard Payson Dodge, m.(1) Susan Augusta Barnes
  • Sarah Katrina Dodge, m. Charles Willoughby Hardy [see first line above]

Edit My Whitney Line

My name is Robert Ward. I live in Silver Spring, MD. I retired as a mathematician, and became a professional genealogist. I regret that you can no longer access my pedigree charts and my tiny tafel on-line.

I have been a genealogist since about 1958. My mother was a member of the D.A.R. and other lineage societies, as was her aunt before her, and that aunt's aunt had done genealogy before that. I guess that makes me a fourth-generation genealogist!

I am heavily involved in working on the Whitney families. My family has always known about our descent from Sarah (Whitney) Flagg, but not her parentage. In 1968, my mother and I, while working on our Hayward ancestry, discovered our descent from Hannah4 (Whitney) Billing. Her descent from John1 Whitney was easy to establish. We still had not solved the earlier problem. Eventually I hired Dr. Claude Barlow, F.A.S.G., a professional genealogist, to work on the problem. Through a stroke of luck, he was able to solve the problem for me, and establish our second descent, also from John1 Whitney of Watertown.

My WRG history:

  • June 1996, joined the WRG before there was a mailing list.
  • December 1996, created the first WRG web site in my personal web space.
  • April 1999, worked with Tim Doyle to create the web site hosted on Tim's server.
  • September 1999, began transcribing and posting Phoenix's book.
  • July 2002, spoke at the first WRG Reunion in Lexington, MA.
  • June 2004, organized, ran, and spoke at the second WRG Reunion in College Park, MD. One topic I spoke about was my vision of the future of the WRG web site.
  • January 2006, Tim Doyle suggested the technology to implement my vision: wiki. Together we worked to migrate to this wiki-based web site.
  • In the Fall of 2006 I participated in the Whitney Manor Records Transcription Project. I also transcribed various of the documents written in the old English script.
  • I have worked with Tim Doyle to analyze all evidence to piece together various Medieval Whitney Families. This includes transcribing wills written in the old English script.
  • In February 2007, I submitted to The American Genealogist an article on the English ancestry of John1 Whitney of Watertown, MA. The joint author is Tim Doyle, and we were assisted by Adrian Benjamin Burke, Esq. It appeared in July 2007, in the October 2006 issue.
  • Starting in the Fall of 2007, I extracted all the remaining untranscribed census records for 1790 through 1850, 1855, 1860, and 1870, from images of the original population schedules. I also have been participating heavily in the Whitney Census Identification Project.
  • I wrote and had published in MASSOG, in the Summer of 2010, an article, "Which Sarah Whitney married Benjamin Wilson (1715-1664) of Billeric, Groton, and Townsend, Massachusetts?"
  • I have made links from family group records to vital records pages 1850 and earlier (CT, MA, ME, NH, VT), and vice versa.
  • I have extracting data from MA vital records 1841-1910, entering that on vital records pages for each MA town, and also linking those records to and from family group pages.
  • I am in the process of extracting all Whitney individuals from the 1900 Census of the U.S.A.