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Whitney Research Group Survey

November / December, 1999

Total number of responses: 116

1. How long have you been a member of the WHITNEY-L mailing list?

 22 (18%) I am not on this mailing list
 39 (33%) Less than a year
 29 (25%) Between 1 and 2 years
  9 ( 7%) Between 2 and 3 years
 17 (14%) Over 3 years

2. How often do you visit this website?

 19 (16%) Daily
 26 (22%) Weekly
 57 (49%) Occasionally
 14 (12%) This is my first time here

3. How would you rate the layout/organization of this website?

 45 (38%) Excellent - very easy to locate information
 48 (41%) Good - I can usually find things without looking too far
 12 (10%) O.K. - I can eventually find what I'm looking for
  4 ( 3%) Not very good - I often can't find what I'm looking for
  0 ( 0%) Terrible - It needs a complete rewrite
  7 ( 6%) Did not answer this question

4. How would you rate the color scheme of this website?

 48 (41%) Excellent
 44 (37%) Good
 21 (18%) O.K.
  1 ( 0%) Not very good
  0 ( 0%) Terrible - I can't read it
  2 ( 1%) Did not answer this question

5. Which Whitney family are you researching? (check all that apply)

 67 (57%) John and Elinor
  9 ( 7%) Henry
  4 ( 3%) Samuel (southern branch)
  5 ( 4%) One from another identified immigrant
 32 (27%) One with no known immigrant
  3 ( 2%) None
  7 ( 6%) Did not answer this question
    Note: The numbers above total more than 116 due to the fact
    that some people have more than one Whitney lineage.

6. Has your lineage been extended due to the Whitney Research Group?

  (our members, webpage, or mailing list)
 56 (48%) Yes
 59 (50%) No, not yet
  1 ( 0%) Did not answer this question

7. Briefly, what main thing could make this website better?

  • 60 Did not answer this question.
  • a litle more experience on my part, plus more familiarity with my own Whitney lines.
  • A little more personal help for old people that has trouble remembering, so it becomes hard to advance.
  • A name and date sorter.
  • at the present time, I cannot think of anything.
  • better designed survey questions; #5 presumes too much; should offer more choices.
  • Bolder print.
  • Can not think of a thing, the group is great...Maybe some old photos of Whitneys.
  • Can't think of a thing.
  • Consider a committee/subcommittee approach, each subcommittee focusing on a portions of a family, in order systematically to extend the documented database.
  • Excellent site and has helped a lot.
  • Find my 'Outlaws' <VBG>.
  • Finish transcribing Pierce! My Alva, where art thou?
  • first visit. too unfamiliar to comment.
  • Great as is --- keep up the good work.
  • Hard to answer as I've not been able to link up with any names on this site.
  • hard to say --- this is the best of the sites I use.
  • Have not used it enought to be an infomred user.
  • How about a photo gallery, it would be nice to have a repository that everyone could share.
  • I am pleased that there is no wallpaper which interferes with the legibility of the material. Thanks.
  • I believe that if pictures of head stones and grave markers were available it would be nice for descendants to see. That is if anyone has them to share as I do.
  • I can't think of anything off hand. Thanks.
  • I think it's okay the way it is. I just need to find an ancestor that is included on this site. Perhaps one of these days.
  • I'm satisfied, your work is superb.
  • If we cloned Tim, Robert, and others who have done so much to encourage and assist others.
  • In a search, duplicate entries come up for the rootsweb and site archives--the rootsweb are more useful because they are -L and not -Digest mode. (You could drop the -L duplicate?) The SEARCHability is WONDERFUL!
  • Information on Ellis Whitney.
  • It keeps getting better all the time!!!
  • Less emphasis on NE and more on Southern Whitneys. I feel left out.
  • List of member sources -- who has what, and whether they are willing to do look-ups, no matter what surname. The bibliography section has not been updated in awhile.
  • Make it easier to get answers from the Group or at least one person.
  • Maybe if you could put in a name and date like ancestry.com does.
  • More people adding thier info to the site would be a great aspect.
  • More recent descendents so that I may find the correct roots!
  • My search hasn't been extensive enough to make a judgement on that.
  • New user. Very good...
  • None that I can think of at this moment. I have just recently returned to the internet after an extended layoff and was pleased to discover that this website is extremely user friendly. The best of all the family sites I am aware of!
  • Not much, but I personally would like to see more emphasis on Whitneys with later dates and from more locations than New England and the east coast.
  • Publish a list of people researching respective Whitney families per#5 above.
  • Putting this query at the bottom instead of before you look at anything.
  • Re: color -- don't make followed links black. Keep them distinct from text. My personal preference is red.
  • Search me.
  • Short of finding my family info for me...I can't think of anything. this is miles above anything I have searched for other family names. Thanks so much for your dediation and hard work.
  • Thank you thank you thank you. I jumped hundreds of years thanks to all of you.
  • The miracle of more information about English origins! <grin>
  • The site is fine. I would like it to tell me when Tabitha Whitney married Charles Markle. Happy New Year. Good job you are doing.
  • The website and entire Whitney effort is excellent!! Thanks so much...
  • This is a wonderful resource.
  • this is the best genealogy site I've yet found--by a long shot.
  • This web-site is fantastic. I have visit other family oriented web-sites and I only wish they could all be this informative and well organized. It makes me proud to be a Whitney.
  • Though the layout is excellent, I think an expanded indexing on the main page, even if just as an option by category, would increase the ability to find exactly what a person is looking for.
  • Tim, you have already heard my feelings about the opening page - I still think that brief 10+ word descriptions of the contents of the various titles would be helpful, especially where terms like Extracts, Vitals, are concerned.
  • To be able to see easily the answers to queries posted on all Gen Forums for a single querior.
  • When I went to post, they put me on another site.
  • Would sure like identify some Whitney Photo's.
  • You got me! Since I haven't found what I'm looking for, I 'm disappointed in everything.